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#Repost @harvardgsd With #GSDfinalreviews starting tomorrow 🙀 we’re looking back on a mid-review from earlier this semester for the option studio "The House: The Waken Desire," led by @iwanbaan and Tatiana Bilbao @tabilbao. For this crit, students were asked to design a housing space through images—photography, drawing, collage, etc—rather than through traditional renders or 3D modeling. Swipe➡️ to get a close look at Minyong Kim’s (MArch ’20) pop-up photography book illustrating his design for a co-housing space. ⠀ #harvardgsd #harvard #studiobaanbilbao #design #designschool #architecture #photography #popupbook #housing #gsdstudentwork at Harvard Graduate School of Design


Last night was the opening of the show #twosidesoftheborder at the @yalearchitecture. During the spring 2018 semester, @TatianaBilbao organized an academic initiative called Two Sides of the Border: Redefining the Region. The Yale School of Architecture Gallery is exhibiting the works of 13 architecture studios across the US and Mexico that participated in the initiative, examining regional issues across the two countries. Over the last 8 months I visited and documented these 13 sites across the two countries and these photographs are part of the show and the book which will be published next year by @larsmullerpublishers, exhibition design by @nile.studio at Yale School of Architecture


@harvardgsd day in #Boston, preparing for the #finals at Harvard University


#Studiophotography workshop today in #Boston of architectural #models with our @harvardgsd #students @tabilbao at Harvard University


#dutch #landscapes at North Holland


@nytimes @shahidul001 arrested In Bangladesh 100 days ago, Bangladeshi security forces arrested Mr. Alam for videos posted online where he discussed the student protests that had been rocking the country. Denied bail, his case — a cause, actually — remains active, even though the country’s minister of culture said it would soon be resolved.”“I don’t want to be your icon of poverty or a sponge for your guilt. My identity is for me to build, in my own image. You’re welcome to walk beside me, but don’t stand in front of me to give me a helping hand. You’re blocking the sun.” Those words — a philosophy of life if there ever was one — grace the back cover of “Shahidul Alam, My Journey as a Witness,” a deep look at the Bangladeshi photographer’s images and words. Mr. Alam, 63, has been an activist, photographer, teacher and inspiration not just to the students he has mentored, but to those who cherish the truth, especially in these days when simple truths can lead to hard times.” at Dhaka, Bangladesh


#noordzee #northsea at Noordzee


Last night opening #exhibition @designmuseum #london #homefutures designed by @solidobjectives at The Design Museum


In #India they know what to do! #getreadytovote 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 at Maheshwar Fort

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