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this shit gettin *CINEMATIC🎥💥 | new 🌊 we thinkin bout droppin. Who Do you think should be featured on it? 🤔


3 weeks post op. Got green lit for physical therapy. 2 days in. I gotta get back to 100 & wont stop til I get there. Range of motion is 40 degrees already. Gotta get my quads & calves back right so I can walk. 🙏🏾 | 🔵🎶 “ALL THE WAY” ( link in bio)


Our new record ALL THE WAY is on the Breaking R&B Playlist on @applemusic. Click the link in our bio & get involved. 🙏🏾🔵🎶 Yaeyae! @iitsad @bankrollgotit @hdezzzy @djluneytunez @thesaxflow


we giving you jams all summer!! This ones the latest. “ALL THE WAY” feat. @iitsad. (Link in Bio) prod. @bankrollgotit @hdezzzy @djluneytunez | There’s No Vibe Like It, bet on it. 🙏🏾🔵🎶 #Yaeyae


HAPPY BORNDAY TO OUR BIG SISTER @risscat !! What was we on tho? 😂😂


YAEYAE! DL/Stream our new song “ALL THE WAY” feat. @iitsad on All platforms!! (Link in Bio) 🙏🏾🔵🎶 Prod. @bankrollgotit @hdezzzy @djluneytunez | 🎷 @thesaxflow


New Music Feat. The Bro @iitsad Droppin TONIGHT!! ••if you ready say #YAEYAE!!•• 🙏🏾🔵🎶 Prod. @bankrollgotit @hdezzzy @djluneytunez | 🎷 @thesaxflow


Yooooo 😂😂😂 @_keyc You a foooooool dawg. | DL/Stream Back to the Future AND LFF. (Link in Bio) 🙏🏾🔵🎶


Yaeyae! 🙏🏾🔵🎶 New Jam “LFF” prod. @bankrollgotit & @hdezzzy (link in bio) | we know Drizzy just dropped, but that album got like 30 songs on it, what’s One more? 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol DL/Stream Now


My Friends. Real Friends. Better than Your Friends. | whoever said “friends & business don’t mix”, ain’t never did it like this. | #TFI #Yaeyae 📸: @emmkvyy


ain’t tryna get all sentimental on a Saturday. Lol but just wanted to post this to say thank you & to let our fellow independent artists know to keep hustling. it ain’t always easy but fast don’t last. we just gotta stay true & keep pumpin that real shit


back to the future friday | Yung JP & the d•r•e | (Link in our Bio to stream back to the future)


S/O to @thisisrnb for adding Back to the Future to their Tuned In playlist. 🙏🏾🔵🎶. Stream on Spotify now!! | @quinceywhite @iwill2020


#TagTeamTuesday | Tag the homie you Fck Up the 🌎 with. 💪🏾 and then both of yal click the link in our bio. 😏 —— 📸: @jenjphoto


Back to the Future feat. @quinceywhite Prod. @iwill2020 Out Now!! (Link in Bio) 🙏🏾🔵🎶 #JPU | 📹: @lew.good


Let’s go!!! New music, “Back to the Future” ft. our bro @QuinceyWhite is out now, prod. by @iwill2020 🔵🎶 link in our bio


Thank you Mom! For introducing us to Donny Hathaway & Kim Burrell. For sending us thanksgiving dinner when we were broke & home sick living in Atlanta. For making us sweep up & answer the phones in your shop. For telling us that “God wouldn’t put anything in your hearts if it wasn’t for you.. he wouldn’t torture you like that”. For always supporting our dreams no matter how many times we may fall. Damn... don’t know how you did it. You’re Magic. 💪🏾👑 Happy Mother’s Day to you and all of the mothers out there who make sacrifices day after day for their kids. We Love You @valabronharrell —— (Jake bottom left. Pop top right)


a lil something we got in the vault w/ the bros @bankrollgotit 🙏🏾🔵🎶 | #JPU how’s it sounding to you?


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