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↟↟ Proud Husband & Father↟ Desert Dog ↟↟ Portrait/Brand/Event Photographer

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After a few buuuusy busy weeks - a night playin in the desert was just what we needed 🙌


#Glowing at Boise, Idaho


Last Day of Vacation!!!! Going to miss spending every second of every day with these beauts 😙


Kim Has told me for 9 years that she is nervous to go back home because of how sad she would be to leave And how sad she knew I would be to leave after she knew I’d fall in love with the place. She wasn’t wrong at all. We spent the week up in Boise and just got home. Literally had the best time. It’s crazy to think there was this whole side of Kimmy I had never seen. So many things make sense now ha. I absolutely looooved seeing her in her element and letting her play tour guide as she showed her family the places that meant so much to her. I hope you had the best birthday week babe - I feel like I’ve fallen for you all over again at Boise, Idaho


Since 93’ with this fella


See Shells 🤭 at Mission Beach


On our way to find out if I keep saying “my girls” or start saying “my kids” :p #BoyOrGirl


Kiddos got to play model for @indybrandclothing new kids line 😊 at Mission Beach


Mission the beach ! 🤭 at Mission Beach


Shoot for @theparksapparel 🙏 - more on my story. Have a great night people 🙌


Babesss is 11 weeks today 🙏


The Mrs. and Baby no. 3 ( @kimmytess have I ever told you how bombbbbbb you look preggo :p )


🎶 ‘This summer I did swan dives And jackknifes for you all And once when you weren't looking I did a cannonball, I did a cannonball’ 🎶 - the swimming song 👌


Been keepin a secret!! Soooo incredibly thankful and stoked for baby no. 3


Hey!!! Happy National Best Friends day!! Here is a vid of my best friends... made by my best friend 🎬: @bencam19


Oh Sandy - you came and you gave without takinnnnnn. But I sent you awayyyyyy oooohhhhh sannndyyy I’m tired. Good night errybody


The quickest way down to the babes


The Surry Blanket

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