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Husband, Father, Photographer Vancouver, BC Contact: [email protected]

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Woke up to catch sunrise at this point in the Anza Borega desert. Something special about feeling the warmth in a desert sunrise.


Recently I took my family on a surprise trip to LA for my wife’s birthday using RBC Rewards points earned from my @RBCAvion card. We spent 6 days checking out the sandy beaches of Laguna, visiting magical Disneyland, and touring some of the most unique sites around LA. With an RBC Avion card, you can make your dream of travel a reality. How do you feed your need for travel? #Avioning #Sponsored


A hint of winter weather in the Canadian Rockies. Can’t wait to be back here this month. Who’s been to this popular lake?


High above Lake O’Hara. One of the most pristine areas I’ve ever visited.


Still one of the more magical places I’ve been to. Every time I see a photo of this place it puts my heart at ease.


Hey friends. It’s been a minute since I posted. I didn’t forget about you all 😊. I was enjoying some holiday time with family and friends and just felt the need to be present. Wanted to say a big Happy New Year to everyone and to thank you for all of your support this past year. Love this community and all the positivity and friendships that have come through this app. I’m hoping to be more present and share more of my everyday life with you all over the coming year. As always, feel free to ask questions or reach out if you’re ever looking for advice with photography or travel and I’ll do my best to answer. Here’s to an incredible 2019 together. 🙌🏼


Back in the Northwest and the winter weather is moody as ever.


I’ve been loving the creative approach to photos and animation that @jvdoming is doing. So cool to see a still photo that I took come to life. Hard to beat those chill vibes too.


The people who decided where to build the cathedrals in Italy definitely understood the idea of Church in the Wild.


Posting Fall photos while watching Christmas movies. Countdown is on, what are a few of your favourite Childhood Christmas cartoons?


Caught some wet and wild weather with @skyhelicopters recently. So amazing seeing Vancouver from the air.


If I had to sum up an experience and a colour palette in one word...Golden

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