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The changing seasons in the Italian Dolomites was incredible to witness this year. As an #Avioner, getting out to explore these places has never been easier. With my @RBCAvion card, I can use my points to travel when I want, where I want - with no flight restrictions, which means I can earn now and can travel when the weather and conditions are perfect for shooting. I'm thinking cherry blossom season in Japan. Who's joining? #Avioning #sponsored


Throwback to a favourite winter scene on Moraine Lake. Doesn’t get much more peaceful than this.


Winding roads, tiny houses, and golden meadows. Beauty around every corner in Italy.


One of those places that time seems to have forgotten and simplicity is the main form of currency.


Every time I visit Hawaii, I’m blown away by the endless places to discover. With the points I earn using my @rbcAvion card, I’m able to get away to destinations like this more often and make lasting memories with my family. And with no blackout dates, I’m able to fly at times that are more convenient with our changing schedules. Here’s to more memories. #avioning #sponsored


Persistence pays off. After visiting here in windy conditions, we returned to find these beautifully calm conditions. Definitely glad we made a return stop. Thanks to @canadagoose for keeping me warm throughout our Italy trip. If you’re in the Vancouver area they just opened their first West Coast store as well. #CGxVancouver [ad]


I saw some great Halloween posts out there today. This photo is the most Halloween I have. Now I’m off to eat all of my son’s candy 🍬


I never tire of these incredible mountain views.


Following winding roads in the Italian countryside.


Pretty idyllic setting for a boat ride if you ask me.


Yesterday we explored some rolling country hills. The kind where cows wear bells around their necks, the grass is almost neon green, and time seems irrelevant. Sound of Music type stuff. One incredible day in Italy.


Searching for the last glimpses of Fall

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