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I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to what to post at the minute, I’m feeling a little disengaged, feeling overwhelmed like everyone about the future and how long this will last. Missing these hallways and the routine of the studio. With suppliers shut, not being able to get to the studio and generally seeing too much bad stuff my brain has shut down when it comes to work. Feeling like no one wants my things and wondering if they will again😩, wondering when I’ll be able to finish pending orders😐 and wondering if everyone feels the same 🙃


Loosing track of what day it is, starting to loose my mind too. All production of pieces has come to a stand still, so here’s a new piece now live on the website we finished before lockdown. Once I’m back at the bench I’ll be making this fine fettle ring in yellow gold and diamond FOR SURE!


The new Annex 1 ring is now live on the website, this is the first of our ONE OF A KIND pieces that we will be added to every month (after corona virus cause I can’t do a thing at the momnent 😐) if you want to propose while in lockdown then this is the answer. 9ct with a beaut little green sapphire.


I asked and you answered so here we are with a GIVEAWAY // these guys are really speaking to me in this time of trouble....so if you want to win one then here is what you have to do! •Follow @janeharrisonjewellery •Tag 2 pals who you are missing in the comments •tell us what you are doing to get you through lockdown I will select THREE winners who will each get to choose one of our little staunch charms with the fine trace chain. Moment // Strength// Have Hope // Protection // Luna // Appellation Hope all you guys are staying safe at home - I’m not sure yet how long I will run the competition for BUT I will not post until after lockdown.


COVID-19 update // I was hoping to keep making at home and fulfilling website orders but as it stands all my suppliers are now closed as we enter lockdown and I no longer feel comfortable or allowed to do post office runs. So for now I am hitting the pause button. Maybe I’ll start drawing and sketchbooking again, revisit old ideas that I had no time to develop who knows but all I know is I’ll see you on the other side please don’t forget about me! All the best and stay safe and if you have a dog/cat/ hamster spend your 3 weeks hugging them!


The plan today was to be chatting all things weddings with @brawbrides @baadglasgow but like everything else at the moment it’s cancelled 😐 we really need to think about everything we are doing at the moment and whether it is worth someone becoming sick. So in the words of the Sturgeon ‘life shouldn’t feel normal’ if we are doing this right


What a beautiful day! My new bench set up is right beside the brightest window in the house so currently just breathing it all in and making the most of it since I’m not going outside


Here’s a little white gold Glow band ready to go.... what do you prefer yellow or white gold?


I did a blog post- it’s pretty miserable but go have a look at my website just to cheer me up! I revisited this old design recently was going to add it to the collection what do you guys think of it? Do you want to see it on the website?


Today I feel encouraged by enquiries from new clients for later in the year when hopefully this craziness is behind us, the sun is shining, I saw a 103 year old woman recovered from corona virus(it might not be true but I’m gonna hold on to it) still a long road ahead but tonight I’m heading to the studio to get as much of my stuff as I can fit in my spare room to set up a temporary workshop. I’m hoping for lockdown because I am still at work dealing with customers and doing repairs which is growing increasingly difficult for me to feel okay about. Anyway here’s another newbie being added to the website soon! 📷 @gabiesilveira


The struggle is real at the moment, our thoughts are with everyone in the world at the moment because let’s face it this is hitting us ALL hard. BUT I got some beaut new images from the amaze @gabiesilveira of some new pieces tonight and they will all be going on the website soon! Probs no point but you gotta keep on keeping on! If you do need a treat or are still planning a bespoke piece, or an engagement ring (please I need some happy news) then I can still do enquiries over email or phone or Skype if you want to see my face- don’t know why you would.


COVID-19 // So today I made the very difficult decision to postpone all my design consultations that are booked in and all make your own workshops will also be rescheduled. For the time being I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can to ensure the safety of my clients and family. BUT I can still do consultations remotely through email or phone. The online shop will still be open and I am hoping to have a temporary set up at home where I can still do some work so any support is most welcome as this is going to be very tricky time to navigate!