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He’s thinking that view is pretty nice, but this place is a whole lot more fun when there are chipmunks to chase and a thousand lakes to swim in... at Uinta Mountains


I really love how all those textured details of the southwest desert are revealed in the couple hours a day when the sun is hanging low on the horizon. Happy weekend everyone, hope you all get out there and explore something! 🤙🏼 at Moab, Utah


It’s entirely too early in the year to be daydreaming as much as I am about those summertime hammock hangs in the mountains... and yet, here I am. Anyone else feeling it too?? at Utah


Here’s a re-edit of a single exposure I captured last summer. There’s about a 0% chance this will be the best Milky Way shot you’ll see in your Instagram feed. I just don’t have a nice enough camera, or fast enough lens, or any of the other high end equipment it takes to shoot at night like the pros do. But that doesn’t matter because those pros have got nothing on the slack jawed wonder I felt standing beneath all those billions of stars on that particular night in the west desert. 😲 at Planet Earth


Coming in hot! I may or may not have been clobbered by a salty-pawed turbo dog just moments after grabbing this shot... at Bonneville Salt Flats


I thank the universe for giving us nature because if I couldn’t occasionally disconnect from the noise, chaos, and stress of modern life... I’d probably be banging my head against the walls of a nuthouse somewhere by now. at Nevada


For some reason I had some of the weirdest, most terrifying dreams of my life on that harsh windy night we spent sleeping in the back of my Subaru on the Navajo reservation. Maybe it was because of the not great food I ate at The View Restaurant. Haha, I’ll never know! But If you ever book a stay near Monument Valley, you might want to avoid that food, and also, the cheap Airbnb camping accommodations offered by the nearby locals. at Monument Valley


Those last little photons of the day to reach this side of the Earth, after their 8-minute, 90 million mile sprint from the sun, became scattered and colorful while passing through the atmosphere. Then they bounced off those clouds and the edges of Mount Olympus until finally landing on my camera’s sensor to create this image. Does anyone else ever think about this stuff and get all giddy with wonder? Or am I just a huge nerd? at Salt Lake City, Utah


It’s always a bit of a gamble making the four hour round trip to the Salt Flats. You never really know what kind of conditions you’re going to get. After checking radar and cloud coverage we decided to go all in. As luck would have it, we were rewarded with perfect skies and one of the best sunsets I’ve seen all winter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bonnevillesaltflats, #utahisrad, #werutah, #xputah, #naturalutah, #wowutah, #sunset_stream, #sunsetsniper, #skymasters_family, #sunsetmadness, #saltflats, #our_world_untouched, #myrrs, #bestnatureshot, #earthexperience, #earthfocus, #awesome_earthpix, #awakethesoul, #master_gallery, #depthsofearth, #everything_imaginable, #pocket_allnature, #ourplanetdaily, #utahdotcom, #outdoortones, #wowplanet, #agameof10k, #visualsofearth, #westbysouthwest, #utahgram at Bonneville Salt Flats


Just testing the wind and making final calculations before his first attempt at crushing the doggo land speed record. at Bonneville Salt Flats


Winter literally lasted all of about one week in northern Utah. I’m glad I got up in the Wasatch Mountains while it was here to see a tiny little slice of it. Also, Donovan Mitchell is the NBA rookie of the year. Sayin’. at Wasatch Mountains


It’s already warming up nicely in the southwest, so I’m really looking forward to following this adventure pup into the depths of the earth. Who’s with us?! at Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness


Alright... the last image of my three part Kauai reflective miniseries. This is actually a still frame from a drone video taken about 400 feet above the Napali Coast. While it’s been fun going through these memories, it’s also been a little bit of torture. Some experiences are just so magical that I can feel myself missing them like I would miss an old friend. Kauai... I am coming back for you one of these days. at Kauai


Ever wish you could not only teleport, but time travel back to a specific place and time? This would for sure be one of my first stops. at Kauai


Warm feels on a cold winter day. I’ve had a lot of friends visit the Hawaiian islands recently, and seeing all those posts has got me feeling nostalgic and going through some of my own photos from Kauai last year. There are so many I never shared, so you guys may see a few more of these trickle into my feed. at Kauai


One of those magical Great Salt Lake sunsets captured with my drone about 300 yards out over the water. I probably could have gotten a better shot standing on the shoreline with my camera, but where’s the fun in that? at Great Salt Lake State Park


I think some of the coolest geology anywhere in the world can be found in and around Moab, UT. These landscapes are just so unique and otherworldly! at Moab, Utah


Now that it’s finally legit winter in Utah, I’m spending a lot of time daydreaming and mentally planning my adventures with Ty for the year ahead. Can’t wait to get back into the mountains with him! As much as it pains me to acknowledge this... my dog is getting up there in age. He’s somewhere between 6-7 years old, so he’s still got plenty of good years ahead of him. But it’s hard to ignore the gray hairs in his jowls or the signs that he’s beginning to slow down. He’s still happy, vibrant, and healthy, and he definitely hasn’t lost his eagerness for adventure, but he doesn’t quite have the same puppy-like energy he’s always had. You never know just how much time you’ll have with a dog, and it’s so tough to face the reality of how short their lifespans really are. But I’m looking forward to one of our best years yet. We still have so much more to explore together! 📸: @imyer_huckleberry at Uinta Mountains

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