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Part of the fun of having a new camera that I’m still figuring out is being able to go back and get a fresh take on all the spots I’ve captured before. If you’ve spent much time along the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uintas, you know this place. Fun fact: I captured this long exposure at least 45 minutes after sunset, when it was almost completely dark outside to the eyes. at Uinta Mountains


Had there not been an almost full moon about to rise over the horizon, and had I not been so exhausted from two days of hiking, I might have stayed up later than 10:30 PM to shoot the night sky from this spot. You can see the faintest hints of the Milky Way appearing just above Red Castle in the top left of the frame. Our camp, where my dad and Ty dog were already crashed out in the tents, is the small light glowing from the trees on the right. I crashed out too, soon after this shot was taken, but not before a harmless little deer snuck up a few feet behind me in the pitch black darkness and scared the bejeezus out of me. 😅 at High Uintas Wilderness


We caught a pretty fierce lightning storm last night over the Wasatch Mountains while driving back from the Uintas. I’ve never seen such a storm! Huge crackling bursts every few seconds for at least the entire 20 minutes we spent watching from the roadside. This was the view toward Jordanelle Reservoir with Highway 40 and Deer Valley lighting up the mountain in the distance. at Jordanelle, Utah


Some places merely live up to their hype… and others totally and completely transcend it. This was my first trip to Red Castle, and it was in the latter of those categories for me. The size and scale alone of that monolith of rock were enough to explode the brain. Photos do no justice to how massive it is in person! I can see why this is such a popular and busy area, even despite its long and often brutally tedious 10 mile approach. Hoping to avoid the crowds, Ty dog, my dad, and I planned our trip from Sunday morning through Tuesday. When we saw at least 40 people hiking out on Sunday we knew we had made the right decision! We were rewarded with quiet meadows and forests around our camp at Lower Red Castle Lake. There were more moose and deer than people. Just the way we like it. But the signs of this area’s popularity were everywhere. Toilet paper, plastic wrappers, water bottles, food waste, human waste… it was hard to walk more than a few yards without seeing the saddening traces of human activity scattered all around an otherwise pristine wilderness. This hurts my heart. Social media has popularized so many of these natural treasures beyond anything we’ve ever seen before and while I think it’s a good thing that more people are getting out there and appreciating the outdoors, we all collectively have got to do better. Even as I type this caption, I fear that I, too, am part of the problem. I’m hesitant to share the name of this special place. But I feel very strongly that the responsibility is on ALL of us who have an audience on these platforms, even a relatively small one like mine, to spread the word about this topic. We have to encourage others to protect and preserve our wilderness. Please, please, PLEASE... I know these are all kinda platitudes at this point, but they still mean something: Leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. Live by these simple rules and teach others to do the same so we can all continue to enjoy these incredible treasures of the earth for many generations to come! at High Uintas Wilderness


I may have gotten slightly giddy while flying my drone around the Wall Lake area when I saw that tiny but vibrant rainbow way out in the distance. There was a microburst rain storm over that canyon, and I couldn’t see it from ground level or I definitely would have whipped out a telephoto lens on my DSLR. Drones give such awesome perspectives! at Uinta Mountains


Those big brown eyes are everything. It takes a lot of patience (and treats) to get this busy butt to stand still and look at the camera, but when he does, he makes it all worthwhile. at Uinta Mountains


Drone’s eye view just after sunset from a couple hundred feet above the smelly, dead shores of the Great Salt Lake. How much more awesome would this place and all of the land around it be if it were a fresh water lake with soft, sandy beaches... can you imagine? at Great Salt Lake State Park


Huge props to this little patch of wildflowers for hitting just about every single color on the visible spectrum. Well played, nature! at Uinta Mountains


Catching some of that blue hour goodness with @knightysphotography at the salt flats last night. We stayed up past 4:00 AM shooting the Milky Way and drinking beers. I did more of the latter than the former myself, but it was so cool to watch and learn. I gained a whole new appreciation for this Aussie’s work after seeing how much goes into producing those stunning shots. Go check out his feed and give him a follow if you haven’t already! at Bonneville Salt Flats


Absolutely 100% would have pitched my tent right here last night if I had it with me. One of my all-time favorite views in the Uintas and I was stoked to finally share it with Tyson. Side note: This is my 1000th instagram post! I didn’t even realize that until I posted it. Seems fitting that it’s a shot of me and the doggo in the Uintas. at Uinta Mountains


Last night’s sunset view from the Bowman Fork trail, Alexander Basin area, was pretty damn remarkable. I was amazed by how many layers of earth I could see stretching out at least a hundred miles into the distance. There were frequent lightning strikes to the left where you can see the rain falling, and I would have killed to be able to settle in with my tripod, crack open a beer, and capture the whole show... if it weren’t for an irritable bull moose on the hill maybe 20 yards behind me. He made it quite clear that he was not keen on myself and Ty dog hanging out on his turf, so this quick snap was the best I could do. at Wasatch Mountains


Some views never get old and are definitely better enjoyed from a hammock. at Ashley National Forest


Even though they’re just giant piles of crumbling Precambrian rock, I think the peaks of the Uintas are magnificent. at Uinta Mountains


Found some of that much needed weekday evening solitude with @imyer_huckleberry at what is normally a very popular and busy spot along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. It was all ours this time! We both work corporate day jobs that can be a little heavy and soul crushing at times... so these quick escapes into the mountains are priceless to our sanity. at Uinta Mountains


There are a lot of places in Utah which are special to me, but this one is a little extra. at Ashley National Forest


I just realized it’s been six whole months since the last time I posted a shot of the moon. I guess it was about time for a new one. Here it is tonight in the first quarter phase, waxing approximately 68% of its way back to a full moon. Sure looking pretty. at Planet Earth


Another phone capture of the view toward Solitude Ski Resort from the Wasatch Crest earlier this week. Not much snow left on those peaks, but it’s green and lush at the higher elevations and the wildflowers are starting to pop up everywhere. Seems like summer is officially in full swing in the Wasatch and I couldn’t be happier. at Wasatch Crest Trail


Easily one of my favorite photos ever taken of Tyson. I should probably just hand my instagram over to Lindsey and her iPhone because she’s been crushing it lately. 😜 📸: @imyer_huckleberry at Escalante, Utah

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