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You know those moments in life that seem small and insignificant at the time, but years down the road, they become the memories that you treasure? Those moments are happening all the time, whether we recognize them or not. I love photography because it’s one of the only ways we have of freezing and preserving those moments forever. Huge thanks to @imyer_huckleberry for capturing this particular one. at Grand Staircase-Escalante


Not bad, badlands. Not bad at all. at Caineville, Utah


With all those moody clouds above, Bryce Canyon was looking mighty fine when we stopped through on our way home last Sunday. Glad we didn’t drink the water though... 😬 at Bryce Canyon National Park


The only things missing from this camp were a couple juniper trees big enough to hang a hammock between. None were to be found. But the quiet solitude, that brilliant sunset, and the feeling of smallness on a such a big Earth were quite enough to make up for it. at San Rafael Swell


It’s been a long, restless month of low activity for this guy after his leg injury, so it really meant the world to me to see his happy face following me into a slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante on Saturday. We still have to keep our hikes fairly short and mellow for the time being, but we definitely aren’t letting that stop us from exploring together! at Grand Staircase-Escalante


I’m no early bird, but that buttery golden light of sunrise was worth waking up for on a cold and windy morning in the desert! at Utah


If you show me a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, with no particular destination in mind, I’ll show you my happy place. at Utah


I don’t say this publicly often enough, but Ty dog and I are so fortunate to have this adventure geeking, photo taking, hoppy beer loving wild woman as one-third of our pack. We lucked out! @imyer_huckleberry 😘 at Utah


The way that sunlight was cascading down those distant cliffs, almost like a giant photon waterfall, had me sprinting to my backpack to grab my camera and telephoto lens. It only lasted a few brief moments, but as someone who geeks as hard as I do about photography, these are the moments I live for! at Utah


Watching the clouds roll through all day from our camp on Saturday, we had big hopes that we’d get to see a banger sunset. Just when it looked like we might get skunked, at the last possible minute, the sky caught fire and we just stood there in awe. 📸: @imyer_huckleberry at Utah


So many people have reached out and asked how Tyson is doing, and we sure do appreciate you all! Rather than responding individually, I figured I’d post an update here. X-rays at the vet yesterday revealed some good news. His hips are in good shape with no signs of dysplasia, and his CCL ligament is only partially torn. He won’t need immediate surgery, and his vet is recommending a few weeks of rest and pain management before re-assessment. Although we’ll have to take things a lot easier this summer than planned, I’m feeling optimistic that we can postpone the orthopedic surgery until winter. Thanks again for all the thoughts, concern, and healing vibes you guys have sent his way. If he only knew how well-loved and popular he is on the ‘gram it would probably blow his mind. 😁 at Utah


This poor dude is on the injured list to start the 2018 adventure season. Preliminary diagnosis is a torn CCL in his right hind leg. At least he gets to relax in the grass high as f*** on doggo pain killers while we wait to get x-ray confirmation and figure out the next step. Send all your healing vibes his way!


Today marks my 38th trip around the sun on this gigantic and beautiful floating rock we call Earth. It’s pretty amazing to reflect on all the experiences, relationships, challenges, victories and adventures I’ve collected over the years. Here’s to many many more. Thanks so much to everyone who has reached out and made me feel the love today. I appreciate you all! at Utah


What’s your favorite post-ride recovery beverage? Mine usually comes in a giant gold can. Had such an excellent time this past weekend ripping desert singletrack and celebrating @prprkernal’s birthday out at Fruita, Colorado’s legendary 18 Road. Thanks as always to @fisherbrewing for making sure we stayed well hydrated! 😜 at Fruita, Colorado


I’m in love with the harsh edges and the shapes and textures which only a few hundred million years of erosion can produce. These lands aren’t so bad. at Utah


Moderate to severe separation anxiety. Totally incapable of packing properly, or helping load up the car, or chipping in for gas, or even bringing his own food and water. Terrible terrible flatulence in the tent. And to top it off, I have to follow him around and clean up all of his poo. He’d be the worst adventure buddy ever if he were a human.... yet I love every single minute I get to spend out there exploring all the weird and wild places with him. 2018 is already shaping up to be our best year yet, and I can’t wait for what’s to come! at Utah


Anyone who has ever camped with me knows that I’m anything but a morning person. Which means I don’t catch a lot of sunrises. But when I do, I try to make sure they’re in the most prime of locations. What a way to start the day. 👍🏼 at Utah


Yeah. That happy derp face right there is the primary motivation behind every adventure. at Nevada

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