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Those of you who live along the Wasatch Front, do you ever catch yourself taking these incredible peaks for granted as the backdrop to your daily lives? I know I do. We see them every day and we’ve grown so accustomed to them. Every time I travel away, though, I return home to find myself a lot more keenly aware and appreciative of the Wasatch Mountains. Not a lot of people on earth get to live in such a beautiful setting and we really are lucky here... no matter how bad the atmospheric inversion gets in the winter or how quirky the culture and politics can be. at Salt Lake City, Utah


The weirdness of the geology in these badlands is so fascinating to me. I feel like if there were ever a place where I might see aliens, or a Fyrine IV pit fiend, it would be here. By the way, if you know what Fyrine IV or a pit fiend are, you might be even older than I am. at Utah


I didn’t have a remote. So I had exactly 12 seconds of self-timer to cover all of that slippery, rocky ground between the camera and where I’m standing. While wearing big clunky winter boots. Not falling on my face to capture this selfie was for sure one of my proudest feats of athleticism to date. 😅 at Uinta National Forest


Have I always been this seasonally affected? I can feel my cold winter bones longing for a little bit of that warm desert sun. This image I captured with my drone in the Onion Creek area will have to do for now. at Moab, Utah


This view to the west from Bald Mountain Pass is one I’ve seen countless times. But it’s very rare that I’ve seen it like this with a fresh, deep snowfall. The Mirror Lake Highway usually becomes impassable by November, so unless you’ve got a snowmobile, you just can’t get here in the winter. I was fortunate to catch this view just before the road closed last year and it felt like I had the whole western slope of the Uintas to myself. I had never experienced such incredible stillness and silence. at Uinta Mountains


I captured this one pretty close to midnight under the light of a full moon. It took a 6-second long exposure at f/5 and 400 ISO to pull it off... and a year later I’m still dumbfounded by the fact that Ty dog actually held still for that long. Definitely one of my favorites! Although I don’t miss the janky resolution of the camera and the soft focus edges of the lens I was shooting with back then. at Nevada


I decided my recent feed could use some more color, so here’s a fresh new take on an old favorite image. In the little over a year since I captured this, I’ve learned what every single adjustment slider in Lightroom can do. Might as well use them all, right?? at Uinta Mountains


Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, catching the last light of the day on one of those warm summer evenings that feel like such a distant memory now. Only 6 more months until it’s summer again! 😂 at Great Salt Lake


It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like in the winter, but once in a while those scattered particles of setting sunlight will paint a real vibrant alpenglow on the Wasatch Mountains. I was lucky enough to be there with camera in hand for this one. at Mount Olympus, Utah


I am obsessed with the eroded layers and textures of these desert canyons. After watching this landscape turn almost completely dark to the eyes once the sun had set, I decided to take a long exposure in an attempt to bring out the last little bit of that soft blue hour light. It was pretty cool sitting there in the silent darkness, with nothing but the sound of my shutter click, watching this view come back to life on the camera screen. at Emery County, Utah


I’ve lost count of how many places this dog and I have explored in the nearly six years we’ve been together, but if wealth is measured in breathtaking views... we are super rich. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, friends! at Utah


Those nerds on the NASA InSight team aren’t the only ones who can land a rover on another planet. Can I get an awkward high five handshake? 🤓 at Outer Space


Captured this one on a summer evening drone flight above Wall Lake. I’m a sucker for that broken light creeping through the clouds and onto Reid’s Peak and Bald Mountain. I’m also a sucker for summer evenings... and I’m missing them real hard right now. Anyone else? at Uinta Mountains


Winter seems to have officially arrived here in Northern Utah. If anyone needs to find me, I’ll be in and out of hibernation for the next 6 months. Please send pizza and beer. at Wasatch Mountains


Find yourself a woman who loves your dog this much. 😍 @imyer_huckleberry at Bald Mountain (Uinta Range)


There are endless compositions to be found in the strange shapes, lines, and textures of the badlands. Muddy conditions while we were in this area last month had prevented us from doing much exploring on the ground, but I was totally happy buzzing all around the airspace snapping unique perspectives with my drone. at Utah


The 11,329’ summit of the Broads Fork Twins was just barely peeking out above last Saturday evening’s storm clouds. at Wasatch Mountains


Who needs a spaceship when you can drive four hours from your house and get lost on an alien planet? at Utah

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