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wanderer • adventurer • mountain lover beer geek • pitbull advocate • photo taker 🏕 salt lake city, utah

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The highlight of an entire 2,000 mile road trip: Sharing a giant can of @fisherbrewing beer under those giant sequoias with that birthday girl right there. Happy Karl Malone, @imyer_huckleberry! #32 at Sequoia National Forest


Castle Rock, which towers over the North Fork of the Duchesne River and the valley where my family’s cabin resides. I spent many a lazy afternoon this summer looking up at this mountain from my hammock and daydreaming about possible routes I could hike to the top. Never quite made it happen, but it’s absolutely on my short list for next summer. at Ashley National Forest


Already missing those lazy hammock days at the cabin. It’ll be at least eight months before this is a thing again. Huge thanks to @tetonsports for the Firefly hammock. Lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to set up. It’s definitely my new go-to hammock. at Ashley National Forest


So... which was shorter lived in Utah’s high country this year: Wildflower season, or Autumn? 🤔 at Utah


Standing there on top of that iconic summit in the Western Uintas, with the loud buzz of my drone behind me fighting the wind, I had a feeling that this might be the last time I see these peaks without snow on them until next year. I was right! Now I just need to find some time to get up there and see them before the road is completely buried for the winter. at Bald Mountain (Uinta Range)


I hear a lot of snow fell in the higher elevations of Northern Utah the last couple days. Seems autumn only lasts about a week or two up there every year... at Provo Canyon


I’m the type of person who has a really hard time going about the rest of my day if I drive past a winding dirt road I haven’t explored yet... at Uinta Mountains


I love a good moody sky, especially with a sunset. I pulled off at this viewpoint right below Wolf Creek Pass on my drive home from the cabin on Sunday evening just to admire the view. Those clouds burst a few moments later bringing some much needed rain to the wildfires still ablaze in the Western Uintas. I hope the moisture this week will be enough to finally send all the firefighters home. at Wolf Creek, Utah


Had the best time with my main dude this weekend bushwhacking through golden aspen groves near the cabin. The conversations were a little one sided though. at Uinta Mountains


I feel you, solo goat. Sometimes you just gotta be on your own. at High Uintas Wilderness


I don’t care how many of those hairs on your face turn grey, Turbo. You’ll always be a pup to me. at Utah


Just below the nearly 12,000’ summit of Bald Mountain, we stopped on our way back down to take in the view. Trying to enjoy this while we can because it could snow enough to close the highway any day now. Or worse—with the way this wildfire season has gone—it could all burn down. On the right side of the sky you can see the smoke from the Murdock Basin Fire which has now burned for three weeks and counting. It seemed to grow at a scarily fast pace right before our eyes with those high winds that kicked up just as we were starting Sunday’s ascent. at Uinta Mountains


Hard to believe we’re just a couple days away from the official beginning of Fall. Hope your summer was as adventure-packed as Tyson’s was. We’re ready to get back to exploring the desert real soon! at Wyoming


This is my dad and I in late July of this year, hanging out at 11,300’ elevation near the beautiful aqua blue water of Red Castle Lake. I don’t normally share these kinds of personal shots, but lately I’ve been feeling a lot of gratitude for this man and the influence he has had in my life. My love for the outdoors, and the High Uintas in particular, can be traced all the way back to August of 1994 when we did our first backpacking trip together. I was 14 years old, and my dad was 38... which is the age I am now. (Woah 😲) We spent three days in Henry’s Fork Basin, and summited Kings Peak, the tallest mountain in Utah. It was one of the toughest things I had ever done, and I’m not sure I even particularly enjoyed it at the time. But years later those planted seeds finally took root and shaped me into the mountain addict I am today. Just wanted to say thanks, dad. Your love for adventure in the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts you ever shared with me. at High Uintas Wilderness


The new AR measurement app in iOS 12 is just about the only cool and useful update. I wish my drone had that so I could tell you all how tall this spire of rock hanging off the side of Lofty Peak is. My guess is 40-50 feet? How many thousands of years has it held on to the edge of this crumbling, ancient mountain? It looks like it should topple over any minute. However tall or old it is, it definitely started looking a lot more phallic the more I stared at this image in post editing. I apparently still have the brain of a 13 year old sometimes. 😂 at Uinta National Forest


Standing there on Jackass Pass in those relentless 50mph gusts of wind, my tired shaky legs were struggling just to keep me upright. Ty dog had smartly taken cover behind a huge boulder, where he gave me the look of “nope” when I tried to get him in a photo with me. Just moments after I clicked the remote shutter for this shot, my favorite hat blew off my head and sailed away into the distance. It was the first hat I bought on my very first visit to @fisherbrewing, and it’s a hat they don’t even make or sell anymore. I was helpless as I watched it disappear out of sight into the basin beneath the Cirque. Maybe it sounds lame, but that hat is more than just a hat to me. Aside from the sentimental value, it represents a community I love being a part of. A community where I've made some great friendships and found so many new creative opportunities. I have a lot of Fisher hats now, but this one was special. So, dammit, of course I had to hike down the backside of that pass and at least try to find it. I found it. Somehow, despite all the odds, I found it! A hundred or so yards down that steep, rugged slope, my hat was nestled up against a rock, hanging on for its own dear life. I was ecstatic, and out of breath, as my wobbly legs sprinted toward it. That dumb foam trucker hat doesn’t even fit my head right to be honest, but now it means even more to me than it did before. at Pinedale, Wyoming


Billions and billions. The number of stars visible in a dark sky is just astounding to me. I’ve wanted to get back to this spot in the desert west of Salt Lake City ever since Lindsey and I randomly stumbled on to it late one night last summer. We finally made it back last night, and I got to shoot my first Milky Way with the Sony A7RIII. Considering how late it is in the MW season, how hazy it was, and how close we still were to light pollution from all the surrounding towns, I’m still fairly happy with how it turned out! at Utah


I must have taken a hundred photos on this particular evening in mid July... and it’s a good thing, too. By the time I came back a week later, all the flowers were already wilting away. It’s too bad this summer’s wildflower season wasn’t as long and intense as the wildfire season was. Hope you all have a great weekend! at Uinta Mountains

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