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Look deeper than a cover. Touch and feel the words on each page. True beauty is found in the story. pc: @alexlacayophotography #tellmeastory at Salt Lake City, Utah


Happy Birthday @peter_theory! pc: @mjph0to #tribaltheory at House of Blues Las Vegas


Closing night of the fair. You want to go get deep fried Oreos? pc: @sarahmcclurephoto #utahstatefair #oreo #deepfried #deepfriedoreos #ferriswheel #fairfood #fair at Utah State Fair


Giving all you love and all you have will get you where you want to be. Artistry, musicianship and pure passion to touch and infect the lives of others. A special September 11th for us supporting @dustinhook perform live in front of a sold out arena. Country Music’s greatest bassist! Soo proud of you and for you all having the #1 streamed country song out right now! Loved watching you jump and dance all over the stage. Had us smiling all night! You’re right. We always want to see the greatest views and have the most beautiful experiences in our lives. Here’s to many more memories and good times in the future. Thank you for everything! Good talks and best of luck to you and the entire @danandshay Family on the road. We’ll be making our way to Nashville. Always amazed by how beautiful and stylish @carlihamiltonnn is and can’t imagine a better girl to share all these sunsets with in life. Grateful for our freedoms. #danandshay #tequilla #utahstatefair #saltlakecity #freedom #september11th #speechless at Utah State Fair


Gave her the whole pizza 🍕 my heart ❤️. Celebrating our love for food. My little heartbaker. We’ve made some really delicious pizzas. Always open to try something new. Drop some toppings below. What do you like on yours? pc: @so.picture.this #loveat425 #heartbaker #papamurphys #pizza #welovepizza #ilovepizza #bakeitup #love #welove at Red Ledges Diamond Canyon Spanish Fork


Feeling lost. We all need help. Somewhere between knowing and understanding where we are going and am I lost? Have I forgotten my direction? How could I have been distracted? Am I losing my mind? In the midst of working for all we want, are we losing what we need? I’ve been struggling lately to find my place. I want to give soo much and be better each day. I want to find more of my purpose in life and do all I can to surrender my stubbornness and self doubt for guidance, clarity and trust in my thoughts feelings and impressions. She is my compass and I trust in her. A heart soo pure a vision soo true. What really matters. Knowing what I need to change. Helping me through my weakness and nourishing me back to strength. In daylight we can see. The trees, nature, the ground at our feet and the beautiful colors all around. In darkness the woods can be a very dark cold place, especially if you’re not prepared. For every sunrise follows a sunset. We have no control of time, only where we wander. If you are ever feeling lost, know we all feel it at times too. We can all surely find ourselves, if we take a moment to listen. The answers will whisper into your soul. Have patience, know you are not alone. We have each other and we are here to help if you are ever in need. Happiness & comfort to share. A fire to keep warm if you are cold. Together we can make it home. pc: @kalynnepaigephotography #lost #woods #forest #fall #comfort #love #loveyourself #trust at Provo Canyon


Sang our hearts out tonight under the stars with @jason_mraz! Was nice to be able to share a meal, and catch up with a good friend @benvarela as well. It’s amazing what music and love can do to bring strength and happiness in our lives. Never disappointed! Some true love and talent. Remember to share a smile. #know #jasonmraz #goodvibestour #parkcity #deervalley at Deer Valley Ampitheater


When the whole world fits inside of your arms. 🌎 ❤️ #jackjohnson at USANA Amphitheatre


Hold me closer. Through the burn, hurt, destruction, loneliness and confusion. She appeared out of the smoke. I suddenly could see clear. Her healing power delivered me from my pain. We live in a world based off of visual perception. We must learn to see beyond and to feel. To understand the real story. When we walk down the street or are in public, I’m often complimented for being an incredible husband for pushing her in her wheelchair and for loving her. I do very much appreciate the sincerity that comes from these compliments. I really wish that the world could see more deeply into our relationship. I wish they could see that in fact she is my angel and all the amazingly beautiful and wonderful ways @carlihamiltonnn takes care of me, fights for me, uplifts me, and carries me through this life. Her strength is beyond anyone I know. If you could only see what she fights through every day of her life to simply give to myself and others. To get up and go to work. To make food. Shower. Get dressed. To clean. To walk. To run. Through all she does, she still finds time to get gifts for me and to provide for me mentally, spiritually and physically. She’s exhausted each day and always makes sure to put me first and make sure I’m ok. Forgives me in my weakness. Carrying me through all my struggles. The wind blows and all I feel is Her. I am changed by Her. She’s helped me be a survivor. Held by Her. pc: @rachelcole.photography #saltflats #barren #lost #found #love #womenwhoinspire at Bonneville Salt Flats


•B•L•A•C•K• feelin’ for an entire year before we even held hands. Our first concert together was @dierksbentley and we’ve gone every year since. This was one of many as friends only dates we went on, until one day she had a change of heart. I can honestly say that every moment I spent with her, glance she gave me and brush of her hair would knock me flat on my back. I wanted more than anything for her to love me the way I felt for her. It’s also become a way to cheer her up whenever times are difficult. Driving down the road I put on “Black” or any other Dierks song and it brings a smile to her face. Music has a beautiful way of connecting our hearts, feelings, memories and souls. One of our favorite things to do together is to go to concerts and watch live music. Love @carlihamiltonnn soo much and grateful she gave me a chance. Til this day she still makes my world go black in the most fulfilling way possible. P.S. see that @drpepper can in the bottom left corner hiding under my seat? We love it together and I’ve never drank more in my life than with her. She’s a little Rebel and I love that about her. Yeah she snuck it in... lol #black #dierksbentley #brothersosborne #lanco #utah #saltlakecity #greatestlovestory #mountainhightour at USANA Amphitheatre


The way I felt when I first saw @carlihamiltonnn 😍😎☀️. Catchin that new @tolanshaw vibe. Full video on YouTube & song available on Spotify. Video: @clubsullivan Music Producer: @jessebarrera He will be the next big singer/songwriter to come out of San Diego. Be ready! #goldenstateofmind #takeusback #catchavibe #cali #tolanshaw at San Diego, California


Some more what?!!! Of Her, nature, and life. Yes please! How do you build a relationship when you work soo much, have very little time together, and when you do it’s to eat a quick dinner before going to sleep. We both have very busy lives and are constantly on call or on the go. I always want to give my all to everything I do. I spend nights losing sleep researching, communicating, and visualizing what it will take to grow and be better in the future. I want to know what I can do today to reach the goals we set for tomorrow. I’m learning I need to find a better balance and also remember to take time for us. For now. To be present. I’ve been faking short in many ways and I owe it to her to be better now and I am trying to figure out how we can change spending soo much time apart and how we can be together more and still build our future. She’s a huge inspiration in my life, I believe she has a beautiful story to be told. Would love to have more time out in nature, I believe it truly helps us connect with higher thoughts and power. Wish more of you could see she does for me, the joy she brings, people she inspires and love she freely gives even when I don’t deserve it. I’m a very lucky man to have this amazingly powerful and heartfelt woman by my side. We’ve been thinking a lot about getting some gear and about some amazing places we can camp and visit. Maybe we’ll pack up our lives, travel, and start a foundation to help uplift others. Any suggestions welcome. pc: @so.picture.this #smores #camping #nature #inspire #fire #webuiltthisfirepit #life at Tibble Fork Reservoir


San Diego here we come!!! Join us tonight for the @tribaltheory show @bellyuptavern! Hit me up if you’re in town and come through to join us! #tribaltheory #solanabeach #TTimeLaPse #sandiego at San Diego, California


Sun on our skin, sand in our toes, sounds of the waves and the smell of the ocean breeze. Ready to be back in San Diego tomorrow where we met and this love all started! ❤️ #sandiego #cali at San Diego, California


Pick the love you want to give. It’s simply up to you. pc: @maddiejeppsonphotography #flowerinherhair #wildflower at Payson Lakes


I recently found out that @iamjamon received a life changing diagnosis and has undergone brain surgery. He still has a road ahead and more treatments. I believe in the power of love and community to help heal. At this time He needs all the positive support we can give him. If you would like to help in anyway, prayer, words of encouragement, sing a song, a card, food, treats or in any way you feel you can help please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with info or direct you as best I can. I will be in San Diego next Friday Aug 17th for a show and plan to do whatever I can to help bring happiness and hope to him and his Family during this time. #jamonsarmy at Oceanside, California


Coming home to San Diego next weekend for another show @bellyuptavern! Tickets still available for $19. Contact me, @tribaltheory, or the venue if you want some. See you next Friday Aug 17th! also performing: Ginger Roots & @clarencebucaromusic #tribaltheory #bellyup #throwbackthursday #TTimeLaPse #hoan #solanabeach #sandiego at Belly Up

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