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Las Vegas turned out! Tour Dates: 11 May • Scottsdale, AZ 24 May • Portland, OR 25 May • Seattle, WA 01 Jun • Colorado Springs, CO 02 Jun • Denver, CO 03 Jun • Fort Collins, CO 16 Jun • Salt Lake City, UT 06 Jul • Newport Beach, CA pc: @mjph0to #tribaltheory #TTimeLaPse at Las Vegas, Nevada


Love whispers. at Salt Lake City, Utah


VEGAS humbled by your love and support. Last night was a dream come true. Thank you for believing 🙏🏽 #tribaltheory #jeffbernat #bonapoleon #lasvegas #hoblasvegas #TTimeLaPse at House of Blues Las Vegas


She loves and supports me even when it’s hard. pc: @kyleemarieshaw #thatslove at Salt Lake City, Utah


Sleepy at Salt Lake City, Utah


*WIN VIP VEGAS EXPERIENCE* 1) REPOST this flyer or a picture with Tribal Theory in it. 2) TAG @tribaltheory & @hoblasvegas. 3) MENTION the show date 4/20 in Las Vegas and that you are excited for the show! 4) COMMENT on this post by TAGGING your friends and family that you want to bring to the show. Winner announced at 10am PST tomorrow 4/19. Includes: -VIP Meet/Greet experience with the band for all your party. -Tickets to the show on 4/20 @hoblasvegas. Must be 18+ to attend the show. READY for you to hear our new songs “CHIEF” and the debut of “MIDNIGHT GETAWAY” ft @jeffbernat live! #tribaltheory #jeffbernat #bonapoleon #hoblasvegas #420 #chief #lasvegas #TTimeLaPse at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino


Boys @tribaltheory just wrapped up a tour with @alborosieofficial and now headed to Las Vegas this Friday April 20th for a headline show on the main stage! Tickets/info @hoblasvegas. with: @jeffbernat & @bonapoleon Contact me if you want to be added to the guest list. pc: @iamthebay #tribaltheory #jeffebernat #bonapoleon #lasvegas #hoblasvegas #TTimeLaPse at The Catalyst Club


Never give up on goals you set. I remember years ago when I first started managing @tribaltheory that I passed through Vegas and stopped by @hoblasvegas to talk to them about booking the band here for a show, even in the small room. Over 5 years later and performing at many other venues around town, we will finally fulfill this goal set. This Friday April 20th we will be taking over the main stage to put on a show for this city that we’ve been preparing for years. If you are in town or will be able to make a trip out this weekend, please hit me up and we will take care of you. Come out and enjoy the show. Let’s celebrate and continue to spread the word! We will also be debuting a song off the new unreleased album #TTimeLaPse and will have one of the featured artists on the track, our Brotha @jeffbernat in the house to perform it with the boys live! @bonapoleon is comin through too! Don’t miss out on this show. Hope to see many familiar faces out this weekend! Tour Dates: 20 Apr • Las Vegas, NV 11 May • Scottsdale, AZ 24 May • Portland, OR 25 May • Seattle, WA 01 Jun • Colorado Springs, CO 02 Jun • Denver, CO 03 Jun • Fort Collins, CO 16 Jun • Salt Lake City, UT 06 Jul • Newport Beach, CA #tribaltheory #lasvegas #jeffebernat #bonapoleon #TTimeLaPse at House of Blues Las Vegas


Sunshine, ocean & toes in the sand. A place that’s always brought me peace. Monday morning healing on my mind. Carli & I could use some of this in our lives. Ready for this busy week ahead and excited to see everything come together for the Vegas show this weekend April 20 @hoblasvegas! #vitaminsea #tribaltheory #beach #surf #hawaii #socal #longhair #lasvegas #TTimeLaPse at Lā‘ie Beach


A day to laugh, smile, appreciate and hold onto the beauty in life. pc: @sarahmcclurephoto #inyourarms at Salt Lake City, Utah


THE MASTERS - A tradition like no other. My Father has taught me respect for the game. Golf has been a part of our lives since birth. He’s played professionally and traveled the world with the game. As a young child we moved around a lot because of the golf industry. I remember my Father traveling all the time and when he’d come home he’d bring a bag of peanuts from the plane, headphones or some small souvenir. These little gifts always brought so much excitement to me and I imagine my other siblings as well. He eventually made a move to design clubs and putters so he could focus more on being a Father. He always made time to play sports with us and my athleticism is thanks to him. He’d practice for hours with us on the golf course, throwing the football, baseball, basketball, tennis, you name it. Golf always was his most prized love and passion though. I’ve been to many tournaments all over with him. He has always dreamed of going to The Masters. This tournament is very exclusive and special invite only though. My brother @joshuarhamilton was able to secure us some tickets and for the first time in my life we were able to attend this tournament together. As you can imagine it was a very sacred and emotional trip to spend together, walk the course and witness the special feelings of love and respect for this game with my Father. Among all moments, this was a moment that brought me to tears and gratitude for my Father and all he’s done for us. It was a proud moment and memory that I will cherish forever. It’s a tradition that has been a very special part of my heart because of him and has taught me soo much about who I am. I’ve learned concentration, patience, to believe in myself and trust in my abilities. Practice and work hard. You will reach your goals by preparing and never giving up. You will or you won’t. You make the decision. Grateful for a Father who always takes time for his children and who always taught us the importance of work ethic and love. Putting others first. He’s had many of his putters used by professionals, one we actually designed together. He is a true artist and I hope he knows the impact he has made in our lives. #themasters at Augusta National Golf Club


I believe we are never alone and that we need to help each other through all we are faced with in life. We must support and comfort when needed. Trust your heart and the impressions you feel. We all have a gift to sense the pain or joy in those around us. Do you know the battles we are all fighting within? Have you taken the time to listen, understand, or reach out to those you love? Are you willing to open up and share your struggles or ask for help when you are in need? It is very easy to get distracted by the everyday routine and be exhausted by our constant responsibilities. We all need to remember to shake it off, reach out and show our loved ones we care. Not only ask the surface level questions that are so commonly found in societal routine, but sincerely seek and show a genuine care for what lies deep down within. These past few weeks have been challenging. We’ve spent weeks in the hospital with a dear friend Annie, and Carli’s Grandma Bonnie. Since the day I met Annie, I was impressed with her love and enthusiasm. She was filled with joy in these pictures from our wedding. I remember her being most excited about the gift she had got for us. I believe in these pictures she was telling me about how she couldn’t wait for us to open it. She laughed and smiled so bright. We made sure to look for her gift the morning after this reception. When we opened it up there was a simple note and an Avocado. We smiled and figured there must be more to this gift than we understood at the time. We searched to know more, and were uncertain. Eventually life took back over and it had fallen to the back of our minds. We spent hours/days bedside with her on life support hopeful she would pull through. We brought her an avocado that we placed in her hand to hold. It brought a lot of peace & love. There was a very special moment where Carli and I were alone with her and a tear came from her eye. We were there when she was taken off life support and she has since passed. Her funeral was today. She struggled with addiction that eventually took her life. She left behind her Son and Family. A common question we heard among all was what if we reached out more to her? We love you🙏🏽 at Thanksgiving Point


ON TOUR NOW @tribaltheory with @alborosieofficial! 12 Apr • Petaluma, CA @mysticpetaluma 13 Apr • Berkeley, CA @cornerstoneberkeley 14 Apr • Santa Cruz, CA @catalystclub 15 Apr • San Luis Obispo, CA @fremontslo Presented by: @calirootsfest HEADLINE SHOW: 20 Apr • Las Vegas, NV @hoblasvegas #tribaltheory #alborosie #caliroots #socalstreeTTeam #roadtocaliroots #TTimeLaPse at San Francisco, California


Holding her a little bit tighter tonight. at Disneyland


CALIFORNIA @tribaltheory in support of @alborosieofficial! Tour Dates: 12 Apr • Petaluma, CA @mysticpetaluma 13 Apr • Berkeley, CA @cornerstoneberkeley 14 Apr • Santa Cruz, CA @catalystclub 15 Apr • San Luis Obispo, CA @fremontslo Presented by: @calirootsfest #tribaltheory #alborosie #caliroots #roadtocaliroots #TTimeLaPse at California Roots

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