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Jason White

Studying for a teachers degree. College of William and Mary. World traveler

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Dont miss an opportunity. Get ahead all 2018 by taking shots you wouldn't have before. #shotheardroundtheworld #jesus has your back #fromwaydowntown at Half-Court


No one will check your lineup like my boys down @dukes_barber_shop got my nephew lookin proper!! #gettinhoes #jesus #fresh at Finesse


Just got tickets to the Knicks vs Pacers. Wonder who will make it to the finals...? #ECF #NY


Happy to have a new summer job. Working at Fenway until the next school year starts. exited to be a teacher!! #redsocks #jesus


Lucky enough to meet my favorite actor Morgan freeman. He was a really cool guy 😎 at North Korea


I am so proud of my nephew. He just told me he runs a meem page #meams at Compton, California


Me and my identical twin brother are finding jobs. We hope to work together #Jesus #jesussaves #pray at Compton, California


Me and my fiancée traveled down to California on a vacation to find Jesus and our inner peace #pray #Jesus


Went over to my aunts @irenemuiwellness to eat she made this lovely dinner


My mom and dad on their safari #jesussaves


This is from when I was just born right before my parents wedding thanks for raising me all these years love us mom and dad at Pacific Ocean


Shoutout to my mom who is a public speaker she brought me here she made be who i am today #Jesus #mother #love


#bekind #besafe #betrue #becurious


Finally my big break this is a pic of me being able to be a substitute for a high school chemistry class man I love kids #Jesus


Happy birthday to me !!! Me and my family hanging out ty for making it so special #Jesus #puertorico


#tbt to one of my favorite memories this year my uncle Roy the cookout genius


My favorite person #Jesus #bekind #honesty be yourself and be true at Presbyterian Church in Needham


#tbt from my vaca from senior year #puertorico at Puerto Rico

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