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Yes, @epicbar founders Taylor and Katie talk about the power of soil to help reverse climate change as well as their early failures, and falling in love:) Please give a listen on this week’s @mindbodygreen podcast! 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


Professional biohacker @bengreenfieldfitness is on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week talking all things performance and nutrition! Please give a listen:) 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


Here we go! Our annual must-read list of wellness trends to watch are out for 2019 on @mindbodygreen !!! at Mindbodygreen


Love this from @drmikerealage on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen


Yoga and Tai Chi superstar @miketaylor8 of @stralayoga is on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! Please give a listen :) 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


This is me on the left in 2013 vs me on the right in 2018. I've never shared publicly the full story of my health journey and just how awful I felt at my lowest point. When I hit rock bottom, I was tired, I was bloated, I was even anxious—and I'm not usually anxious! I found myself needing naps during the day, and I never nap! I thought I was doing everything right to improve my health, but nothing was working. I went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Gastroenterologists to neurologists, you name the specialty, I sought out the top doctor in the field. I also saw every alternative healer I could find, including acupuncturists, herbalists, and intuitives. I did colon hydrotherapy for months, went to an iridologist twice (someone who looks into your eyes to diagnose disease—yes, unusual!), and had an endoscopy. Nothing was too weird—or too Western. I just desperately wanted answers. I knew something was wrong, but even after seeing all those doctors and healers, I still had no answers. I started to question myself and think, Is this all just in my head? I didn’t know if I would ever understand what was going on in my body or if I would ever get better. Did I have an autoimmune disease? Did I have a parasite? Did I have leaky gut? I was determined to get to the bottom of why I felt so terrible. But it wasn't until I went to see @franklipman that I truly began a journey into the world of functional medicine and nutrition, and I learned a lot along the way. I sought out the top doctors and experts in the field and worked with them personally to restore my health. Finally, I began to see changes. I have since fundamentally changed how I eat and understand when Eastern and Western medicine work and where they aren’t enough. Now at age 44, I feel better than I ever have. I’m stronger, leaner, more focused, and more joyful. I’m a better partner, a better parent, and a better leader as a result. I am sharing more about my health journey this Saturday. If any of this resonates with you, there’s a link in my bio to sign up and hear more about how I healed. With gratitude, 🙏 Jason


This week on the @mindbodygreen I chat with @wholefoods co-founder and ceo John Mackey about the future of food and grocery, the Amazon merger, eating more plants, and his awesome new cookbook! Please give a listen:) 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


So grateful to spend my 44th birthday walking on the beach with these two! at Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa


Yes @mistyonpointe is on today’s special speed edition of the @mindbodygreen podcast! We chat about her passion for making fruits & veggies accessible to underserved populations through her amazing work with @wholesomewave #drinkgooddogood as well as her unconventional meditation practice and finding balance! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen


One of the best and brightest cognition experts @adamgazz is on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! We chat about anxiety, multitasking, and video games as medicine! Please give a listen:) 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


Yes @johnlegend is on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! In this special speed edition we talk about being a dad, changing the world, and his amazing work on food insecurity which involves bringing fruits and veggies to underserved populations with #drinkgooddogood @wholesomewave @nakedjuice at Mindbodygreen


Love this from @taryntoomey on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! at Mindbodygreen


Wedding! #lalawolf at Cary Grant's Estate


Yes @gisele is on the @mindbodygreen podcast this week! She’s a true wellness warrior, someone whose life mission is to make the world a better, happier, and healthier place. Her new book LESSONS is a must-read as she shares her journey to wellness which included overcoming severe anxiety through yoga, breathwork, and diet. I’m honored to call her a friend and supporter of mbg! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen


This week on the @mindbodygreen podcast I chat with @bulletproof founder @dave.asprey about how/why he plans to live to 180+ years old and more! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen


A powerful podcast this week on @mindbodygreen as I chat about inflammation and the connection between blood sugar and anxiety with the amazing @ellenvoramd ! Please give a listen:) 📷: @miachelphotography at Mindbodygreen


Yes! 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps is on the mbg podcast today! We cover everything from his struggles with depression to cupping, visualization, his favorite new fruit, and why his water conservation initiative #everydropcounts is critical for the planet! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen


Love this quote from @dradijaffe on this week’s @mindbodygreen podcast! Please give a listen:) at Mindbodygreen

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