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BLACKKKLANSMAN /// Vikings /// @loylyhelsinki co-founder /// @Patagonia ambassador /// @Visioninflyfishing world team member

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BLACKKKLANSMAN is crushing it in Finland! We're #1 in box office after the first week 👊🏾👊🏾 Oh, and ladies and gentlemen, meet the REAL Ron Stallworth. #blackkklansman


BLACKKKLANSMAN IN THEATERS TOMORROW! @officialspikelee @blackkklansman #helsinkirepresent at The Academy


HERE WE GO! @blackkklansman in theaters Aug 10th. 📷: @johnnynunez & co #blackkklansman #spikeleejoint #oscarjacobson at BAM


Had to check out Halfdan's viking era graffiti/carving in Hagia Sophia while visiting Istanbul. The dude was waaay ahead of his time. From Hagia Sophia's website: "The scripture determined to belong to the 9th century contains a sentence meaning "Halvdan was here". The scripture is supposed to be made by a Viking mercenary in East-Roman period. A group of Vikings who was famous with their warrior nature had been participated to the imperial guard regiment in İstanbul which was mainly constituted by them which was called as "Varangian". This regiment built a reputation by fighting on behalf of the court in every region of the empire for approximately 200 years." #cheesyselfie #halfdan #hagiasophia #istanbul #vikings #graffiti at Hagia Sophia


at Olderø fly fishing lodge


A few more photos from an amazing week in Yokanga, Russia. Pics by @theflyfishingnation for @roxtonsfishing #atlanticsalmon #flyfishing #kolapeninsula #arctictundra at Yokanga, Murmanskaya Oblast', Russia


Waiting for the Mi-8 to take off for another day on the mighty Yokanga. Photo: @roxtonsfishing & @theflyfishingnation #yokanga #roxtonsfishing #visionflyfishing #patagoniaflyfishing #mi8 at Yokanga, Murmanskaya Oblast', Russia


BLACKKKLANSMAN in theaters August 10th! @blackkklansman


Greetings from river Yokanga on the Russian arctic tundra!! Swipe left for more pics from the week. Photos by @theflyfishingnation and @roxtonsfishing #visionflyfishing #patagoniaflyfish #roxtonsfishing #kolapeninsula #mi8 #helifishing #yokanga at Yokanga, Murmanskaya Oblast', Russia


at Löyly



at Löyly

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