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ilysm 8.8k!! sharlize & hermès follow <3 “you’re so sweet!” - @missjaydenb on my live jayden liked x36 | commented x9 JAY REPOSTED 7.12.18 ♡

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iM a boREd hoE
marby + brookie
—kira👼🏻 #rekneewi

armani’s arm ooo


comment ur name for a dt :) posting tmw


collab w @bartels.mp4 !! 💘 — 「 tag @missjaydenb & @annieleblanc 」 dt: oreo, annie, and jayden ♡ — her part is so much better oops 🤧 ac: idk cc: sisterlucie (edited) fc: 8826 🥰


happy five months to my best fwend! ilysm elle and idk what i would do w out u! we have so many memories and inside jokes and i feel like i’ve known you my whole life. one day i promise we’ll meet even if we’ve quit our accs by then haha but i actually love u too the moon and back and i’ll always be here for u! love u daughter! (and george)


holiday collab! ❄️ rules: ✰ mbf me ✰ tag 2-3 mutuals below ✰ post this on your story and tag me ✰ you must edit a holiday/christmas movie or a holiday special on a show ✰ if you don’t know where/how to find scenes then i can help you find them! ✰ don’t enter unless you can finish by christmas eve (dec 24th) ✰ i’m super excited ab this collab so yeah have fun ilyg! ❤️💚 ༄ part one: part two: part three: mine — pll christmas special part four: part five: part six: part seven: part eight: part nine:


make it move — 「 tag @missjaydenb 」 dt: kweens gc ♡ — this kinda sucks oops 🤧 ac: emiliasbastard cc: mine sc: videostartransistions fc: 8610 🥰


secret santa! ❤️💚 rules: ✰ mbf @jaysrose @s.u.n.s.e.t.j.a.y.d.e.n @andrea.vsp @sunnybartels @tays.vsp ✰ tag 2-3 friends below ✰ post this on your story ✰ if you’re not multifandom, then pls comment some of your stans below! ✰ you can still join even if you don’t celebrate christmas! this is just so that we can all make stuff for each other ❤️ ✰ don’t enter unless you can finish by christmas (dec. 25) how it works: ✰ so basically you’ll comment some of your stans and we will randomly pick someone for you to make an edit for. you’ll just make an edit with their stans, and if you need us to we’ll ask them who they stan. (don’t tell the person that you got them! SECRET santa) you’ll send us the edit and we’ll get it to the person and then we’ll tell them who made it. dm @jaysrose if you have any questions :) ho ho ho sisters! 💚❤️


christmas theme coming! 3/3


christmas theme coming! 2/3


christmas theme coming! 1/3


thank u, next — 「 tag @missjaydenb 」 dt: tee, cande, andrea, paola, char, taylor, bella, and amani ♡ — this is actually so bad i’m genuinely sorry ac: fendi.aep cc: lvx.hxl fc: 8425 🥰


[she liked & commented holy] c00ler 🥶 — 「 tag @missjaydenb 」 dt: sofia, belle, oreo, lizzi, and jaydens galaxy grp ♡ — i kinda hate this lol but i haven’t edited meme jay in a while ツ ac: mikesdirection cc: sisterlucie fc: 8307 🥰


2on ⚡️ — 「 tag @annacathcart 」 dt: andrea, chapstick, yasmin, eleanor, and char ♡ — i’m actually so proud of this lol ツ ac: iiovinat cc: colorgiveaway


[she liked <3] water 💦 dt: lizzi, sofia, tee, elle, taylor, eleanor, paola, andrea, and bianca ❤️ cc: lvx.hxl ac: sxssvids fc: 8167 <3 song: ric flair drip app: video star this is a whole mess wow


[SHE LIKED] its my best girl’s bday! 💖💘💗 dt: @missjaydenb cc: mine ac: kuteaudios fc: 8019 <3 song: 7 years app: video star jayden, i hope you have the best day. you are so sweet, talented, kind, and just an amazing person. ily to the moon and back and you honestly deserve the world, ty for being a role model and kind of like a friend to me for the past 2 years. i’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished and i know you’ll do so many great things in life. haha were the same age now! i hope 14 treats you well, just keep being the amazing person you are! ilysm ❤️, reese


hey queens! in honor of me hitting 8k (woah omg) i’m hosting an rme! here are the rules and prizes: rules: -mbf me -post this on your story and tag me -tag 2-3 editors below -you can remake ANY of my edits (new or old) -enter w the #jaysroserme -ends november 25th prizes: 1st place - a vid from from jayden saying hi to you, a follow, spam of likes, shoutout, and a collab if wanted 2nd place - follow, spam of likes, shoutout, and collab if wanted 3rd place - follow, shoutout, and a spam of likes


connor take several seats 🤷‍♀️ dt: taylor, bianca, andrea, oreo, yasmin, elle, noa, annie, char, tania, eleanor, paola, eliza, milkshake, tee, and sof 😘 cc: sisterlucie ac: xgayweeds fc: 7965 <3 song: idr lol app: video star siena is actually cool but she could do so much better than connor smh 💋


[jay liked, shar liked/commented] all night ⭐️ dt: jayden, shar, and milkshake cc: sisterlucie ac: idk fc: 7900 tysm <3 song: all night app: video star this was a collab with milkshake! ( @jaydenbangel ) she did jayden and i did sharlize <3 (tag them?)

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