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#Founder of start-up Big Mouth Fashion. Streetwear for bad-ass women who stand for #truth. San Francisco, CA. Email: [email protected] #bigmouth Similar users

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Hey guys!!! We just started our new beauty page @beautybybigmouth in combination with our blog (coming soon) We will be posting all things beauty related there so make sure to follow/like/comment. ❤ We will be including makeup tutorials for us and our models, skin care rituals, and the makeup and products we love and use. Thank you so much for all the love and support!❤❤❤ Xoxo Melissa


Hey ladies!! It’s amazing what happens when I get a few days off to catch up. My god, I feel amazing! 💯🙌 Happy, well-slept, energized. The world is at peace. #bigmouth Updates: I delayed my test. I’m currently practice testing in the low 80s. I’d like to see the high 80s or low 90s before testing for real. No worries, I’m on it. It’s all good. Now to the fun stuff!! BMF is blossoming in the background. We’re working hard, building our foundation. Think all the boring stuff like cyber-security. The last thing I need is for my team members to get some crazy random criminal taking all of our money, by hijacking them online. No bueno. September, we’re launching the blog, which is like my baby. 👏🔥 seriously, not hyperbole. This is a huge transition in my career. I’m an artist and writer. I’ve pretty much wanted to run a blog and do my own thing since blogs became a thing. Bosses? Thanks, but I’m a grown-up and I don’t need a babysitter. I’ll take the risks myself for the chance to do what I love. ❤️💗 Once we have the blog rocking, we’ll post the photos from our first shoot. Realistically, it’s looking like mid-September through October for both blog and first photoshoot pictures to show up online, completed and ready for next steps. Then we can talk about Elizabeth modeling our next prototype, tornado. I’m thinking December. Thank you for staying tuned! I love you guys!!! 💗 lastly, know that if I’m not posting, it’s because I’m working feverishly in the background. I’m an entrepreneur. In my world, work “anytime,” means “work all the time.” Tick tock. #badass #blogger #girlboss at San Francisco, California


Fire and ice get together to kill zombies in the fight between the living and the dead? Sounds about right. #bigmouth #vision Did I mention our blog is fire and ice themed? Or that’s it’s GOT inspired? I’ve just got to pass this test for work and then we’re good to launch it. Also, spoke to one of my business mentors today and looks like we’re on track. Blog produces revenue = we have tangible business results to show investors demonstrating our ROI calculations. I turn around and put it back into BMF, funding our development without giving away our equity. Things come together ladies. I just have to pass this test and it’s time to fly. Game on. I ain’t scared. #likeaboss #khaleesi #bigdickenergy at San Francisco, California


An ex affectionately deemed this “my song.” He had a point. “You’ve got the best of both worlds. You’re the kind of girl who can take down a man and lift him back up again. Your style is quite selective, though your mind is rather reckless. What a beautiful mess this is. It’s like picking up trash in dresses.” #musicislife #jasonmraz I love the beautiful mess. That’s my kind of beauty. Jumbled, wild and erratic, but it makes sense in the end. Like poetry. It’s also a beautiful metaphor for life. Everything is “picking up trash in dresses.” Dealing with bullshit interspersed with goodness in-between. There’s a method to the madness. Now that I have a secure business partner for prototype development, I can focus on the blog while we’re building our products and team. The blog y’all. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to share more. Today’s snippet: were going to talk about music a lot. I hope you like these little screenshots of songs, because we’re going to keep that up ten-fold. We’ll have videos of musicians sharing their art. We’ll talk about our favorite songs and how they’ve changed our lives. We’ll share our playlists. Talk about why we’re passionate about music and why it’s a core part of our brand vision. (It turns off the robot). It tunes you out of your head. Like meditation, but more fun. Also, blogs are monetized. Can you say revenue for product development? Yes please and thank you. It’ll take time, but here’s to the future. It’ll look a little messy in the beginning, but I promise, beauty and dresses. #bigmouth #vision #blogger at San Francisco, California


Whenever I’m feeling strung out and shitty, I put on all black, and it’s all good again. The last few weeks have been Hell. Last weekend I went to Nordstrom Rack and hit up their clearance section. I came out with bags filled with black. Including a sexy new leather jacket that I found for $24. Yeah bitches, that’s right. 😉🙌 I went home, put on some NY gangster rap, turned off my phone and watched Trublood reruns. Suddenly, peace. The photo shoot is back on track—I ditched all my Californian sewers and hired a New Yorker. (Seriously, when you want something done, hire a New Yorker. The only thing Californians do on time is happy hour). My time off is around the corner. Blog is coming together. That’s why when shit gets real, I put on black and handle it. It’s cool, I’m my best in black. #bigmouth #backinblack #fashion at San Francisco, California


What’s a Friday afternoon without some classic rock? Not on my watch... 💋 “You say you want a revolution? Well you know, we all want to change the world. You tell me it’s the institution. Well, you know you better free your mind instead.” Amen to the #Beatles. Amen. #musicislife #rockandroll #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


Hey guys! Quick check-in. Thanks for staying tuned during our re-calibration. We’re working hard to organize our process into an effective business strategy. Those of you with a business background know the importance of these pauses to re-align goals and plan accordingly. Thank you for the continued support!! We love you!! ❤️💋 🔥 Also, today, I’d like to introduce our blog in more detail, given it’s a core part of our upcoming quarter. Drum roll please... It’s Game of Thrones themed! Shocker, I know! 😆The primary goal: to help girls deconstruct their notion of self. Aka, get rid of the robot—the voice in our heads that turns us all into slaves. That’s why I’m “Khaleesi.” I want to free you from your notion of “self.” To do this, we have several contributors. Other writers, scientists, musicians and artists. We all have a section on the blog, under our GOT character. We’re all going to contribute content to get rid of your robot. Personal stories of shit we’ve overcome so you can relate, how we came to the realization that we’re not snowflakes, how we see the world, articles on how the mind works so you can understand your own psychology, videos filled with fun and bad-assery, big mouth moments. All of these cool things in abundance! Why? Because we stand for truth. Not truth in the sense of our personal opinions; but truth as an objective force stripped from the selfishness innate in the human condition. Why??? At Big Mouth Fashion, not only do we provide better clothes, but we help girls feel better in what they buy. So they can give up the robot. Yes, that’s our UVP. Side-note to our competitors: good luck stealing that intellectual capital. It’s called a “barrier to entry.” Get one, bitches. #bigmouth #progress #businesswoman at San Francisco, California


I pretty much get this on the daily now—comments that I’m shocking people, or that my growth is “surreal.” My response? Good! I like shocking people. It’s fun. I’m a writer. That’s what we do. #writersofinstagram. Ladies, it gets easier to put yourself out there. Just do it. Ditch your “work personality” and show truth. That’s what I’m doing and it’s working #likeaboss. I’m starting to get emails on LinkedIn—business developers who found me on social media and want to join BMF, because they believe in our value. This is awesome!! All thanks to the power of social media. 👏👏 It’s amazing period. We live in a world where technology has carved space for dreams to manifest. BMF is my dream. It’s not about becoming some high-power woman. It’s so much bigger than that. Whatever your dream, put yourself out there. Just do it. Plant the seed, watch it grow. Just like me. #deamshappen Then put on Zeppelin’s, “Immigrant Song.” It’ll get you in the mood to kick ass. Up next, Guns & Roses, “Sweet child of mine.” That’s how we do on #rockandrollwednesday #bigmouth #musicislife at San Francisco, California


After three weeks of Hell, I’m finally getting caught up on my “to do” list. Blog underpinnings? Check. First photoshoot prep? Check. Taking time off in August to regroup? Triple check. There are few things I love more than getting shit done. #bigmouth #progress #goaldigger at San Francisco, California


I feel like an ice queen in this one. P.s. if you’re wondering what’s going on in the Big Mouth background, we’re building the blog. Should be good to go by the end of August. Ka bam! #elsa #bigmouth #beautyqueen at San Francisco, California


Ladies, repeat after me: I got 99 problems, but you’re not one. #bigmouth #bitchplease #aintnobodygottimeforthat at San Francisco, California


Am I the only one left who still hugs trees? #bigmouth #treehugger #environmentalist at San Francisco, California


On Bastille day, let’s celebrate the freedom to show yourself. In a world where most people are copies of the people in their lives, it’s a social reality that you have to fight to live for yourself. 💋 There are very few things I’m willing to fight for. I see fighting as a depletion of energy—and whatever the fight is about, it’s usually not worth the cost. I will fight for the freedom to show my truth. Why? Self-actualization was one of the most transformative experiences in my life. In learning to accept and express my truth, I also learned some very cool lessons. #truth Like that there’s always another critic. There’s always another person projecting their shitty perspective onto you. I get it all the time. “Look at this crazy girl, talking about Big Mouth Fashion—it’s never going to happen. She’s too this, she’s too that.” 💋 It might rattle me, if it weren’t for the realization that people are mostly robots. Whatever they’re thinking about themselves, they project that baggage onto you. You start to see that most people are trapped in the story that they tell themselves, that voice in their head. Their behavior usually doesn’t have anything to do with “you.” When you realize this, you’re free. That’s where I’m living and it’s magic. #bastilleday #free #freespirit at San Francisco, California


Is it August yet? It’s time to go home and see my niece. #homewardbound #bigmouth #family at San Francisco, California


For when people try to manipulate their way into a power position over me. Nice try, but I’m not a sheep—I’m a dragon. #bigmouth #freespirit #khaleesi at San Francisco, California


Hey guys, we’re just about back. We’ve had a ton of growth and we’re still re-calibrating. Stay tuned as we continue to plot behind the scenes. It’s a good thing our dad is a chess master and taught us how to strategize. #streetsmart #teamwork Give us another week. Liss just started a new job and I have to wrap up a few loop-holes at work. We’re gearing up for the next stage within product development. Lots of love ❤️ xoxoxo Jenn #khaleesi #bigmouth #ourstory at San Francisco, California


Melissa, hurry up and move to California already. I miss my best friend. #sisters #besties #selfies at San Francisco, California


For when people in San Francisco make jokes about how I’m in the big city now, and that this “isn’t Kansas,” because I moved here from Salt Lake. I love when people form conclusions before they ask questions. It makes my job too easy. #newyorker #streetsmart Ladies, when people make assumptions about you, don’t get mad. Go with it. Their ignorance is your competitive advantage. “Sweet and innocent” works every time. It also makes for some great stories to laugh about when they leave the room. #bigmouth #pokerqueen #getitgirl at San Francisco, California

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