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#Founder of niche, start-up Big Mouth Fashion. Designs for bad-ass women who stand for #truth. San Francisco, CA. #bigmouth Similar users

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Just say #no to the robot. #bigmouth #bethechange #rebelyell at San Francisco, California


Now that work isn’t crazy with tax season, I have more time and energy to follow my passion, the fire 🔥 born in my heart and soul. For me, that’s #leading women to #freedom. It’s this magical place where they speak their minds, wear what they want, follow their #truth, and stop spending their lives chasing everyone else’s dreams. #feminist Some call this feeling fate; I call it purpose. Mine is helping women break out of their conditioning. Wherever I go, these women come find me for help—and I happily mother them out of their chains: to leave that shitty relationship, to give up on mommy and daddy’s dreams, to stop eating 300 calories a day and sleeping with makeup on. etc. etc. #motherofdragons It makes me so damn happy!! 🙌❤️💕 What if I could make money doing what makes me feel alive and filled with joy, love and meaning? If I have to burn a few bridges along the way, let them burn. I’m not a queen; I’m a #khaleesi. I will lead my girls to freedom, come Hell or high water, because it feels so damn amazing to live my truth and I want them to feel this alive too. #Girls, it’s time to give up the slavery of your bot. Come join us and we will happily show you the way. #freespirit #bigmouth #beyourself at San Francisco, California


Speaking of #tribes, you can see where my allegiances remain. If I wanted everyone to like me, I’d sell ice cream. Or join Hufflepuff. Some of us want to change the world for the better. Slytherins of the world, beware. We’re coming for you. #gryffindor #changetheworld #fuckoff #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


From Savage Garden’s #song, “Affirmation.” #musicislife Yesterday, I wrote about how businesses manipulate consumers through the psychology of gifting. But I don’t believe that every gift-giver is manipulative. I dedicate this post to my sister-friend, @a.e.cb, one of my favorite gift-givers (because she gives from her heart). Hence why I asked her to run the charitable part of my business model. Instead of “gift marketing,” we believe in giving back to a shared cause. #socialmediamarketing While I don’t call it karma, I do believe in the power of tribalism and that like attracts like. I’m happiest when I’m with others who share my #values. For all others, no judgements and I’m friendly and open upfront, but inevitably I will treat them how they treat me. Is this karma? Maybe. I’m not sure. I’m working on figuring it out. But I’ll take this realization as a step in my larger pursuit of truth. Also, Alina I love the part of the song where he sings: “I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul.” I tell you all the time that you’re the heart and I’m the mind—“the soul.” (No, I won’t launch into a discussion on the physical location of the soul// like, where is it?—not the time/place etc). But I do believe that these are our most attractive parts and they’re what I aspire to make better in myself everyday. Thank you for helping me re-open my heart after turmoil. I love you so much, my god. Lastly, happy end of tax time! Here’s to a return of the time to follow our hearts! 💗💕💗💕👏👏👏 #bethechange #sisters #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


Sorry ladies, but at Big Mouth, we say #no to free gifts. Why? Because they’re a marketing scam—playing on the reciprocity principle in psychology. When a business or a sales person gives you a gift, it’s not out of kindness. It’s because once you accept that gift, a social contract is created in your mind—you want to give back to them and end up buying whatever they’re selling. This manifests in several different manipulative ways. Sales, discounts, offers of “help”—all tactics to control your cognition. Why do they do this? Using psychology against the masses makes the seller more money. It keeps the one percent rich and in power. #onepercent #grassroots But what if there were more businesses that didn’t try to manipulate you? What if we didn’t pander to your baser instincts to push mediocre products/ services, and instead, used psychology and business to change the world for the better? I believe that business, not law or regulation, is the best way to fix problems. Not because I’m interested in politics; but because I study psychology. #sciencenerd The market is changing; it demands transparency and honesty. Businesses are going out of business left and right because they’re duplicitous liars. Thanks to social media, their lies are coming out into the open. The only way to get rid of evil is to stop supporting it with your wallet and time. Change happens when evil isn’t funded. This is one change I hope to bring with Big Mouth. You want honesty? We’ll give it to you. Here’s the ugly truth: People are using your mind against you everyday to make money. The only way to break free is to arm yourself with an education of your mind so you can pivot your buying patterns. Therefore, I’m #sorrynotsorry but no free “gifts.” Big Mouths are too #smart for that shit. We read books and hang out with other smart people. #changetheworld #marketing #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


She wants you to break your chains #bigmouth #khaleesi #mustang From Big Mouth’s theme #song, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” (Yes, we have a theme song: listen asap on @spotify ). Secondly, people always ask me why I wear so much black. I want to look like a Mustang. Big Mouths are Mustangs. Like our horse counterparts, we were once domesticated—but broke away from our conditioning to run free. We wear clothing that symbolizes freedom so that others will see these symbols and think, “free.” Our freedom is not a cliched version—like having money to buy shit we don’t need, or physical space and distance away from others. Instead, our freedom is the freedom to be ourselves, to live like Mustangs without a harness. We do this by following our hearts and living our own truths. When things don’t align with our truth, we say #no. Why? Because it feels so damn good. #fashiondesigner #musicislife Also, I’m in a state of euphoria right now. I’m responding to my first email from a guy wanting to talk about becoming my business partner. He also has a team of a sewers. I think my life is about to change. My god. #growth #dreamshappen at San Francisco, California


My new mantra thanks to one of my BFFs @a.e.cb #respect #hatersgonnahate #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


Big Mouth Fashion’s vision is to help women break out of their conditioning and free their minds. What better way to help women give up their robots than through clothing (which is such a large part of the robot)? How does this relate to Neil and my favorite #science meme? It’s about the “consistency principle” in psychology. We humans don’t like when we’re wrong; we’re programmed not to change our minds to maintain consistency. If we say we’re something, that we believe in something, or that we will do something, we’re likely to follow through to avoid the dissidence in our mind—the possibility that we might be wrong. Scary thing: people manipulate others with this principle all the time. Example: people will get you to say yes to something small, before following it up with some larger, more egregious request. Because you said yes to the first thing, your mind wants to maintain consistency and will therefore likely say yes to the larger request. Enter Neil. Accepting that this is part of your mind’s framework frees you to recognize when you’re doing it (all day long). Recognize that you’re wired to maintain consistency, but that this doesn’t correspond to the reality outside of your mind. Instead, free your mind by saying the following: I’m probably wrong. I love it! I do it all day now! Say it with me: No, I don’t know what I’m talking about. No, I don’t feel the same about that thing/ person/ situation. No, I don’t have the answers. This allows new info to change your mind. It’s beautiful! That’s when you can START giving up your conditioning and begin the process of finding your own #truth. #vision #freespirit #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


Running a little late today, but it was worth it to sleep in. Luckily, my job lets me make my own schedule. Ladies, get a job that lets you do this ASAP. #freedom #freespirit #truth at San Francisco, California


She wants to free your mind, so the rest can follow. #bigmouth #musicislife #fashiondesigner at San Francisco, California


From one of my BFFs. We call this “the mustang lifestyle.” Thank you Mom and Dad for allowing me to speak my mind, follow my own passions with equal fervor, and for not letting me watch much TV. Because of your parenting, I developed the faculties to think for myself, instead of going through life in extended adolescence—jumping from one authority figure to the next. Hence why I’m building my business on the ability to say no. If you can’t say no, you can’t think for yourself. If you can’t think for yourself, freedom is illusory. Independence sounds like “no.” #freedom #freespirit #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


Apparently not drinking is working. #fitnessgoals #getinshape #bigmouth at San Francisco, California


She wants you to give up your robot #bigmouth #changetheworld #freespirit at San Francisco, California


Guys I’m falling in love with photoshop. Now if only I can reverse engineer this makeup onto my own face every morning. Yeah, that’d be grreeeeeaaatt. #photoshop #photooftheday #makeupbeauty at San Francisco, California


Oh right, that’s why I moved to California. #mermaid #oceanside at Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California


Open your mouth and say the naughtiest word of all: no. #bigmouth #no #girlboss at Sunset District, San Francisco


She doesn’t have to manipulate people to get what she wants—she has talent, instead. #bigmouth #changetheworld #bethechange at San Francisco, California


This meme has nothing to do with Big Mouth Fashion, nor is it an edited selfie, but it makes me laugh. 🤭😊☺️😆 also, @hplifestyle we should get Harley a sheep costume. Lastly, I love my life! Wishing everyone an amazing, beautiful and happy Thursday 💕💗🙌 #happygirlsaretheprettiest at San Francisco, California

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