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Jesse Ryan

Tattoo Artist @themoderntradition In Duncan, BC, Canada Contact by phone @ 250-748-9997 or by Email [email protected]

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Little bros bigger than me now. at Cedar, British Columbia


Special one for me! Got to give my little brother his first tattoo and it was a tribute to our Opa who passed away not long ago! Rest is paradise Opa love you forever! Way to sit like a champ little bro @wyatt.soderstrom . . . . @goodguysupply @tattoosnob @traditionalartist @tradworkers_tattoo @americanatattoos @traditionalclub #tattoo #traditionaltattoos #americantraditionaltattoo #trad #tradworkers #hawaii #sunset #hula #polynesiantattoo #rip #restinpeace #memorial #memorialtattoo at Modern Tradition Tattoo


Haven’t posted anything in along time! Here’s a shot from the stunt show @squamishmotorcyclefest thank you @fee_photos for the killer shots, more to come and thanks for everyone that helped out that weekend @squamishmotorcycleshop @bushmanstunts @brazenindustriesltd @brandonbtownz @jeffopiebrett @dboy_tattoos . . . @dynamite_crew @dynacanada @dyna_disciples #dyna #dynaholics #dynawheelies #dynamite_crew #harleydavidson #harleywheelies #stunts #stuntshowr at Augustjack Motor Inn


Shot from the @squamishmotorcyclefest stunt show! Thanks @bushmanstunts for having us out there. Thanks @brazenindustriesltd & @bzehanoviz for having my custom made exhaust ready by the weekend. & Pigs Cycles for getting us tires put on in a pinch.🤘🏻 . . . . @dyna_disciples @dynamite_crew @dynaholics @harleydavidson #dyna #dynamite_crew #dynawheelies #harleydavidson #harleywheelies #stunt #stunting #squamishmotorcyclefestival #squamish at Squamish, British Columbia


Should be posting tattoos but hogs are too much fun...crappy quality poor audio but Brett’s “yeahhh dude” st the end is 👍🏻👍🏻 . . . . @dyna_disciples @dynacanada @dynamite_crew @motorcyclemafia @braptube at Panama Canal


Free tattoo day was a major hit! Had a blast and thanks for all the peeps that helped out! There’s some pretty epic tattoos that went down which I’m sure you’ll get to see posted in the next little while if you didn’t catch them today! We’re definitely planning on doing this again in the future so for anyone who didn’t get picked we apologize but it’s just not possible to get everyone in. Thanks a ton and here’s the first tattoo of the day done by me @themoderntradition at Modern Tradition Tattoo


FREE TATTOOS TOMORROW! @themoderntradition WE CHOSE WHAT WE WANT, HOW WE WANT, WHERE WE WANT, AND WHO WE WANT TO DO IT ON! You have ten seconds to decide yes or no to the design or we will ask the next person! NO SHITBAGS NO JUNKIES! at Modern Tradition Tattoo

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