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Jay Gonzalez

father. husband. loyal friend. i recognize i am flawed. but i continue to push forward and better myself for the people i care about. peace

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Hey, it’s Brenda Appreciation Day!!! Those of you who are lucky enough to know Brenda, know that she is the most giving, generous and loyal friend. Everyone else comes before her. Not today, oh no. Today, let’s all give Brenda our appreciation for all she does. She makes the world a much better place and restores my belief in the good of the human race. I love you, Brenda!!!!


Happy Birthday @zeb_pascual! Zeb, doing what he does best...


@justingonzalez Happy Birthday to this young man who makes his Mom @deathrock33 and I proud every single day. 22 years of absolute joy (and some heartache, just a little bit not a lot). Love you, bud


Work hard all week. Play harder on weekends. #alofthotel #elsegundo #ilovesocal #dirtymartini #beachlyfe at Aloft El Segundo


Chinatown Summer Nights #poppers #awwyeah #spoonandpork #28yearanniversay at Chinatown Central Plaza


Queen with "Adam what's his face" at the Hollywood Bowl with the one and only Eden's!!!


1st Annual RedonDay Bar Crawl #squad #getsprygetfly #redondobeach #reggae #beachlife #letsgetdrunkagain #beerswag at Naja's Place


I've waited a long time for this day to come. And though I am overjoyed and overwhelmed with satisfaction, there is no way this could have happened if not for the patience, knowledge and confidence afforded to me by my coach, confidante and friend @zeb_pascual. Thank you for this day and for this gift. Love you, bro. vidcred @aguilatroy #sprysociety #crossfitlife #dontevergiveup #getsprygetfly #ageisjustanumber . . #Repost @zeb_pascual with @repostapp ・・・ He's been one, if not the most loyal, hard working, fun loving, hard partying, clients/friends I've ever had. People in their 30's and 40's tell me they're too old for this stuff but he's never, ever pulled that card. Especially for a difficult but important gymnastics skill that can save lives. Loving husband and father of two college kids, 54 years young, please help me congratulate the living embodiment of everything we strive to accomplish for people, the amazing, consistent, inspiring, slightly pervy, Jay "Gonzo" Gonzalez @jgonzo_33 on his FIRST MUSCLE UP!! . . . . #sprysociety #areyouspry #crossfit #madlab #fitness #masters #gymnastics #gymnasty #muscleup #nevertooold #longtimecoming #gtl 📸 @aguilatroy at Spry Society


Always moving the needle #sprysociety #motivate #dontevergiveup at Playa Vista


Team Balls DEEP, aka Team Island Cholos - pre-17.3: featuring Lefty (Gonzo), Gizmo (Arya), Chuey (Dustin), Joker (Doug), Shorty (Brian), Dirty Sanchez (Rene), Cheech (Troy) and Chong (Isaac), and Pachuco (Dino) #crossfitopen2017 #leanback #dotherockaway #epicstaches


Body Weight - 143lbs, Deadlift PR - 300lbs Thank you @zeb_pascual for talking me thru it. Thank you @caitlinmg8, @sta8fmind, Tina, Mariela and Luis for the encouragement. #sprysociety #sprystrong #300lbsfinally #320lbsnext at Spry Society


Spry hike with framily. Cause that's what you do after 17point2 (genius rhymes. you're welcome) at Topanga State Park

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