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I was going to volunteer to count babies in the bluebird boxes at a local park this spring but that got cancelled. So glad I’m seeing so many anyway. So cute and colorful on the grey day when I took this one.


I know we all have to live somewhere, but when land is saved from becoming a housing development and is instead preserved forever as a nature preserve it makes me all sorts of happy.


Getting big and brave. I wanted to show how cute they are in better lighting, as no one is cute in noon lighting (previous post). 😊 Love the horns coming in!


Swipe to see my new best owlet friends! 😂 Mom ... she just tolerates me. (Yikes noon lighting is harsh on GHO babies) I feel like I should leave them alone for a while as I visited them twice yesterday. It’s just so amazing to watch wildlife.


The sun setting on this imperfect world. Still looks beautiful to me.


This Eastern bluebird is too sweet.


Stink eye, then sleep.


Our new neighbors seem kind of cool, but a little intense.


Friday night debates. Do I set the alarm to try to see this momma feed her babies?


Happy Friday. Have a beautiful weekend.


Oh my! Don’t you wish you could protect these owlets forever? So cute! Thank goodness they live on preserved land. I hope they stay close when they grow up. So glad they said hi to me yesterday!