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Well the last few days I’ve been down in Florida having a blast with @adam_lz hopefully I’ll be back soon enough with my coupe! In the mean time I had quite the experience ripping around in all of adams cars, can’t thank him enough 🙏🖤


After I pulled the plug on the 1jz in the fd I was going nuts trying to think of the perfect swap for the car. Now it’s official, I’m doing a turbo k24 and I couldn’t be more excited. An insane amount of thought went into this before pulling the trigger, all I have to say is trust my judgement, be ready to be surprised 💪🏼


This honestly looks wayy too normal now ♥️ #SRZ32


Being able to go to the hyundai proving grounds and rip around in the new Veloster N was such an amazing experience. Completely blown away at how well a totally stock car handled the abuse on the track. Only thing I found myself wanting more of is time! Huge thank you to @hyundaiusa for flying us out for such a great experience 🙏 📸 @kaleb.vn


First group to drive the brand new Elantra GT N-line on the road, had to get that first roller 😆 📸 @Kaleb.VN


Check out this upgrade. Officially installed my Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEW radio and it looks too perfect in my z. The quality is unreal, from CarPlay (or Android Auto) to its built-in GPS, this thing is AMAZING. I think it’s time to upgrade my other cars while I'm at it! Get your car #UpgradedByPioneer by visiting PioneerElectronics.com to find out where you can purchase yours and find an authorized dealer. #PioneerNEX #ad


I'm extremely excited to try out my FIRST touch screen radio thanks to Pioneer! The Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEW is the perfect addition to my fairlady z and has been #UpgradedByPioneer. It has easy access to messaging AND has entertainment capabilities via Android Auto or CarPlay. Get your car upgraded too by visiting PioneerElectronics.com to find out where you can purchase the wireless in-dash receiver and find the closest authorized dealer! #PioneerNEX #ad


Yesterday the Miata finally went on the dyno, not one hiccup, such a pleasure to tune. Huge shoutout to @ken_quartuccio for always lending me his time and toys! And of course @diiviinemedia for the clips! 🤘


Today is the day the lil Miata finally hits the dyno, excited to see how the 1.8 vvt responds to boost 💨 📸: @diiviinemedia


Wedged 🎶


@dylan86o recently developed some photos and happen to snag a summer shot of the z’s 🖤❤️


Awesome shot by @dylandegeorgevisuals feels good to be back on the bike!

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