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•Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.• R.I.P Alex❤️🙏😇 Shaunessys Bestfriend 💕🤣

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I haven’t been posting anything recently so here y’all go❤️


Happy Birthday to Me!!!!❤️🎉🎂🎊🔞🔞Bless to see 18😇 Now y’all can’t tell me nothing because I’m GROWN😂🤣🤪👌🏼



Man it hurts so much to find out my Bestfriend Alex passed yesterday...the one person that made everybody happy and lit the room with her big smile💝..I can’t believe your gone but you’re in a better place now...I wish we could’ve hanged out and talked more often but even when we did talked it’s like our bond has never broken...it stayed strong like never before and you always helped me and gave me great advice on how to deal with things and just keep it pushing and do what I gotta do to succeed. I’ll miss you and I love you dearly Alex❤️Rest In Heaven Princess 😇🙏 #smileforalex


#Recap 3rd Annual Beauty African Show 🤗


#Recap 3rd Annual Beauty African Fashion Show #Dec16 #Indy #dwanilive at Bella Marcia


African Beauty Show, December 16!!! Don’t miss it🤗


ISO concert earlier today 🎻 at Hilbert Circle Theatre


Finally 17❤️


I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to my birthday dinner to support me and be there to celebrate my day. I never celebrated my birthday with friends so I thought this would be a change to do so. The one person who was really there and never switched up on me is my bestfriend Shaunessy(@queen.nesssy) . She helped me plan this and made sure everything went well and even sat in the salon for 5 hours watching me get my hair done. I could never ask for a better friend. But I'm so blessed and so thankful that people actually came to see me and spent time with me. I really appreciate everyone for coming😘😊😭❤ and just a reminder my birthday is tomorrow!!! September 25th!!!😘💓❤🎊🎊🎉👑🎁🎈💞 📷:@papi_317__ Hair done by:@trinnasmith at Red Lobster




Took this before I went to the fair, at first I thought it was ugly but I'm starting to warm up to it..✨ #naturalbeauty


New hair-do 👀💕 #fauxlocs Yes it's done by me


Turn y'all phones to the side 💕


I was debating on whether or not to post this but I can't help the fact I look so pretty even when I'm not at my best😭

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