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5x Ironman 🏊🚴🏃 Hairstylist ✂ for Aveda. A look 👀into my world of sports🏈🏐⚽️, Pups 🐶 and hair! 💁🏼

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Hello world my name is Dobby and I’m 13 weeks old today! #greyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram #puppylove


Here’s our obligatory Holiday photo from the Roosevelt lobby! #familyphoto #nola #sundayfunday at The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel


perseverance noun per·​se·​ver·​ance | \ˌpər-sə-ˈvir-ən(t)s \ Definition of perseverance : continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. Never give up! Achilles rupture in January, Ironman Arizona finisher in November! #moxiemultisport #ironmanarizona #ironman


My first race back in over a year. It’s been an incredible year of ups, downs and perseverance. Just two months ago I was still uncertain I was gonna make it to the start line, but here I am! All checked in and ready to roll on Sunday morning! It’s just about go time! #moxiemultisport #ironmanarizona


Well, I made it to race week sporting my new do with @aveda Congress pink, I’m ready to make some Waves at Ironman Arizona! First stop on the trip had to be @moxiemultisport ! Best store hands down! #moxiemultisport #ironmanarizona


So happy to be part of This amazing team of athletes! And so excited to race this weekend along side of my teammates at IMAZ! #ironman #moxieracing #IMAZ


Celebrating the wedding of Rebekah and Devin! Congrats you two! #croneywontbelonely #wecleanupwell at JW Marriott New Orleans


What will make me something? Will I be something? Am I something? Answer: I already am, always was, and still have time to be! Here I am! #findyourmoxie #ironmantraining #achillesrupture #road2recovery 📷 @tohme12


6 months ago today I had surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles. Today I take the next step in the road to my recovery, and that’s finally being able to run again!! It’s been a long humbling journey to get here, and now there’s no where else to look towards than the future! No holding back, my epic comeback continues! Feeling strong and keep grinding towards Ironman Arizona! #findyourmoxie #ironmantraining #adidasrunning #moxiemultisport #achillesrupture #road2recovery


I don’t always match my cycling kit to my bike, but when I do I make sure I use those #toecages ... cause why .. #needforspeed !!! 6 months post injury and feeling amazing! #findyourmoxie


It feels absolutely amazing to be able to ride outside again!! This whole Achilles ruptured me has humbled me so much and has helped me appreciate every chance to get outside and do what we love doing! Sooooo ... Sunday mornings are for bike rides around the city with ma best friends! #recoveryride #ironmantraining #findyourmoxie #bluesunglasses at New Orleans, Louisiana


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted the finished product on our baking adventurers... sooo here they are! Dear @cupcakejemma thanks for the wonderful recipes! From the #birthdaycakemacarons to the #rainbowsplatcake and to the #cinnamonrolls ; all our baked goodies have turned out spectacular! @tohme12 and I have had such a blast making all these!! #cupcakejemma #crumbsanddoilies #amateurbakers


Sunday morning bike rides with my fav! It feels so great to be able to be back riding outside again! Oh how I’ve missed this feeling! #road2recovery #findyourmoxie #bmcbikes #giantbikes


Byron is finally back from boot camp so we took him to the levee to play! @tohme12 #germanshorthairedpointer #mansbestfriend #nola


I may not be able to run today for #globalrunningday but this pic reminds me never to forget where I came from and keep my eyes on where I’m headed. Every day is a great day on the road to recovery. The comeback continues! I will be back stronger than ever! #achillesrupture #achillesrecovery #ironman #findyourmoxie #road2recovery


The Blue Phoenix and the Midori Splash, we are living for our new #blenderseyewear


Spending Memorial Day weekend on the lake with my fav! #partyintheusa #chubbies #blenderseyewear #twinning at St. Francisville


#tbt to that weekend at #gulfcoast70point3 when our cheer squad was feeling it! #findyourmoxie #findyourmoxie #armyofskanks at Gulf Coast Triathlon - 70.3

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