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New bike, new crib.... but always missing my homies down south! Hope to see y'all soon!


Glitchin with my colleague @hunter_hulik


Old 1 with Jon and Joey. @rps13jon & @papii_supreme #joebonnie


This will be true classic. Buy @jonajahchan a few grams of oil, cook @rangerjames_ some chicken tenders, endless supply of 1738 for @chefbomike .... Big shouts too all the homies involved! Wish I could be there! #itllbuff


Slight increase in temp. ๐ŸŽฅ@greeneyedmonster666


Thanks to my partner in multiple crimes for the years of support! Plz buy me beer! @greeneyedmonster666


Found some old hard drives with some throwback cuts. Good times!


Ahhhh time.... I try to lose track of it but there's no denying it moves fast, too fast. After 10 years in Florida, its with a heavy heart that I must say my goodbye to the endless summer and return to my native land of Michigan. It would take me an eternity to prepare a full round of thanks via social media, but I just really want to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life over the past decade as it's been a true fucking pleasure ya'll! A big thanks to all my bmx that helped keep me young and allow me to live out my dreams. Also, thanks to my brothers Josh Wendt and Nick Booth for making this one hell of a journey! We aint eaten but we aint freezing! Life is about packing in as many memories as possible, so decide what to be and go be it! Tonight is my last day in town, but i'll see ya at Swampfest! LIVE LONG! Also, i have a new number if you want to stay in touch just hit me with yours in the dm!


Tonight!!!! @fbmbikecompany lost in america at @mrbikesnboards. Bring Kerrymans wings! #whenidieburymeinlongwood


Can't thank all the homies enough for going in for the shop! So stoked on this! Link in da bio! @jonajahchan @chefbomike @yoooooookane @rangerjames_ @bjarkihardarson @morrisonbmx2000_ #mrbsshopcrew


๐Ÿซ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฌ @chefbomike @whoiseaston @mrbikesnboards


Happy bday to the people's champ @chefbomike! Thanks for everything dude!! #alwayslurking


Tonight @mrbikesnboards! Free beer provided by @yoooooookane!


Now that's drinking! @chefbomike #mrbsshopcrew


Swamping.... @sakipapii @rps13jon @swampwoodskatepark


Tonight in Longwood! New Etnies vid @mrbikesnboards 7pm. Bring a chair! @swampwoodskatepark session at 8pm! If you are under need to get a wavier in so bring your parents! After party at Kerrymans! #whenidieburymeinlongwood #mildgarlicteriyaki

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