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New Jersey📍 Certified Personal Trainer United States Air Force Veteran Owner: REAL AHKY Athletics® @FIT.AND.TATTED® THE BRAND💪🏾💉🔥 Similar users

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Tonight at 6pm 💪💉🔥 @mr_fit_and_tatted at LEAKSFitness Personal Training


Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it. 💡 (FITANDTATTED.COM)💪🏾💉🔥 #FITANDTATTED #RealAhkyAthletics #MYM101 #F_A_T #MusclePhactory #100Ways2Live at New Jersey


He thought I was playing when I said I’m bringing flowers 💐😂. Congrats to my boy not only making the honor roll again, but the HIGH honor roll this time 🙌🏾! Proud of you. Keep it up and I see the new Xbox in your near future 👀🎮


Happy Valen-Times Day as our kids would say 😘💍❤️


Grind until you no longer have to introduce yourself. 🗣Jodyyyyy!!! 😂 (FITANDTATTED.COM)👈🏾 at New Jersey


Big thanks to all that entered the FIT AND TATTED GIVEAWAY🙏🏾!! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! More giveaways coming soon...REAL SOON! 💪🏾💉🔥 @imperfectlyperfect @jsquared1791 @jr_da_braveheart @lil_ivy3 @liliana.sofiiaaa_ @el_goldopr @flyboysolo @zen_theehippie @ms_new_me @joseluiscortes_


Never turn down your ambition because someone’s uncomfortable with the volume... ✍🏾💡 at New Jersey


Probably could’ve gotten lower. That’s 315lbs tho. Maybe next time 🤷🏽‍♂️ #FITANDTATTED #RealAhkyAthletics #MYM101 #F_A_T #MusclePhactory #100Ways2Live at LEAKSFitness Personal Training


Happy 1st Birthday to my youngest, my baby boy Kaesyn🎂💙! It’s been a long 12 months those 9 months when your mom was asking for pickles and ice cream at 2am 🙄😂. Turn up!! 🎉 (the last pic is his older brother. Twins🤷🏽‍♂️) at New Jersey


Supporting another persons success will never dampen yours. Remember that. I see you bro @musclephactory @bigskinnyjones 💪🏾 #MusclePhactory #RealAhky #MYM101 #F_A_T #100Ways2Live at New Jersey


If your life just got a little harder, that just means you bout to level up. Time to level up! FITANDTATTED💪🏾💉🔥!! at New Jersey

I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m just doing me. Motivate me. Support me. Or get the f*ck out my way. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #RealAhky #FITANDTATTED #F_A_T #Thermals 👀 at New Jersey


It’s still Christmas I guess 🎄🤷🏽‍♂️ #Daughter #Amani #DaddysPrincess

Forgot I had to assemble everything once they opened it smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ #Christmas2k17 at New Jersey


Made it home from Afghanistan for Christmas🎄!!! Blessed to have this beautiful woman by my side, who held the fort down time after time while I was away 😘 🙌. #MrsPowell #Wife #TenPlusYears #ChristmasEve #DasBae #YouAreAppreciated at New Jersey


Well it's already Wednesday December 20th over here in Afghanistan so I wanna wish my big sister @voney a happy birthday 🎂!! I won't state your age but know that this is it for you and this decade 😂. Love you ❤️ at Afghanistan


Set The Example In Everything You Do. You Never Know Who's Watching. (🚨Get your FIT AND TATTED gear today. Link in bio 💪🏾)


Top Flight! at Kabul, Afghanistan

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