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Next stop.... Girona Jan 2018

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Waiting for papers to travel...🤞🏻 at Town of Collingwood


Cycling has changed my life in more ways then I will ever know. In 2015 I traveled to Italy to ride the @maratonadolomites with a few close friends. While there, we were guided by the @brevet tour company, basically a group of people that truely care about cycling and experience, People like @tomeeles , @aswisswithapulse , @bretthasell and @rafomol. It was during this week of riding where I met some of the most amazing people of my life. Today, many of them are as near to family as it comes without being blood. It was in the magical Dolomites where I met Nigel. He was Aussie cyclist to the bone. He loved to climb, to ride, he was always smiling, never complaining. That week I got to know him during the apres, such an amazing man. Halfway through the week, I found out he was very far along the cancer road, I was blown away. This morning I found out that after a very long fight, Nigel past away. It’s been a long day of reflection. It’s strange how spending a single week with someone, creating a bond around such an amazing sport and culture can bring you so close to them. Today I celebrate Nigel’s life. He has reminded me that life is short, smile, be kind and most of all, don’t waste time and energy complaining. #thanksNigel #rip at Paso Giau


Looking forward to riding in the sun again...or just riding outside in general 🚴🏻‍♂️😃 at Town of Collingwood


It’s taken nearly a full year and a half to plan...but it’s finally here, off to Spain we go...sometime this month! 😊💃🕺🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️ . . . doesn’t look like a lot of money saved in a jar over that length of time...but who uses cash anymore 😅. Also it was about the intention of setting a goal and achieving it😊. So looking forward to an amazing year ahead with @laurajuner and all our adventures. That flight can’t come soon enough! ✈️ at Girona, Spain


Adios 2017, Thanks to everyone that shared a wheel when I needed one, bought me a coffee when I forgot my money, but mostly for allowing me to ride with was fun 😊. Let’s get on with 2018, I’m so stoked for the New Year! . . . #timetomoveon


One day left to air out that 2017 laundry and reset for the New Year. 😊


What my December looked like and why I wasn’t posting a lot. Grateful for all the snow over Christmas, looking forward to the New Year. 😊 at Town of Collingwood


LAST OUTSIDE RIDE -December 3rd 😞 #getmeouttahere at Beaver Valley


Cold morning here at home. Thinking back to riding in the Santa Monica mountains this past May...hoping everyone that is affected by the current fires is safe and sound.


Find yourself in good company and inspired. 😊 . . It’s official, I need a vacation. at Sunshine Canyon


L A T E F A L L R I D I N G at Creemore, Ontario


Always a pleasure sharing the road with the @velofixsimcoe Peeps! Top notch riders, even when they’re freezing their nards off! 😉 . . . Nice to be riding bikes taking pictures again 😊


C R U I S I N G into Thursday. at Town of Collingwood


W A I T I N G for tomorrow.


F R I D A Y. F I N A L L Y. 😊


A bit of a #tbt to summer days riding bikes with this killer dude in Colorado this past June. @ewsiddall I could use a ride like this tomorrow, wish we could time travel back to that day 😊 at Garden of the Gods Park


I vote we bring back the warmer fall days. 🙋🏻‍♂️ . . . #fromwhereiride #saynotonovember


Got in a couple of rides outside this weekend. Dodged the trainer again 😊💥 . . . #wymta #collingwood #wahooligan at Town of Collingwood

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