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~ This world can hurt you It cuts you deep and leaves a scar Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart And nothing breaks like a heart~ Jolly and I at the shooting😍🥰 #bridleless #bitless VC: @reinervideosworldwide


~There is no stronger bond than the bond between horse and rider~ 💙Jolly you are so special💙 Thanks to my sponsor for this nice show shirt🥰we will look great in the show pen this year!🔝Give them a follow & some likes😊 Thanks to for capturing all this amazing moments, you are my favourite photographer❤️


The shooting with was amazig today😍pictures are following🔜 Atm I‘m on the way to a dinner with my friends😊


Jolly was good yesterday and I will ride him tomorrow again🥰 Saturday will come to take some new pics😍 Follow @jollywhizsalehorses 🎉 PC: @lara_kee


Hello guys😊 Jolly was great yesterday and I will ride hin tomorrow again🥰I also rode Lady yesterday and she was good too😁 If you need a new show outfit you should check out (picture of my new show outfit in my story)😍 And for the perfect show boots you can contact @hantoncavalier 💪🏻great boots🔝 Don‘t forget my new page @jollywhizsalehorses 🔥


Jolly worked great yesterday and today😊 Tomorrow school starts again😬 Follow @jollywhizsalehorses ❗️ PC: @lara_kee @reinervideosworldwide


~Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars And live in hilltop houses, drivin' fifteen cars The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat~ Having fun with Jolly bridleless and bitless🥰on some videos I rode him without anything❤️ He is so special😘 VC: @reinervideosworldwide 💙


I rode Jolly today🥰he was pretty good🔝it is so windy over here🌬 I‘ll ride tomorrow again😊 Pc: @reinervideosworldwide @lara_kee


Another year is in the books🔚 This time I want to keep it short, it was a great year with a lot of ups and only some downs. Decisions were made and took me to new adventures. Thanks mum, dad, my sister, Gully, Annamarta, Arianna, Patty, Sabrina, Lara and so many more for this great year❤️also a huge ‘thank you‘ to my best friend who was and is always there for me in the non-horse-world🥰 I hope for an amazing 2019🔜with all of you in my life. Thanks to my followers and fans for the support🥰 And last but not least thanks to my sponsors @goeswest_ @weofsweden ! You all are so special🎉 Have a good slide into 2019🔝


~ This time, this place misused, mistakes Too long, too late, who was I to make you wait? Just one chance, just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know you know, you know~ Electric Whiz aka Campa❤️🥰 Edit by the best @reinervideosworldwide


I‘m enjoying my holidays so much😍 Tomorrow I‘m going to the barn again🔜working in the morning and fun in the afternoon😏 On the picture: Campa // Electric Whiz PC: @daniela_fdr


Merry Christmas to everybody🎄 I wasn‘t able to see Jolly bc I am working and I won‘t see him tomorrow😬but than I will go riding everyday again🥰 Pc: @lara_kee @reinervideosworldwide


~ Standing in the hall of fame And the world's gonna know your name 'Cause you burn with the brightest flame And the world's gonna know your name And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame~ By @reinervideosworldwide ❤️


❤️Jolly❤️ So Jolly was not fine yesterday but luckily he is better today! I wrote my last exam for 2018 today and I‘m so happy about it😍 PC: @lara_kee /@reinervideosworldwide


Oak Smoking Face & @guglielmo.fontana 😍 #coreservechampions #score226 #futurity2018 #slidingstop


What a nice time😍thanks @lara_kee @reinervideosworldwide for this nice three days💯 Friday I rode Jolly, Campa and Lady😍swipe to see videos of Jolly, I‘ll post pictures/videos from Campa and Lady 🔜 Saturday we left for Cremona🔝It was an amazing show🇮🇹 @guglielmo.fontana got Co-reserve Champion level 4 with Oak Smoking Face! They scored a 226🎉The party was amazing🤪thank you all for making this days so special🥰 #pferdestars #europaspferde #horsebeautis #reiningonsliders #worldbesthorses #wop_post #pferde_post531 #pferdeschoenheiten #hoskyspferde #pferderosen #beautiful_hp #pferdelichter #pferdepost_123 #woih_post #poho_post #pwuc_post #op_hosky #aqhaproud  #reining #reininghorse #slidingstop #quarterhorse #qhpic #futurity

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