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The forecast is finally looking positively delightful in Calgary. at Calgary, Alberta


It may surprise you how many people wish for your demise while smiling in your face. But if you pay more attention to them than the people who authentically support you, the hater’s wish just might come true. at Calgary, Alberta


One of the highlights of this trip was when @therubs asked me if I wanted to come by @thewarehousestudio to work on a track with @tminusmusic & @joshuaavalle (who have produced tracks such as How Low - @ludacris , Moment 4 Life - @nickiminaj , I’m On One - @djkhaled , Heartbreaker - @justinbieber , and The Motto - @champagnepapi ... just to name a few.) It was incredible to see music just flow from these guys’ veins. One minute they were eating falafel 🥙, the next minute they already had a hit playing through the speakers. Swipe over to get a glimpse of the process. #DoWhatYouCant @samsungcanada at The Warehouse Studio


2,500km later, our spontaneous road trip is finished. Thankful for a supercharged V6, safe traveling mercies, and my co-pilot @nishajohny . Time for a car wash... at Vancouver, British Columbia


I know I don’t post a lot of flowers, but spring in Seattle is a must-see. 🌸 at University of Washington


Can’t wait to show you the footage of a fish being thrown directly at my head lol. at Seattle, Washington


The most beautiful reading room we’ve been in yet. My English major fiancée found her happy place. 📚 at University of Washington


Oh, hey Seattle. I see you have grass as well. at Seattle, Washington


Alleyway frames, big city games. at Vancouver, British Columbia


Long walks along the seawall. 🌊 at Vancouver, British Columbia


Every corner is cinematic. #shotoniphone at Vancouver, British Columbia


You know it’s been a long Alberta winter when seeing grass makes you tear up. 😢 at Vancouver, British Columbia


Snow makes you slow down. Take the hint and appreciate the beauty of each moment. at Calgary, Alberta


On top of the world. at Calgary, Alberta


Jumping into the week like. 🏂 at Banff, Alberta


My President. #internationalwomensday at Calgary, Alberta


I blame that damn groundhog. at Calgary, Alberta


In love with what Calgary is becoming. This is our new library. at Calgary Public Library

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