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Calgary Stampede
Pretty Sweet
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Calgary📍 YYCNow

Having serious RS5 withdrawals. That 450bhp biturbo going 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds will change your life. But so very thankful to @glenmoreaudi for letting us have it for a few days. We got to take the most amazing road trip out to @greywolfgolfcourse to capture the Audi Quattro Cup. Full IGTV video on this beast coming very soon. at Calgary, Alberta


I’m so thankful God put you on this earth with me because it’s so obvious you belong in heaven. #HappyBirthday at Lake Louise, Alberta


Blue skies are back over Stampede. at Calgary Stampede


@danielcaesar was the best part of Stampede. at Calgary Stampede


This zip line has got to be the coolest new addition to @calgarystampede this year, but I’m gonna let y’all test it first. 😅 #CalgaryStampede at Calgary Stampede


🎡 🎡 🎡 Swipe to see a taste of Stampede. Full video on @nishajohny ‘s IGTV! #Stampede2018 at Calgary Stampede


A moment on the Midway. 🤠 at Calgary Stampede


If you saw my IG Story you know what to do in the comments. PS: Currently watching them setup the @calgarystampede grounds from my apartment. So excited to make some new memories in a few days. at Calgary Stampede


10:15PM in Calgary. at Calgary, Alberta


That @tdcutz fade got me feeling like Nisha Johny. at Calgary, Alberta


Always good to see Calgary out in the streets. #LilacFest at Calgary, Alberta


Hey Calgary! 👋🏽 I’m taking over the @tourismcalgary account this week! I’ll be curating a few of my favourite shots hashtagged #capturecalgary , and we’re also doing a little photo challenge. Hop over to @tourismcalgary to check it out! (Epic view #sponsored by @beautyinjector 😂) at Calgary, Alberta


Waving goodbye to Florida, and hello to Calgary. 🌊 at Orlando, Florida


Nothing better than impromptu trips down to Florida to see the fam! #EternalSummer at Daytona Beach, Florida


The forecast is finally looking positively delightful in Calgary. at Calgary, Alberta


It may surprise you how many people wish for your demise while smiling in your face. But if you pay more attention to them than the people who authentically support you, the hater’s wish just might come true. at Calgary, Alberta


One of the highlights of this trip was when @therubs asked me if I wanted to come by @thewarehousestudio to work on a track with @tminusmusic & @joshuaavalle (who have produced tracks such as How Low - @ludacris , Moment 4 Life - @nickiminaj , I’m On One - @djkhaled , Heartbreaker - @justinbieber , and The Motto - @champagnepapi ... just to name a few.) It was incredible to see music just flow from these guys’ veins. One minute they were eating falafel 🥙, the next minute they already had a hit playing through the speakers. Swipe over to get a glimpse of the process. #DoWhatYouCant @samsungcanada at The Warehouse Studio


2,500km later, our spontaneous road trip is finished. Thankful for a supercharged V6, safe traveling mercies, and my co-pilot @nishajohny . Time for a car wash... at Vancouver, British Columbia

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