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13th Annual Haunted Hop w/Rocky Erickson and a cast of 1000s! Oct 31 at Knockdown Center! get tickets now! Similar users See full size profile picture

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MIAMI! TONIGHT! SOUL CLAP & DANCE-OFF at GRAMPS! the magic city’s very talented MONICA MCGIVERN just put up some of her boss footage from the MAY 19 NYC SOUL CLAP! a lot of you beautiful ppl are in it... i spy @mrstevemyers @deedeedame @ian_svenonius @thechikenqueen @_9215_ @daggers_for_eyes @crackerzzzbarrel etc etc etc @monicamcgivern at Gramps


NYC! TONIGHT! thrilled to announce the world debut of my fabulous friends FLASYD at 8pm at HOME SWEET HOME! with austin blues punk legends THE CRACKPIPES, new nyc supergroup VACAY ULTRA, and DREW REDMOND! followed by dancing with me after 11pm! only $5! get down in the basement ‘til 4am! we got the party tonight! @homesweethomebar @sydsuuux @miranda_andthebeat @ray.colgan @vacayultra @boscodelrey at Home Sweet Home


MIAMI! TOMORROW! tell yr peeps! thee SOUL CLAP & DANCE—OFF returns to my miami home away from home GRAMPS! this is footage from the last one there in april... catch thee clap! @grampswynwood at Gramps


yay! so glad i popped in to catch one of the great american originals and ultimate cultural innovators of our time, thee weird and wonderful CALVIN JOHNSON with a killer band! @krecs @trans.pecos at Trans-Pecos


FRIDAY! HOME SWEET HOME! austin’s legendary CRACKPIPES do their first nyc show in over a decade at SHAKIN’ ALL OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN! with VACAY ULTRA, FLASYD, and dj DREW REDMOND! then dancing with me from 11pm ‘til close! only $5! make a night of it! get down in the basement! @homesweethomebar @vacayultra @sydsuuux @miranda_andthebeat @fadedignity at Home Sweet Home


NYC! this just in! so excited! austin blues punk legends THE CRACKPIPES are making their first nyc appearance in a decade FRIDAY at HOME SWEET HOME! these guys are gonna set the place on fire 🔥 and trust me you don’t wanna miss this rare chance to catch ‘em! and to sweeten the deal we are also proud to present new nyc supergroup VACAY ULTRA and thee monumental world debut of FLASYD! be a part of history in the making! with handsome dj DREW REDMOND! live music 8pm-11pm then pre-recorded music with me from 11pm ‘til late! SHAKIN’ ALL OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN! we got the party tonight! @homesweethomebar @sydsuuux @vacayultra @miranda_andthebeat @ray.colgan @fadedignity at Home Sweet Home


SEATTLE! 🌃 TONIGHT! spread the word! 🗣 new time schedule for thee SOUL CLAP & DANCE-OFF! 👏👏👏 at CLOCK-OUT LOUNGE!!! 🍻🍸🥂 🌲9pm doors (not the band) 😐 🌲 10pm DYED (live & in person!)⚡️ 🌲 11pm soul dancing with me⚡️ 🌲 12am $100 DANCE CONTEST⚡️ 🏆determined by the following distinguished panel of judges:🏆 🌟 EL VEZ aka ROBERT LOPEZ of thee og ZEROS (author “beat yr heart out” 🥊❤️ y el mejor MEXICAN ELVIS! )! ⚡️ 🌟 EMILY MCKINNON! ⚡️ 🌟 JULIA SHAPIRO! o’ CHASTITY BELT! ⚡️ 🌟 LELAH MAUPIN! ⚡️ 🌟 RUBEN MENDEZ! o’ COCONUT COOLOUTS! ⚡️ 🌲 12:30am til close: more dancing with meee (and you!) 💃🏿💃🏽💃🏻🕺🕺🏻🕺🏿 🔥🔥everything’s fire! 🔥🔥 🎶we got the party tonight! 🎶 CATCH THEE CLAP!!!! 👏👏👏 @im____constipated @eemeyeellewhy @ruben4real @famous.lelah @chazzybelt @therealdyed @soundgigpresents @clockoutlounge at Clock-Out Lounge


clash of the titans early this morning at HOME SWEET HOME! thee DETROIT COBRAS and thee MSSR LENNY KAYE finally meet! and shake it up til close with the heroism of only the finest party people (check out that spread)... and me? i’m already in SEATTLE and ready to turn the CLOCK-OUT LOUNGE upside down TONIGHT! JET CITY SOUL CLAP & DANCE-OFF with DYED, celebrity judge EL VEZ, and more! warn yr peeps out here what they’re in for.... photo by @edemaruhjasper @thedetroitcobras @lenny_kaye @sonyaabrego @homesweethomebar @soundgigpresents @clockoutlounge at Home Sweet Home


NYC! TONIGHT! if ya happen to be downtown for TODD O PHONIC TODD’s killer souled out DETROIT COBRAS/BABY SHAKES show at MERCURY LOUNGE, come see me later at HOME SWEET HOME! i’ll be imprisoned in my usual penalty box suffering for yr sins while ya get lit and do the cha cha twist ‘til 4am! also turn up early for DREW REDMOND HAPPY HOUR! all night long! @homesweethomebar @thedetroitcobras @marycobra @mariblount @lawdymissclawdi @judylindsay @baby_shakes @toddophonic @fadedignity @edemaruhjasper at Home Sweet Home


SEATTLE! tell yr peeps! TOMORROW! SOUL CLAP & DANCE-OFF at CLOCK OUT LOUNGE with live DYED, followed by all night dancing with meeee & my lil ol’ rikkidzz plus MIDNIGHT $100 DANCE-OFF determined by all-star jury including longtime personal hero EL VEZ aka ROBERT “beat your heart out” LOPEZ of thee og ZEROS, RUBEN “my pal from way back” MENDEZ (coconut coolouts), JULIA (chastity belt), EMILY MCKINNON, and more... here’s the only surviving footage from last year’s emerald city debauchery... @soundgigpresents @clockoutlounge @therealdyed @chazzybelt @mckinnon8222 @ruben4real at Clock-Out Lounge


nine parts water and one part sand! still vibrating inside and out from experiencing THE SCIENTISTS last night... and surrounded by friends in the intimacy of UNION POOL! all the copperheads darted out from their graves for this one. some rare days ya get more outta life than you could ever hope for. if yr out there somewhere and see THE SCIENTISTS’ are headed yr way, don’t miss this, their first ever usa tour after four decades together! @mrkimsalmon #thescientists #swampland at Union Pool


NYC! another round of announcements for our HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOP at KNOCKDOWN CENTER with ROKY ERICKSON, HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS, DEATH VALLEY GIRLS, and WHITE MYSTERY! so far in the ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS we will feature live and in person, yr favorite bands as their favorite bands (alphabetically): ADVERTISERS as THE GUN CLUB ANIMAL SHOW as ALICE COOPER BLOODY HOLLY as BUDDY HOLLY FIONA SILVER as BLONDIE GNARCISISTS as BUTTHOLE SURFERS HEARING THINGS as JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH TRIO ICE BALLOONS as DEVO MALA VISTA & FRIENDS as THE RAMONES SÄHD WHITR GUYZ as THE CURE SAYLAVEES as ABBA TOWER as GRIM REAPER! grab tickets now! another amazing poster by PHIL ASHWORTH @theadvertisersnyc @animalshowband @dannystalker5 @fionasilver @gnarcissists @iceballoons @malavistanyc @sadwhiteguyz @saylavees @towernyc @phillycreemcheese @knockdowncenter at Knockdown Center


NYC! TONIGHT! at BERLIN! excited to do the dance party immediately following thee amazing MARK SULTAN (BBQ) BAND (aka MARK SULTAN + THE MYSTERY LIGHTS!) with THE DIES DIES DIES and THE GREASY HEARTS! definitely not to be missed! get tickets now to insure yr place! @marksultanbbq @themysterylights @greasyhearts at Berlin NYC


TONIGHT! ny night train to PETERBOROUGH ONTARIO at THEE TWISTED WHEEL! night #2 of the ontario maple leaf express soul 45 caravan with DJ NICO & JONNY TRASH plus live BEEF BOYS & MY TEENAGE WAH! this vid is from my first peterborough clap a couple years back... @thetwistedwheelptbo @djnicotoronto @jonnytrash at The Twisted Wheel


TORONTO! TONIGHT! at THE PISTON! i’m gonna be turning it on at WITH IT with my friends DJ NICO and JONNY TRASH. this is a pic i took a few years back during my 2014 soul clap residency at garrison. maybe if we stay up late enough we’ll be lucky enough to witness the exotic vehicle of our dreams in action again! @djnicotoronto @jonnytrash @thepistonbar @seanellisdean at The Piston


diamonds are a boys best friend @khannibalism @king_khan_and_the_shrines at Knitting Factory Brooklyn


NYC! TOMORROW! the unforgettable live experience that is thee mighty KING KHAN & THE SHRINES returns to town to huff and puff and blow the house down at KNITTING FACTORY w/GABRIELLA COHEN, CHORIZO, and thee fabulous TODD O PHONIC TODD! then afterparty at HOME SWEET HOME! still a few tickets left.... grab ‘em while ya can! @king_khan_and_the_shrines @khannibalism @chorizo_nyc @gabriellaacohen @toddophonic @knittingfactorybk @homesweethomebar


tell yr TORONTO peeps! SATURDAY!!! Saturday!!saturday! at THE PISTON! w/DJ NICO, JONNY TRASH... all this and more! boss promotional radio spot! @thepistonbar @djnicotoronto @jonnytrash #IDontLiveInBrooklyn at The Piston

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