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“What a beautiful world it would be, if people had hearts like huskies...” 🐕❤️ at Torassieppi Huskyfarm


Today is my 30th birthday !! 🎁❤️🎉 . . My plan was to go skydiving this afternoon, and officially mark the beginning of my Class A certification process — but it’s unfortunately raining pretty bad here in Southern California (weird, because we never get rain). . . So instead, I’m having a pretty low key day, which is totally cool with me (because I’m old and exhausted now 😜), and my trip to The Arctic Circle in Finland was actually my big birthday trip. . . Thanks to everyone who’s already reached out to me today!! I’m feeling very loved, and am super stoked to see where life takes me next! I already got some pretty big plans for this decade 😎✈️🌍📸 . . Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! ❤️❄️💙❄️ at Finland


This is me standing still for 30 seconds in -30° weather. Absolutely worth it — wouldn’t you agree...? 📸❄️🌌💙😍 . . #Flashpack #NoMoreNotYets at Bucket List


Who would you sleep here with? Send them this shot, and they have to pay for the upgrade fees 😜🌌⛺️💶 . . I stayed inside this Aurora Dome my second night up in the Arctic Circle, and it was a super cool experience. Watch my story highlight for a bit more about it! at Aurora Dome


Sunrise husky sledding anyone!? 🛷❄️🐕 This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in all my days as a travel blogger, lol. I remember seeing pictures of my friend doing this somewhere in Scandinavia many years ago, and it’s been on my bucket list ever since!! . . My Finland tour with @flashpack was one epic 30th birthday adventure in the Arctic Circle, and has definitely got me stoked on the #nomorenotyets mindset! . . What is your biggest ‘not yet’!? Is there any experience (big or small) that you are hoping to do this year? . . I invite you to share a picture of the moment you achieve any of your “not yets” by using the hashtag #NoMoreNotYets . I’ve got a few more on my list that I want to accomplish, and I look forward to seeing yours as well! . . Let’s make 2019 a year we’ll never forget!! ✈️🌏📸💙 #Flashpack #ad at Torassieppi Huskyfarm


The sun doesn’t stay up for all that long in the Arctic Circle during winter, but when it does — it really knows how to make an appearance 🦌🌲❄️🌅😍 . 🇫🇮 @flashpack #NoMoreNotYets at Finland


Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times 💙❄️🌲⛄️🌌 . . WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!? What is that one thing you’ve been saying “not yet” to? . . Witnessing the Northern Lights has been the top of my list for as long as I can remember, and I was indescribably stoked that our @flashpack group was lucky to see them not just once...but for two nights during our Finland tour!! 😍🙏🏻🙌🏻 . . It was truly an experience I’ll never forget, and was the cherry on top of an already perfect trip with @flashpack . I told myself I wanted to see these magical lights before my 30th birthday, and I made it happen! . . I’m honestly kinda mad at myself for taking this long to get up to Scandinavia during winter, lol. I’ve never been a big fan of cold destinations, but that’s officially not the case anymore! I’m obsessed with winter now, and can’t wait to start exploring more winter wonderlands around the world. . . I literally spent hours out there taking photos in -30 degree weather 🥶— do it for the gram, right? I’m just happy all my fingers are still attached to me, lol. . . I’ve got dozens of photos I want to share, but this is one of my favorite edits. What do you think? . . Camera Details: ▪️ Nikon D750 ▪️ Tamron 15-30 ▪️ F/ 2.8 ▪️ 30 Seconds ▪️ ISO 1250 ▪️ Edited in Lightroom . . #Flashpack #NoMoreNotYets #ad at Torassieppi


Welcome to Narnia ❄️😍 . . ...but in the real world, it’s called Torrassieppi! I just spent the last four days here on a “Finland Digital Detox” with @flashpack , and it was honestly one of the most remarkable trips of my entire life. . . There really are so many things I want to say about this adventure, and I’ve got so many photos and videos to share over the next couple weeks as well — but this trip really blew my mind. I honestly never knew how amazing winter travel can be, and Northern Finland is the most picturesque winter wonderland!! 😍❄️ . . While I absolutely crushed some of my top bucket list experiences on this trip, I wanted to begin by posting just a few of my favorite drone pictures of where we stayed. . . Take a look through them, watch the quick little video that my drone actually made for me, and let me know what you think!! . . I was pretty nervous about this trip (because of the below freezing temperatures), but I’m so glad I told myself #NoMoreNotYets and finally made this Scandinavian bucket list trip happen! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 . . #Flashpack at Torassieppi


**EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE** . . I’m leaving the tropics and heading up to the Arctic Circle!!! 🌴☀️🔜⛄️❄️ . . While I’ve had an absolutely amazing 2-month stay here in Bali, it’s time for my first big trip in 2019! I’m stoked to be hopping on a plane to FINLAND tomorrow, and will be joining the legendary travel company for solo-travelers @flashpack for an epic bucket list-adventure including: — Sleeping in an Aurora Dome — Husky Sledding & Reindeer Sleigh Rides — Snowmobile Safari during Twilight — Experiencing the Famous Finnish Sauna — Cross-Country Skiing in "Narnia" + potentially seeing the Northern Lights if we’re lucky! 🙏🏻😍 . . I’ve been dreaming of a trip like this (and husky sledding) for as long as I can remember, and it’s finally happening!! I’m embracing the “no more not yet” mindset, and am making 2019 the year I stop saying “not yet” to that one thing on my bucket list that I’ve been putting off. . . I know this trip will be unlike anything I’ve ever done before in my entire life! . . Since I’ll be back in California for my actual birthday in a couple weeks — this is the major event for my 30th! Not a bad way to celebrate, huh? 🎉🎉🎉 . . I’ll admit though — I’m pretty damn nervous going from tropical humidity to below freezing temperatures, lol 🥶! I’m from Southern California and have NEVER been in weather that cold, but I think I’m prepared to conquer the elements!! If you’ve got any survival tips — let me know! . . #Flashpack #NoMoreNotYets at Handara Gate, Bali, Indonesia


Crazy Pale Caucasian in the land of Crazy Rich Asians . . P.S — if you haven’t seen that movie yet, I’d definitely recommend it. Really fun film and will definitely inspire you to visit Singapore, one of my personal favorite cities in Asia! at Gardens by the Bay


Is it too soon to go back to the Maldives? Asking for a friend - @traveltomtom . But also asking because I just want to back to resort hopping in paradise with him, lol. ☀️🚲💦 at Kanuhura Maldives


Welcome to the rice jungle 🍚🍚 . . I’ve only got two weeks left in Bali unfortunately. But wow, I really do love this island. Been such an amazing place to start 2019. at Tegallalang Rice Terraces

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