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Thanks to EVERYONE (all sixty of you!) who came to our art history talk last night on Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. It was a delight of its own to share this work with you. Many more art history lectures to come. . #jonesgallery #arthistory #curator #sarahjones at Jones Gallery


Repost from our Gallery Director • • • • • New work being hung today includes this piece "Costal Shelf" from gallery artist Jimy Sloan. - #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart at Jones Gallery


PSA: Tulips are available at Balemans in the @sjcitymarket. Let's get through January together. at Jones Gallery


New work in the gallery! - Our hours are Monday to Wednesday 10-5, Thursday to Friday 10-7, and Saturday 10-5. Come for visits. - Work pictured here by Jared Peters, Emilie Grace Lavoie, and Kristina Søbstad. . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #saintjohn #unionstreet #artgallery at Jones Gallery


“Something becomes visible that I feel could have something to say — it might talk back. So I try to relate, and also capture that.” Words from our gallery artist, Lorne Power, about his approach. An artist statement we can get behind. A work, subject, a practice that has something to say. - We Both Sign Lorne Power - #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #lornepower at Jones Gallery


Big Data Jimy Sloan 36"x36" - More and Jimy's work via link in profile. - #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #jimysloan at Jones Gallery


If you're hereabouts, come see this one in person. - Jimy Sloan Subsurface Dynamics 36"x72" - #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #jimysloan at Jones Gallery


Introducing gallery artist Jimy Sloan. - Jimy is a visual artist from Prospect, NS. He creates transitional spaces in his work, exploring depth and texture while transforming figure and form. - Jimy's work may be found in both the Nova Scotia Art Bank and the Canada Council Art Bank. - Jazz Hands, 36"x36" . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart at Jones Gallery


New group exhibition of gallery artists going up later this week! We start our 2019 solo exhibitions in March. . . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart at Jones Gallery


Meet our Gallery Director, Caleb Jones. - Caleb has been the director of Jones Gallery since 2015. He has accreditation from Sotheby's in gallery management, curation and art investment. He is fastidious about properly installing artwork, artists' rights, and good cups of tea. - You can also follow Caleb over at where he makes jokes in his insta stories about Borg cubes. - #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #calebjones #newbrunswick at Jones Gallery


Upcoming art history talk by gallery curator Sarah Jones: Hieronymous Bosch & The Garden of Earthly Delights Wednesday Jan 16, 6:30 PM to 8 PM - Gambolling sinners engaging in orgiastic fantasies, strange and exotic animals, a hellish landscape with bewildering and nightmares figures. Oh boy. We’ll talk about the range of interpretations art historians have posited for this enigmatic work, and also more broadly about Bosch’s role in the Northern Renaissance. - Just a bit of garden-variety debauchery to get us through the winter. - Art history lectures at Jones Gallery are free and open to the public. #jonesgallery #arthistory #bosch #sarahjones at Jones Gallery


We promise, eight to watch. - Exciting solo exhibitions from each of them coming throughout 2019. [Artwork in image: Subsurface Dynamics by Jimy Sloan] . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #jimysloan at Jones Gallery


The 'projects' part: most of our represented artists have multifaceted creative practices, in that their work includes installations, or temporary explorations, or performances, or collaborations with artists in other disciplines. Things beyond the confines of painting or sculpture. We've told them to bring us the projects! We want to partner with our artists on their new ideas and ambitious plans, and then share them with you. . Here's to 2019 and art + projects. Lots more ahead. . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart at Jones Gallery


Nighttime @ gallery w/ Pip. . (This is Pip, Sarah's pup. He makes the occasional long trek to Union Street to observe afterhours installation or cleaning but mostly prefers lengthy naps in the studio. For the former gallery regulars: Pip's still plodding at Pip-speed and doing just fine, hah.) . #jonesgallery #newfoundlanddog at Jones Gallery


Salmon Tank Jared Peters Oil on canvas, 36"x36" . A tidbit in the Jones Gallery biography: Jared once gave art lessons to a wee Things go in circles. . Read more about Jared via link in profile. . Collaborations by @jaredpeters_art and somewhere in an attic on the West Siiide. . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #jaredpeters #salmon #oilpainting at Jones Gallery


This is work by gallery artist Jared Peters. Jared often looks at traditional symbols of power throughout history - like the horse - but disrupts the usual narrative by placing them against unusual or everyday surfaces. . Also Jared is a pretty majorly competent painter. Look at that horse. (Currently hanging in the gallery. Come marvel in person.) . Read more about Jared via link in profile. . . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #horse #jaredpeters at Jones Gallery


Introducing one of our other New Brunswick artists: Jared Peters. Jared paintings are often drawn from everyday encounters and environments, but his work also questions the weight of history and power in our contemporary life. . JARED PETERS Overlap Oil on canvas, 24"x40" . . #jonesgallery #canadianart #canadianartist #contemporaryart #jaredpeters at Jones Gallery


We hope you had a marvelous Christmas! Our hours for the coming days: Thursday Dec 27: 10-7 Friday Dec 28: 10-7 Saturday Dec 29: 10-5 . Closed Dec 30 to Jan 1. Open again Jan 2. at Jones Gallery

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