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London 🇬🇧 Actor. Represented by Jorg Betts Associates

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So today was supposed to be the day I fly off to do my last venue playing Simba in The Lion King - International Tour. However that venue was located in Wuhan China so naturally it makes sense that we pass on that one 😷. It was an absolute dream come true to play that role, I definitely wasn’t ready for it all to end so abruptly and being an international company, there are so many friends that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to. But what’s meant to be will be, I’m excited for what’s next. Hopefully this isn’t the last time I’ll wear that mask!🦁🧡 #Simba #thelionking #thelionkingmusical #musicaltheatre #WestEnd #Broadway #stage


Completely fallen for BALI. - - - #Bali #Travel #Ubud #Seminyak #TravelBali #smilemore


Having the best time in LA! - - #LA #Hollywood #Travel #America