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Happiest when I'm hungry and driven ๐Ÿ˜€ #kingofthegym #findyourpassion #findyourfreedom @atpscience @dohertysgym @musclemealsdirect


The athlete's seminar post-Olympia is a great way to reflect, catch up with some of the other competitors and of course the fans. It's always great to hear a little bit about the experiences of the other competitors throughout #mrolympiallc week. Here's a clip from my little speech on the day. #reflect #appreciate #dreambig #adversity #ironsharpensiron @atpscience @dohertysgym @musclemealsdirect




A little clip from a post-Olympia video I did. This was the morning after the @mrolympiallc so the emotions were still raw, but I hope you guys enjoy it. Bigger and better things to come! @atpscience @dohertysgym @musclemealsdirect #olympia2017 #bodybuildingmotivation #gymlife #gymmotivation


The impact @tonydohertyoz and the @dohertysgym family has had on my bodybuilding career is immeasurable. My second home and an incredible source of strength and drive. #thankful #bodybuildingmecca #gymlife #bodybuildingfamily


The great @thecharlesglass was nice enough to stop by and check me out during Olympia week. For those of you getting ready to get on stage, take note - there are some great tips in here. #bodybuildingtips #olympia #olympia2017 #posingpractice #guru @atpscience @dohertysgym @musclemealsdirect at Las Vegas, Nevada


Well what can I say about this trip... what started off as a dream plan turned into the complete opposite. I can ramble on and say millions of things but the main thing is that those closest to @dallasmccarver are still hurting and wish to have him back. I wish I had more time with him as all the plans we made are lost forever which hurts and I was only really close with him towards the end which makes me feel so much for his family, matt, Jordan, flex, ashley, Eric and many more as they were. closest to him for many years. Time to come home but before I do I can't leave without sending a huge amount of love to those that gave help to @lizzie_la2lenartowicz and I in that time @mattjansen8 @jojansen8 @ashasebera_danabrooke @danawarrior @daniel.veneziano @flex_lewis @billy_peter888 @atpscience team and many others I can't tag in for some reason. #returntooz #home #australia #usa #joshlenartowicz #longflight #toughtimesneverlast #perseverence at LAX - Los Angeles International Airport


@belbabeee80 with all that's happened I wasn't able to show some massive appreciation for this motivational piece of awesomeness Belinda Carrabba who placed 2nd in figure diva and looked incredible. Lots of trails and set backs in this prep but I really admire how she handles things with her positive attitude throughout adversity and that's a champion mindset. The best is yet to come for her. Also a little plug ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘ she is treating people in sports massage @muscle_acceleration at the new @dohertysgymperth opening soon :) #ironsharpensiron #bestisyettocome #proudcoachy #shedidthework #dedication #commitment #goals #life #drive #purpose #beyourbest


In tough times, it's the will inside of us that determines how we move through. #ironsharpensiron #powerwithin #perseverence @dohertysgym @musclemealsdirect @atpscience


@ifbbvictormartinez we found this in Seattle. Have to catch up in NY next time cos your country's so damn huge we didn't make it that far, heading home soon from the west coast, America is amazing. #usa #victormartinez #hardhatforthehardestbb #realhatfortherealistbb

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