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Custom -12 fittings installed on our good friend and partner Marc @apexpowered brand new Evo7 valve cover for some serious crankcase ventilation! This is a standard modification performed here at JRP with all of our Savage Package 4G63 engines utilizing our custom @stmtuned catch can, although the fittings are usually -10’s, the inner diameter is the same for both, the large inner diameter of these fittings/ports allows the engine to ventilate blow by gasses with low inertia and hence reducing the volume of oil being pushed through the ports compared to a smaller fitting that will increase the ventilation velocity and hence increase the amount of oil making its way into the catch can! at Bellflower, California


Our good friend @garrett_ivrigroup’s Beautiful Evo 9 dancing on the rollers today, numbers are kept discreet due to the nature of the vehicles use, the mods consist of a built 2.0 long rod engine, @fullracemotorsports 9174 IWG turbo kit, @fuelinjectorclinic 2150cc injectors, @buschurracing double pumper using twin walbro 450 lph fuel pumps, @magnus_motorsports V5 intake manifold, custom intercooler and piping, AEM 5 bar map sensor tuned via the stock ecu on a Tephra V7 rom. This is one serious street car! at Bellflower, California


Contact us for all your Evo 8/9/10,VR38,VR30 go fast needs! at Bellflower, California


Bryan’s beautiful R35 on the rollers today making some nice power. Full bolts ons, flex fuel, tuned via @ecutek_technologies by our good friend Ronnie @rdengineering, this car is programmed for 3 maps, low boost, high boost, and Godzilla mode as demonstrated in the video, this vehicle is also utilizing EcuTek’s rolling launch aka rolling antilag, making this stockturbo FBO car one serious street car! Final numbers were 588Whp and 595ft-lbs of torque on our in house mustang dyno. at Bellflower, California


Billet Long block just about ready to drop into project diablo. Red Demon spec Boosting Performance assembles @bulletraceengineering Billet 4G63 block utilizing R&R solid beam aluminum connecting rods, 1/2 inch head studs and step washers, @boostin_performance Proprietary Copper head gasket, @amsperformance cylinder head, utilizing Kiggly Race only high pressure valve springs and custom @kelfordcams camshafts. This car will be making some serious statements when It is all assembled, stay tuned for the results! at Bellflower, California


Starting this beautiful Monday with a Evo X @maperformance CMC upgrade, 3 port Grimm speed Boost control solenoid, full intercooler and intercooler piping kit, and 91 octane stock ECU calibration done in house here by us. at Bellflower, California


Protect your high performance engine with the best synthetic engine oil on the market, @hploil is our choice of engine oil here at JRP Performance for all engines, whether you have a stock bottom end, or a built bottom end, HPL is what we recommend to all of our clients, with high levels of Zinc, Phosphorus, and proprietary additives, this engine oil does a phenomenal job at providing essential lubrication to all of the critical engine components such as your main and rod bearings, camshafts, lifters, rocker arms etc, HPL oil is also the perfect oil of choice if you are running alcohol based fuels such as ethanol or methanol, as It does not dilute as easily as most other performance oils on the market. We always have many cases of this quality racing oil in stock, contact us for your next engine oil change service today! at Bellflower, California


Custom JRP 4G63 Hot plate in the making! Thanks to our good friends @dsport machine shop. This is a 1.25 inch thick cast iron “hot plate” that is bolted to the cylinder head to soulmate the block being bolted up to the cylinder head. The same idea as a torque plate but for the cylinder head itself. Just like the torque plate, this hot plate as mentioned will simulate the block and head during operation, this improves power and torque as It provides the ultimate valve to valve seat sealing as the seats will be perfectly true and round when bolted up to the block, It also increases the life span of the valve train, and increases compression and hence we achieve lower cylinder leak down values. It is not rare for us to see 3-5% leakdown on our engine packages as we use all the tricks known in the book to optimize valve seal, cylinder roundness, properly sized and filed piston rings and ring gaps, and much more. A big thank you to Mike and all the guys over at @dsport machine shop for providing us A1 machine work for years, all of our Slaughter Package 4G63, Savage Package 4B11 and VR38’s are machine by them and assembled by us in house here at JRP Performance. Join the winning team, contact us for all of your engine build needs! at Bellflower, California


Edgar’s @fullracemotorsports BorgWarner 7163 Equipped 2.0 Evo making some nice power on our In house MD150 Dynamometer, 555 Whp, and 370 Ft-Lbs of torque. Pushing that small but quick spooling turbo to its limits! This car was also equipped @bpracinglv Billet double pumper utilizing twin 450 walbro fuel pumps, @aemelectronics Infinity Ecu and much more. at Bellflower, California


Edgar’s fully Built Track evo 9 RS getting ready to dance on the rollers today. Fuel of choice: @igniteracingfuel Red 114 octane ethanol as always, and a fully equipped @aemelectronics 506 box to perform the calibration with. Stay Tuned for the results! at Bellflower, California


[TECH-TALK] Another critical step that is often overlooked during engine building. In order to achieve the proper fastener stretch, the threads on the receiving (connecting rod side) end need to be clean and free of any particles left over from the manufacturing process. For this very reason, we always use a super high quality tap and some lubricant to chase and clean up the threads and make sure the fastener will have no issues acquiring the proper stretch without over-torquing. That being said, some connecting rods from the factory are not properly machined in the flange side where the head of the fastener seats, and hence makes stretching certain types of bolts pretty challenging, we have acquired different methods of solving this issue over the years and have not had a single assembly related bolt failure (or any other type of failover for that matter), however the optimal choice would be to choose a connecting rod and bolt combination that are meant to work together properly and stretch values are often very easily obtained. This is why we strictly stick to 2 different connecting rod manufacturers and fastener combinations, as the results speak for themselves and the bolt stretch process becomes an absolute breeze! at Bellflower, California


Adrian’s Built 2.0 making some nice jam on the rollers today. We stopped at 28 psi making a health 494 WHP/ 426 Ft-Lbs of torque. The major limitation of this car was the single 320 LPH aem fuel pump. Mod list also consists of a @forcedperformance MHI Black turbocharger, @gscpower s2 274* duration camshafts, Custom stock location exhaust manifold, grams 1600cc injectors, AMS fmic and upgraded upper and lower intercooler piping, this vehicle was calibrated on the stock ecu on speed density via an Omni 4 bar utilizing a manual boost controller on E85, once the client is ready, a proper catch can set up an a @bpracinglv double pumper along with JRP Spec upgraded fuel lines and filter will be fitted to the car as this car has a LOT more left in It! at Bellflower, California


Adrian’s Fully built 2.0 about to dance on the rollers. @forcedperformance black turbocharger on board along with @gscpower S2 camshafts and valvetrain. Let’s see how she does! at Bellflower, California


[TECH-TALK] Lets talk about the dreaded topic of Knock otherwise known as detonation, in the simplest terms, knock is when the ignition event occurs on its own due to lack of octane level in the fuel, too much ignition timing causing excessive heat and cylinder pressures, and a variety of other things that also contribute to this unwanted event. When knock occurs in a cylinder, the two flame fronts (one from the actual spark event, the other from spontaneous combustion in the cylinder) collide and hence rock the piston violently in the cylinder, once the onset of knock occurs, It is very hard to control It unless the ECU detects the event and retards the ignition timing or add fuel (or in some cases both), while at low power levels, knock is not that detrimental, once an engine is making some decent power, any knock event can cause engine damage and should be prevented by your tuner using the many tools available to them. The factory knock sensors usually do a good job at detecting this nasty event, and can act fast to mitigate this issue, however, a route that many professional tuners like to take is using tools such as det cans, (detonation cans) such as the device pictured above. This is the Knock Monitor Pro and It allows us to listen to the engine during operation. This kit allows us to use noise canceling headphones to rule out normal engine noise from knock, and using the provided software, we can set a threshold of normal engine noise and get a clear audible sound when knock is present. This device also allows us to log engine speed, boost and AFR so we can see exactly where in the power and knock is occurring. While many high octane fuels, E85, E90, Gasoline based race gas can substantially reduce chances of knock, we still like to be able to hear the engine in operation audibly rather than trust a signal from the ecu that may or may not be correct, as most of you already know, we do not like to guess work, and we believe that investments like these will make our valued customers vehicles even safer! at Bellflower, California


Clients Beautiful Evo 9 getting ready for initial start up. Dedicated road racing car, fully built 2.0, @fullracemotorsports 7163 57mm turbocharger kit, GSC s2 camshafts, equipped with @aemelectronics Infinity with all fail safes enabled (lean protection, fuel pressure etc) @bpracinglv Twin 450 Billet double pumper with JRP Spec fuel line kit, ID 2000cc injectors and @igniteracingfuel E90 114 octane as the fuel of choice for this race car. Tuning will be done by us in house, stay tuned for the results. at Bellflower, California


We are officially a @ecutek Pro Tuner for the Infinity Q50/60 platforms, we will be releasing our calibration/bolt-on package prices in the next few weeks, we are very excited to be working with EcuTek and have very big plans for this platform, stay tuned!


Bryan’s GTR Getting full bolts one plus a flex fuel kit, @injectordynamics 1700x injectors, Speed density kit and an @ecutek interface and a flex fuel tune! Contact us for all your Evo/GTR/Q50/60 needs! at Bellflower, California


First time being able to celebrate 3/5 day here @jrpperformance and certainly not the last. Thanks to everyone for your support whether it’s an oil change or fully built drag car we do it all!

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