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I rang in my 21st birthday yesterday with a day FULL of adventures and food! . I didn’t track a single calorie, ate literally WHATEVER I wanted (including a giant chicken club, a cookie dough ice cream sandwich, and a Texan burger #stilldrooling 😋). I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the day and lived life to the fullest! . Today, I got right back on my normal diet/exercise schedule ready to keep progressing! Sure, I was a few pounds up (holla at the ton of sodium I consumed) but it’s totally normal and I’ll be back to my usual within a few days. . The awesome thing about making fitness a lifestyle is allowing yourself to splurge every now and then and just enjoy life without the guilt, regret, or negative emotions that can sometimes come along with it. You DESERVE to enjoy life, so have the burger (and maybe the fries and milkshake that come with it😉)...but then get back to your normal routine and push forward! . #balance #foodcoma #enjoylife


Guess what? . There’s no such thing as an overnight transformation; nor will any 30 day challenges, five day cleanses, fat burners, or fit teas get you where you want to go. . Why? Because these things don’t set habits. They don’t teach how to diet SUSTAINABLY or healthfully, and they certainly don’t give you a plan for what to do after it ends. . The key to true progress is simple, but it’s not very glamorous. If you truly want to change the way you look, you have to be willing to put in the hard work—even when it’s uncomfortable...even when you’re tired or busy...even when no one else notices all of the work you’re putting in. . Don’t waste your time on these “magic” diet fads. Just keep showing up and doing what you need to do and slowly but surely, you’ll see the progress. . P.S. Left pic was taken February 2017, right pic was taken today 📷 . #nofitteaforme #quads #transformationtuesday


Just a reminder... - You’re awesome - No one in this world is quite like you - You hold the power to make today amazing So get out there and have a great day! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!💜💜 #runtheworld #happymonday #blessed


I’ll never forget that day three years ago when I was sitting in my guidance counselor’s office having the customary “college talk.” . I was telling her that I planned on attending this particular school and she said “Well, that school’s a reach, you should really try to apply to other schools that are more practical for you to get into.” Now, she may have said this with the intention of making sure that I had a back up plan just in case I wasn’t accepted, but I took that as her undermining my intelligence and abilities. . That conversation flicked a switch for me. I decided that despite her doubts, I would prove to be more than capable. I did end up transferring schools after my first year, but that was due to personal reasons rather than academic failure. . Now here I am, three years later, graduating a year early with my Bachelor’s degree with a 4.0 GPA (the class I got an A- in ended up being a misgrading🎉), heading off to get my Masters degree. I’m not a genius, I didn’t cheat my way through, I just set a goal for myself and didn’t let anything get in my way. . Don’t let other people’s doubts and negative opinions determine your future. Turn that fuel to fire, set your goal, and make it come true despite any opposition that comes your way. You’ll thank yourself for it in the end 💜 . #achieveyourdreams #shootforthestars #neversettle


Some cardio deadlifts for my Friday! Walked into the gym and had 30 minutes to do a full workout, so we plugged in and got to work! Today’s workout: Conventional deadlifts 4x10-12 Stiff leg deadlifts 4x10 Calf raises (on hack squat machine) 4x8-10 Good mornings (on hack squat machine) 3x10 Hamstring curls 4x10 Seated calf raises 4x12 Single leg deadlifts - burnout . Also, this week is national police week, so I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all law enforcement workers out there. I deeply appreciate all of the sacrifices you make to keep us safe 💙🇺🇸 #backtheblue . #peepmythinbluelinehat #nationalpoliceweek #thankyou #deadlifts


Woke up today feeling stressed as heck!! Things just kinda felt like they weren’t going right. We had crazy storms the other day so my graduation (on Saturday) got moved indoors which left me with fewer tickets, I got an A- in a class with a ridiculous, nasty teacher who just refused to allow students to earn an A (ruining my 4.0 🙄), I mixed up the time of graduation rehearsal and ended up having little time to make it there, yet sat in traffic for an hour instead. . I’d say that I was able to just look past these things and not let it affect me, but that wouldn’t be truthful. In reality, I was frustrated, I was moody, I was overwhelmed, and I was disappointed. All of these emotions are okay to feel—they have their place. BUT what isn’t okay is to let them linger on longer than they should. . After a little while of whining and complaining and moping around, I cut it out. I realized how blessed I am to be in the position that I am right now and that these little things don’t deserve to take away from such a happy time in my life (thank you @jzaccardi for the endless pep talks😘). . And you know what? I ended up making it to my rehearsal and getting the extra tickets I needed for graduation! No, I can’t change the fact that I got an A- instead of an A, but it matters very little when looking at the bigger picture. I know that I put in the work needed, I can’t control the biases of a bad teacher. . If you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or all of the above...first allow yourself to feel your emotions. You deserve to. But then make sure you stop your pity party and look at all of your blessings, I can assure you that everyone in this world has something that they can be thankful for. Focus on the positive—silly annoyances don’t deserve to ruin our days. . #thankful #stressfulday #looktowardthebrightside


Smoothie bowl o’ health . Smoothie bowls have been all the rage lately, but many of these “health” bowls are LOADED with sugar, calories, and few nutrients. SO...I decided to make my own take on a smoothie bowl that’s not only macro/calorie friendly, but also delicious and filled with all the micronutrients! . 1 scoop of protein (Level-1 is 🔑 for creaminess, I used vanilla ice cream flavor) 1 serving of greens (Opti-Greens 50 is the bomb dignity) 1/2 cup of almond milk (can use more if you want a thinner base) 1/2 cup of frozen berries Handful of ice cubes Blend it up Add your toppings! (I used chocolate chips, strawberries, Cheerios, and calorie free chocolate syrup) Enjoy! . Calories (including toppings): 350 30 protein 42 carb 9 fat 11 fiber 🌟 . This bowl came out to be SUPER big and filling! It feeds my sweet tooth without blowing all of my calories 😋 Try it out and let me know what you think! (My link for @1stphorm is in my bio if you want to get your own Level-1 or Opti-Greens 50!!) . #smoothiebowl #health #wellness


I’ll save you the long novel of a caption that I usually write and say that I hope you’re all having an amazing week and that you keep crushing it! . What are some things you’re hoping to accomplish this week? . #shortcaptionwhodis #happydays


Let’s talk motivation... . The idea of being 100% into your workout every single time you train sounds great, but the reality is that there are times when your motivation wanes and you’re just kind of going through the motions. . I was in a rut with training for awhile...like months. I was still going and doing my workouts but I just wasn’t feeling like giving it my all. I knew I wasn’t pushing myself the way I should, but I gave a million excuses as to why I should chill out instead of push harder. . I noticed this complacency with my training last week. I realized that every week I was “taking it light” and “not doing too much”. Don’t get me wrong, we need to take it easy sometimes, but it shouldn’t be a norm in your workout routine. . So I decided to make a change. I approached all of my workouts last week with the desire to truly challenge myself and give it all of my energy. And it felt GREAT. I forgot how good it felt to throw around some heavy weight and actually challenge my body! I felt like I was actually on the way to making more progress instead of just spinning around in circles. . Moral of the story: We all have periods where we aren’t so motivated. But when this happens, stomp it out as soon as possible. Reevaluate what you’ve been doing, remember why your doing it in the first place, and re-light that fire. Complacency suffocates success. . #motivation #pushingmyself #neversettle


Went to a three hour dance class and then proceeded to do a full hamstring workout and now my legs are feeling like jello 😂 (note to self: definitely plan leg days around dance 🤦🏼‍♀️) . BUT now I’m ready to hang out and relax for the rest of the night! What are your plans for today? . #myleggggggggssssssssss #theyhurt #ouch #iseeicecreaminmyfuture


Morning hike ✅ . I was lucky enough to get outside for a hike/walk four days this week! Now that the weather is getting nice, I’m trying to get out as much as possible!! Being outdoors is a huge stress reliever for me, going outside pretty much instantly makes me feel more relaxed and at peace. . One of my goals for the summer is to do as many hikes as possible (you ready @jzaccardi ?? 😝) so get ready for lots of hiking adventures to come! . #finallysummer #getoutside #hiking


STEP-UPS . I added these guys and some other exercises/stretches into my glute and quad day to help work on some muscle imbalances I have going on (thanks @mike_carroll0813 for the pointers!). And let me tell ya, doing these right after squats BURNS, I was feeling it 😅🔥 . Incorporating single leg (or arm) movements is a great way to help even out any imbalances by forcing the weaker body part to complete the movement without the stronger part compensating! . I love adding these kinds of exercises into my workouts because it’s an extra challenge to isolate the weak points! I highly suggest trying out some type of single arm/leg movement into your next workout and see how the two sides compare! . #stepups #trainingtobegoodatgoingupstairs #stillnotthereyet


Can’t help but smile knowing that I’m loading up my body with the best greens in the world! 🌱 . For real though, @1stphorm Opti-Greens 50 is the king of the greens supplements. 👑 It’s packed with non-GMO greens grown in North America and low-temperature processed to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients possible. . One serving of this provides you with ELEVEN servings of veggies, tons of antioxidants, phytonutrients, blood sugar support, and probiotics. Meaning it will: - Provide you with a TON of micronutrients 🥦🥗🥕 - Promote natural energy 🏃🏼‍♀️ - Help the immune system function optimally - Help with digestion and bloating (seriously, it works magic on bloating) . Opti-Greens 50 is my go-to greens supplement to keep me feeling my best! It’s the perfect add on for ANYONE looking to optimize their health, grab your own today using the link in my bio for free shipping! 🌱 . #gimmethegreens #hulkjuice #healthfirst


Being that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to share a little piece of myself with you… . I have anxiety. It’s something that few people know about me and something that I don’t talk about with most people (until now, I guess). Anxiety is something that I’ve had for as long as I can remember, stemming from some tough times I went through pretty early in life. For years I didn’t understand what was going on in my head and just tried to push everything out. . What I didn’t know at the time was how destructive that was. And a couple of years ago, I finally decided to take the initiative to face my anxiety head on. Since then, I’ve struggled HARD and needed a lot of help. There have been days that I’ve questioned my abilities and other days where I feel like I have it all together. It’s taken a ton of courage, tenacity, and support to get to where I am today. It’s still something that I deal with every day, but things are so much better than they were. Yet for the most part, few people know about this battle...you certainly can’t tell from the outside. . The takeaway--mental illness doesn’t have a face. It can affect anyone at any time. It doesn’t make that person weak. It isn’t a character flaw. It isn’t someone making it up for attention. And it DOESN’T have to be obvious. You never know what the person next to you has gone through or is currently going through. Their outward appearance may be the opposite of what goes on inside of them. . If you are someone who deals with some kind of mental illness, know that you are NEVER alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, it takes a ton of courage to do so. And for everyone, always show compassion to others and consciously work to end the stigma against mental illness. . #mentalhealthmatters #endthestigma #mentalhealthawarenessmonth


BICEP BUILDER: 💪🏻 . Many girls tend to stray away from training biceps, fearing that it will make them look too “bulky” or “manly”. However, I can assure that won’t happen—training biceps (and upper body in general) helps to create a symmetrical physique and only adds to your overall package...plus, it makes single trips of grocery hauls WAY easier 😝 . So...here’s a full bicep workout that I like to do! I train arms (biceps and triceps) once per week and sometimes add in additional exercises another time per week! . Alternating bicep curls 4x10-12 . Reverse grip curls (also hits forearms) 4x10 . Alternating hammer curls 4x10-12 . Machine preacher curls 4 sets (drop sets to failure) . For all of these exercises, try to really focus on isolating the bicep and SQUEEZE. I like to keep the weights lighter to keep my form clean and get more of a burn 🔥 . What’s your favorite bicep exercise? . #bicepexercise #bisfortheguys #curlbro


KILLED arms at the gym today with my boo thang ( @jzaccardi 😘😘 ) and now were about to destroy some pizza as an end of the semester celebration #bestdayever 😍🍕 . #ainthehandsome #solucky #fitnesspizzainmybelly #imalreadydrooling #curlsforthepizza #cheesygoodness


There is so much beauty all around us, open your eyes and soak it all in 💜 . #springtime #cherryblossom #nature


WHAT A WEEK! . Just got out of my third test today and have one more presentation left! . I had to check out from social media this week to focus on studying and finishing up all of my papers! I’ve definitely had an iffy week with working out but after a couple of days of sleeping and getting back to normal, I’m sure I’ll be good to go! . Good luck to everyone going through finals right now, you got this! . #almostgraduated #finalsseason #lastdayofclass

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