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Finally it’s #friday enjoy the start of your weekend everyone! Hopefully it will be warm enough to enjoy what’s out there and take it in. 📸 @jayms3_bruhhh


Somewhere out in the boonies... kinda gives that “The Hills Have Eyes” vibe... 📸 @jayms3_bruhhh


This has been one of fav RX7 Invade Times Square vids by @halcyonphoto such beautiful builds and the cinematography is pro AF! This is inspirational!


Thanks @3ramotorwerks for the awesome pic and also it was really AWESOME meeting you and the crew over the weekend! Looking forward to the twerk competition this weekend 👀 with @pure_n54_5worldwide


Here @finalspeedgarage doing a little bit of checking and maintenance work. Always fun times when kicking it with Cyrus while I’m here. His FD will be out this year and I have a feeling it will be something to watch.


The boyz and I decided to block the exit of the C&C on Sunday morning because you know, that’s how we roll! - - Until someone complains and we quickly move out before security patrol comes! Good boyz! 🙏🏻


It’s a new week! So show me those front end smiles!


Sitting in the minivan waiting for the wifey, I’ll spend some time to make some fun action pics of the 7!


Super steady hands from @running_solo when we were driving down together to San Marcos for an easy Cars and Coffee @calumetcollection


One of my fav #R35 GTRs of the month! That patience for @daddy1pain really paid off with the work he completed on his GTR. 👌🔥👏😍


One ☝️ of my favorite #R32 @kaijuskyline I finally got to say Hi again to this morning’s C&C. Missed you brother! 👌


Who loves GOLD? Well I LOVE @datgold86 24K FRS. Nice seeing you at the C&C this morning brother!


Now it’s time to play at night! Have a safe one my friends. Look into my E Y E S....


Sun just keeps getting in my eyes. Happy Saturday! Get some ☀️


Ok weekend here I come! I’ll probably spend some time cleaning the cars and do some yard work around the house this weekend. If I had some adderall then it would be a good opportunity to organize my garage. 📷 @jayms3_bruhhh


Happy #Friday some peeps DMed me regarding my 90s JDM T-shirt I was wearing when I had a pic of me and the 7. I received as a gift and the shirt is from @tunercult whenever I wear it in public, it does get a good amount of attention from car enthusiasts wanting to guess the cars on it. #tunercult


Here is a rare pic of me next to this stupid car. Fat guy in a small jacket... but you can see some of my fav 90s JDM cars on my chest. Can u list them? @tunercult #shrek 📷: @jayms3_bruhhh


Happy Valentines Day to my gorgeous, beautiful and intelligent wife @mqubalde for almost 10 years of putting up with me and my crazy hobbies! Love you!

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