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5:30am self love 😘 I've NEVER been a morning person. Ask my family at work and they'll tell you how impossible it was to have a conversation with me before lunch. I was grumpy, moody, tired and irritable and frankly not very pleasant to be around 🙈 I'd heard about "resetting your body clock" but it's not something I took seriously. They tell you to go into nature for a few days, leave behind your electronic devices and let your body rise and fall with the sun. But, let's be honest... I wasn't motivated enough to take the time off, find someone to look after Frankie or to travel to a place where I could tap out. Thankfully, by the grace of the universe, I was able to travel ahead in time to Japan (7 hours ahead) and was forced to adapt to a new time zone. I won't lie, it was difficult and I got lazy. Most days I would stay in bed until about 11am. I barely exercised but I was eating better. The nice thing about Japan is that it's so easy to make healthy food choices because everything is fresh and just generally healthy. Since coming back to SA I was shocked because I have been automatically waking up, full of energy and ready to go by 5am every morning. I've felt the fatigue slowly creeping back in but I'm so much more motivated to keep this routine going... I've been extremely fortunate to have this shift happen. It wasn't a spiritual journey or anything profound but I listened to my body and am working towards a more positive routine. The early morning serenity and silence is beautiful ❤️ Except for the neighbours who play gqom at 6am every Sunday... Every. Sunday. We can't all be morning people but we can try make it more pleasant and bearable for ourselves 😅 Also, I got a really cool haircut by @brethrenbarber so check him out 🙌🙌 #goodmorning #おはよう at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Teaching myself slowly... #happyplace #blanance #dancer #yoga #ohm #ヨガ #ダンサー #幸せ #逆立ち


In love with traditional Japanese roofs 🏯 they're so calming 😅 I wish you could witness it too! #tokyo #inlove #skyline #selfie #advancedselfie #東京 #夕日 #幸せ at Tokyo, Japan


How do you make it feel like home? 💭 。。。 My heart goes out to those who've packed up their lives and moved to a different city/country. To those who have put themselves in uncomfortable situations so that they're one step closer to living the life they want to live. ♥️ 。。。 I've heard a lot that it's all about routine... So, where do you find the strength to create a routine in a place you don't understand/doesn't understand you. 。。。 I have huge respect for my mom who dropped everything and moved to South Africa to begin a new life. She couldn't speak English, she didn't understand the customs or way of life but she did it and is still doing it 27 years later... But that's a story for another time that we'd like to share in more detail. 📖 。。。 The balcony I'm sitting on is the same balcony she spent her whole life, in Japan, lookin over and the room I'm staying in was her childhood bedroom. I'm fortunate enough to be able to draw strength from her life experiences 🛄 。。。 So 💭 How do you make it feel like home?


❤️JAPAN❤️ Many moons ago my mother wore the same kimono and I only found out once I had it on that it was actually hers ♥️ Leading up to this day we had to overcome a few hurdles like not being able to find traditional socks (tabi) and shoes (zori) that fit my big feet 😑 or a headpiece that would stay in my short short hair 🙄 and then a kimono that was "long enough" because I'm considered tall here... It worked out in the end 🙌 had everyone telling me how much I look exactly like... (🥁) My brother!! 😂 Myself, my aunt and @sheenamayhosmer had an amazing time at my cousins traditional Japanese wedding #Japan #Wedding #meijijingu #family #love #meijijingushrine #meijishrine #幸せ #明治神宮 at 明治神宮(めいじじんぐう)


❓Question❓... If I told you I want to stop dancing how would that make you feel? 🤔 。。。。。。。。。。。 Since coming to Japan I've had to face myself and think about what I really want and what my next step is and strangely enough to keep dancing hasn't really come up. I've shared these feeling with friends and family and they've all given me the same reaction... "That's such a waste you should just look for a job as a dancer or look into teaching dance", "... you should try this website", "... you should make an audition video". Not one person has asked why or just said okay, so what's next? 。。。。。。。。。。。 As people we're so quick to offer advice to others because we think we're helping even though they're simply sharing something with us and not actually asking for advice. This situation has been popping up in my life a lot lately where other people have told me they're experiencing the same thing when sharing something personal with another person. How quick are you to offer advice or solutions? I'm sure we've all been in a situation where we know what we have to do but we just want to share what we're going through... We just want to talk while someone listens. 。。。。。。。。。。。 I hope this post inspires you to be that someone who listens. To be more conscious of your reaction and conscious about listening fully because we all need time to be heard ♥ The more open we are the more comfortable other people will feel in sharing their personal journeys. You may not feel like you're physically 'helping' but you'll be helping in more ways than you can imagine 😊 。。。。。。。。。。。 #soulsaturday #spreadthelove #愛 #バレエ #ダンサー #東京 at Tokyo, Japan


Went to see the roses... There were about 15 😂 at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens


#SoulSunday 🗾 #SoulSisters 💕 at Arakawa River


@sheenamayhosmer and I had such a nice day with @200002ne 。🎡 。☀️ 。🍞 。 💡Fun fact: We were talking about our favourite food and Sheena mentioned toasted chicken and mayo. @200002ne couldn't believe that in South Africa we eat toasted sandwiches! The idea of the inside of the sandwich being hot came as a big surprise. In Japan sandwiches are commonly eaten chilled and made with white bread with the crusts cut off. Only recently have they started to introduce "hot-sandwiches" into cafes in Japan. 🗾 。 #SundayFunday #tokyo #Autumn #tokyodomecity #日曜日 #後楽園 #東京ドーム #東京 #秋 #vlog at 東京ドームシティ Tokyo Dome City


Our little outing to Shinjuku ❤️ @sheenamayhosmer 。 🎶 : Alive - Inkson 📹 : Canon G7x mark ii 🎬 : InShot 。 🗾: 🍩@misterdonut_jp 🏛️Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 🏞️Shinjuku Central Park 。 #shinjuku #summer #sisters #tokyo #Japan #adventure #東京 #新宿 #夏 #アドベンチャー #きょうだい at 新宿 しんじゅく


Monday... 。。。。 My heart is heavy and the excitement I've been feeling is slowly turning into anxiety. 。。。 There's so much to look forward to but so much I'll be leaving behind. I just want to stop time, curl up with my person and not have to think about goodbye... 。。 Have you ever been in a state where your heart is at war with itself? 。 #bluemonday #feels #monday #goodmorning #dancer #Durban #ダンサー #月曜日 #冬 #春 #バレエ #コンテンポラリー #コンテンポラリーアート #南アフリカ at South Africa


Cooking with Kristi 🍽️ 。。。 @kristileigh_jean made her first proper dish this week. Yes, you read that right! Her first proper dish 🥗 and I couldn't be more proud 🙌❤️ 。。。 She went with an Asian style dish so we decided to try out some Matcha-vodka tea and @fiverosessa +vodka tea and they were both surprisingly good 👌🍵 。。。 Matcha-vodka 6/10 Black tea-🍯-vodka 9/10 。。。 If you'd like to see more of "Cooking with Kristi" let us know, send us some ideas and drink pairings and we'll make it happen 😉 #cookingwithkristi #firsttime #dancers #Durban #vlog #funny #vodka #cookwithme #tastytuesday at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


I stumbled across @sorelleamore YouTube channel about a month ago which lead me to her Instagram profile and what a WOW!!! 。。。 Please go have a look at all her #advancedselfie 。。。 I've been overwhelmed with an enormous amount of love which has lead me on a journey of cultivating self love, a lot of the time being inspired by @itslisawelsh ❤️ Its been really fulfilling. 。。。 When I'm overcome with all these emotions and I'm feeling creative I want to document my processes but there isn't always someone there to help me... 。。。 This past week was a hectic one, physically, so I was having an epsom salts bath infused with herbs, burning a vanilla scented candle, playing one of the chillhop mixes I found on YouTube. It was so relaxing and the music was really speaking to me so I found myself moving/dancing... and that's how this shot was born. #selfie #relax #artist #dancer #selflove #candlelight #ダンサー #ダンス #せるふぃー #愛 #自愛 #selfportrait #アーチスト


Feed your soul ☯️ 。。。 In a world where a lot of people are unemployed, working jobs that they don't want to and feeling stuck and empty we have to find things that we can do for ourselves ❤️ 。。。 It doesn't have to cost money. 。。。 E.g. #1 - When I'm feeling down and my energy is low I'll go sit on the grass and play with my cat, Frankie, and in about 10 minutes I feel happier and more relaxed 。。。 #2 - Finding locations and experimenting with poses and photography with @kristileigh_jean 。。。 #3 - Playing all kinds of music and dancing around while cooking/doing the dishes simply because I can 。。。 These things don't get rid of problems in your life but they can help you relax so you're more clear headed and hopefully a little less stressed to be able to deal with them better. 。。。 It takes some time and experimenting to find what works for you but it's so worth it ❤️ Make time for You! 。。。 #loveYourself #doyoubooboo #selflove #foodforthesoul #dancer #humpday #wednesdaywords #ダンサー #プロダンサー #冬 #秋 #フォトグラフィー #Durban #play # yinandyang #yinyang #doyou #AlvinAiley


Beautiful Sundate ❤️ Our first time exploring Paradise Valley Nature Reserve. Even though my legs are red and blotchy from something in the water (I'm sensitive to everything) it was a beautiful day. Its a pity that there's a huge hi-way directly above the reserve though. Can't wait to experience more of what this province has to offer in the short time I have left ❤️ #SundayFunday #sundate #tilt #Durban #dancer #バレエ #ダンサー #ピンク at Paradise Valley Nature Reserve


My dad used to do handstands in our living room and stay up there for what seemed like forever and when ever I see people doing them it reminds me of him ❤️ @hosmeralan So lately I've been teaching myself how to handstand. It hasn't been easy but this morning I arrived in town, it was a beautiful morning and there were no other cars on the roof so I decided to try out this pose that I've always wanted to do... This was my first time trying it out and I really surprised myself because I've been telling myself I can't do it because of my scoliosis and that my back isn't flexible enough... Well, I proved me wrong 🤣 #yayme #handstand #dancers #winter #morning #blueskies #whydowesayblueskiesinsteadofbluesky #howmanyskiesarethere #Durban #ダンサー #タンス #南アフリカ #日本人 #ハーフ #おはよう #advancedselfie


A partner is a beautiful thing. In dance, the man is responsible for quite a lot when it comes to partner work. The woman needs to stabilise herself and make sure she is as light as possible (and I'm not talking about being thin and small but rather knowing how to use her own body weight effectively) and the man, in lifts and in throwing her around, is responsible for a safe transition and safe landing. Contemporary is really beautiful in that we see woman take on lifting each other as well as lifting men. But this post is to say thank you to my partner. @mz_macjura He's been amazing over the years and we've grown a lot with each other. I really appreciate the care and dedication you've put in to making sure our duets are beautiful and seamless and the time you've taken to learn and understand how my body moves. I'm really going to miss you! 💛 📷: @dizypix #ilovemyjob #buildingtogether #growingtogether #partner #dancers #Durban #friendsforever


~ PLAY ~ ・ pleɪ/ ・ verb ・ engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. ・ synonyms: amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun, have a good time, relax, rest, be at leisure, occupy oneself, divert oneself, play games, frolic, frisk, gambol, romp, cavort ・ ~Sandile Mkhize ~@laptop_pnsp#lol #😂 #improv #improvisation #contemporaryart #contemporary #ilovemyjob #dancers #Durban #play #laugh #fun #funday #work #仕事 #楽しい #コンテンポラリー #ダンス #ダンサー #南アフリカ #アフリカ at South Africa

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