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🇯🇵Japafrican🇿🇦 南アフリカ プロダンサー ♏

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"YOU need to be the person who loves you the most." I have stretch marks, bruises, scars and a big patch of birth marks at the back of my thigh as well as a curved spine that has given me all sorts of problems. My skin isn't smooth and flawless. My feet are hard and weird looking. I really don't fit the mould of the 'ideal body'... But, frankly, none of us do 🤷‍♀️ because the ideal keeps changing over time. We cover up our imperfections with clothes and make up, surgeries and various treatments trying really hard and putting in a lot of time and energy to look immaculate. I admire the people who take the time to work on their outward image because I believe that is a form of self love... It could possibly be coming from a place of insecurities and self loathing but the ultimate goal is love. I think we've gone past the point of 'love yourself as you are' because of our fast paced society but we're coming back around to it and, I feel, in both cases one can find a great deal empowerment as long as the love is present. Over the past few years I have felt more myself in my most natural state. Although it can be a lot of fun to experiment with I don't like wearing anything other than my own skin. Find what makes you feel the most love towards *yourself* and experiment with that ♥️ YOU need to be the person who loves you the most.


・Nude Yoga・ I understand why so many men and women practice naked yoga. At first I felt rather self conscious and my body was quite tense but after a few flowing minutes the tension melted away and little by little I started to feel more and more confident, more free and strangely enough happier. There aren't any tight clothes to restrict you which makes it easier to connect with and 'feel' your body. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. (In a clean, safe, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted) You don't even have to be doing yoga. You can simply move and flow, meditate or dance around but... ・BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU・ #yoga #nudeyoga #freedom #vivavagina #dancer #blackandwhite #namaste #mondaymotivation #japanese #ダンサー #バレエ #コンテンポラリー #愛 #フィット #白黒 #フィトネス #女 at South Africa


Happiness ❤️🌺 #morningcuddles #blanketfort #Autumn #love at South Africa


... This is not my couch 🙄 #Durban #SouthAfrica #ダンサー #ルイヴィトン #redsolelover


On the spot choreography by Sandile Mkhize I love that we've given each other the time and space to use each other to create... As artists should. Dancers: @julia_hosmer @kristileigh_jean @laptop_pnsp Sandile Mkhize #LoveLivesHere #growingtogether #buildingtogether #contemporaryart #TBT #ダンス #コンテンポラリー #バレエ #アーティスト at South Africa


Contemporary routine for @gailsmithschoolofdancing - Draft 1 Dancers: @julia_hosmer @cathsutton1 @mia_van_ban @mz_macjura Music : Sound Check - @themuffinzmusic at Gail Smith School of Dancing


Sometimes my body forgets how to ballet 😩... 😂 Thank goodness for amazing teachers (@casey.swales) that take the time to get you back on track 👌🙏❤️ #ballet #balletfail #dancer #durban #fail #ばれー #ダンス #ダンサー


Perks of living by the ocean ❤️ I don't like being in the water but being near it is super calming 🙏 #dancer #durban #beach #japanese #yoga #stretch #ohm


🧐 Unconventional yet Effective 👌 @mz_macjura Music: Morgan Matthews #Dancers #Durban #ilovemyjob at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


When @kristileigh_jean puts you in a cage and says IMPROVISE 👀 There's not much you can do in a space like that but what would you have done? #improv #contemporarydance #contemporaryart #dancer #ダンス #ilovemyjob #SouthAfrica #japanese at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


It's that time of the year again 🐰 @thesharksgirlsza ❤️ at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


#TB to a few months ago after our first Christmas show. Scoliosis and all. Oh, how time flies!! My other beautiful tattoo by @masonmurder from @blackirontattoostudio ❤️ My mom's maiden name, Yamazaki 🇯🇵 at The Playhouse Company

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