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Japafrican Professional dancer (The Playhouse Company) @mermaids_unicorns 🦄

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#TBT Cape Town, long hair, blue skies... Love ❤️ 📷 @kirstin_hagglund at Cape Town, Western Cape


#Repost @__mermaidsandunicorns__ ・・・ 💖❤️💜 Wishing all our lovely customers a very happy Valentine's Day 💜❤️💖 "Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. But who is to say that is so single handily defined in the form of one relationship. Who is to judge you or who are you to judge yourself so harshly just because someone isn’t sending you something or you aren’t going to some dinner. If you’re single don’t focus on that, focus on the love you do have in your life. Focus on the people who care about you 364 other days of the year. Think about the words I love you, who you say them to most and the fact you actually mean it. Love is every relationship you have in your life and the people who have made you who you are. If you really want to celebrate Valentine’s Day celebration that. Celebrate the people who love you unconditionally. Celebrate the people who pick you up at your worst and are the three words as before you hang up the phone." - Kirsten Corley, Thought Catalogue at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Valentines day is fast approaching and @__mermaidsandunicorns__ have released the cutest pair of leggings fit for the occasion 😍 Get your Seahorse Smooch leggings at www.mermaids-unicorns.com ❤️ #valentinesday #love #unisex #leggings #durban #dancers #Summer at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Wait for it........... It doesn't always work out the way it's supposed to🤣 🎥: @kristileigh_jean 🙄 #datenight #saturdaynight #caffeinehigh at Gateway Theatre of Shopping VIP


#FRIYAY !!!!!! So excited to go home and have a nap and then sleep in tomorrow morning 😴 #forevertired at The Playhouse Company


Part 2 from yesterday mornings pilates class by @kristileigh_jean ❤️ That last part was my favourite. We had to rock back and forth while maintaining that shape. Apparently that was the easy part. The next step is to rock forward, rock back, then hold that position and "gently" lower your arms so you return to the cobra position 😐 #challengeaccepted 💪 Strong Straight Back here we come! #goodmorning #Pilates #playhousedanceresidency #durban at The Playhouse Company


"Seeing this is not a turn on and I will no longer be silent. This is an inspiration. A confrontation. A disruption. My ART is up for discussion not my body. So if you cannot learn to dissociate SEX from my ART then I would prefer it if you stayed home and watched porn." @kristileigh_jean #VIVAVAGINA ✌️


You know what they say when a woman decides to cut her hair 😊... Good bye dry, frizzy damaged hair🤸 Hello bouncy, healthy natural hair 🙌❤️


To: My Future Life Partner I would like this kind of support from you #PleaseAndThankYou 😂 Also, I read a lot and I have decided that this is how we will bond at The Playhouse Company


Monday morning blues 🙈 why can't weekends be longer 🙄 #ImissFrankie 😭 at The Playhouse Company


#nowords 👌😩❤️😍 at Boss Lounge Durban


Bonding with my partner 🤗❤️ He's always lifting me, holding me and supporting all the crazy ideas I have. #buildingtogether #growingtogether #ilovemyjob #partner #playhousedanceresidency at The Playhouse Company


Get the blood flowing 🤸 #playhousedanceresidency #Summer #goodmorning #stretch


My body missed this space ❤️ Morning stretches are so important for your body. Great thing is we can all do them while we're still in bed! 😁 Try creating a mini morning stretch routine for yourself, your body will love you🤗 #ilovemyjob #playhousedanceresidency at The Playhouse Company


#TBT This time last year we were already in studio working and creating. Can't wait to go back next week and just DANCE ❤️ at The Playhouse Company


It's not all that glamorous... 😏


There's no place like home ❤️ at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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