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aspiring one hit wonder L.A. ➸ Berkeley ➸ Twin Peaks🍒 Gryffindor 🦁 Sagittarius 🏹 👽🛸i want to believe 🛸👽

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🌼What a day for a daydream🌼 Every day is a little more magical when you’re wearing @high_voltage_vintage (look at those little daisies on the collar! 😍) at Los Angeles, California


The lighting was bad but the outfit was cute 💗😓 at Berkeley, California


The @hollywoodpantagestheatre has the prettiest bathroom you ever did see💋 at Hollywood


Jayne Mansfield’s bathroom is all I want in life 💗🌸🎀 at Hollywood


Mellow yellow 🌼🐝💛 at Downtown LA


2 cool 4 u at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco


Just turned in an essay about Gidget! You can keep your surfer boys, Gidge - I just want your clothes 😍🌼🏄‍♀️ at Malibu Beach


Honey, I shrunk San Francisco 🌉 tysm @wanners_mei for this dollhouse-worthy skirt ❤️🌼 at San Francisco, California


Best way to beat the crazy California heat? Ocean waves and a beautiful, breezy vintage sundress from @high_voltage_vintage 👌🌊☀️ at Santa Monica, California


tfw your wish comes true 😮 I’m living a fairytale in this gorgeous @high_voltage_vintage frock! 📸: @sliceoflifemedia at Solvang, California


I loved channeling my inner 1950’s housewife in @sewyoursoul ‘s unbelievably incredible Sparrow Mart! Not buying absolutely everything took a lot of self control ❤️🍫 Thank you for creating such a special space! at The Standard, Downtown LA


I want to “hurry baaack, hurry baaack” to the “That’s From Disneyland” gallery! 👻My @high_voltage_vintage dress went perfectly with everything in the exhibit! #thatsfromdisneyland at That's From Disneyland


@madonnainn1958 is it okay if I live here?? 🎀💗Another shot at my favorite place in my favorite vintage dress from the inimitable @high_voltage_vintage - if you haven’t checked out the online store yet, you’re missing out. #sponsored #ad at Madonna Inn


Casually pretending I live in this little pink house while wearing an awesome skirt from @wildfire_vintage 💗💗 at Madonna Inn


Feeling like a Disney princess in a gorgeous dress from @high_voltage_vintage All of High Voltage Vintage’s pieces seem to have a little bit of magic stitched in! at Madonna Inn


Pretending to sport on the perfectly pink @madonnainn1958 tennis courts in an absolutely beautiful blouse from @wildfire_vintage ! at Madonna Inn


An oldie but a goodie 🐱🌸 at Berkeley, California


Soaking up the sun in another stunning @high_voltage_vintage piece and some handmade fish bait earrings! Who could be unhappy in such a bright and cheerful little frock!? I passed so many photogenic spots in Hollywood the other day- anyone have a favorite? 🌸🌼🍒 #sponsored #ad at Sunset Blvd LA

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