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aspiring one hit wonder L.A. ➸ Berkeley ➸ Twin Peaks🍒 Gryffindor 🦁 Sagittarius 🏹 👽🛸i want to believe 🛸👽

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tfw your wish comes true 😮 I’m living a fairytale in this gorgeous @high_voltage_vintage frock! 📸: @sliceoflifemedia at Solvang, California


I loved channeling my inner 1950’s housewife in @sewyoursoul ‘s unbelievably incredible Sparrow Mart! Not buying absolutely everything took a lot of self control ❤️🍫 Thank you for creating such a special space! at The Standard, Downtown LA


I want to “hurry baaack, hurry baaack” to the “That’s From Disneyland” gallery! 👻My @high_voltage_vintage dress went perfectly with everything in the exhibit! #thatsfromdisneyland at That's From Disneyland


@madonnainn1958 is it okay if I live here?? 🎀💗Another shot at my favorite place in my favorite vintage dress from the inimitable @high_voltage_vintage - if you haven’t checked out the online store yet, you’re missing out. #sponsored #ad at Madonna Inn


Casually pretending I live in this little pink house while wearing an awesome skirt from @wildfire_vintage 💗💗 at Madonna Inn


Feeling like a Disney princess in a gorgeous dress from @high_voltage_vintage All of High Voltage Vintage’s pieces seem to have a little bit of magic stitched in! at Madonna Inn


Pretending to sport on the perfectly pink @madonnainn1958 tennis courts in an absolutely beautiful blouse from @wildfire_vintage ! at Madonna Inn


An oldie but a goodie 🐱🌸 at Berkeley, California


Soaking up the sun in another stunning @high_voltage_vintage piece and some handmade fish bait earrings! Who could be unhappy in such a bright and cheerful little frock!? I passed so many photogenic spots in Hollywood the other day- anyone have a favorite? 🌸🌼🍒 #sponsored #ad at Sunset Blvd LA


Casually pretending I live in a Wes Anderson movie in this super sweet @high_voltage_vintage dress! 🦋🌼 High Voltage Vintage has an incredible selection of one-of-kind, well-cared-for vintage finds that will take you back in time! High Voltage Vintage is your one stop shop for a true vintage wardrobe- quality and authenticity ooze out of each of their unique pieces, thanks to shop owner Holly’s artful eye. Check out the store before what will surely be your new favorite dress gets swooped up! More posts of High Voltage Vintage’s inimitable gems to come! #ad #sponsored at Moonrise Kingdom


“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!” 😨I suppose my “someone else’s name on the back” t-shirt collection is getting a little out of hand... . . Sorry for the lack of activity and outfit posts- I’ve been stuck inside recuperating, but I should be back in the summer sun soon! at Los Angeles, California


I love fireworks, food, and an excuse to wear bright colors! ❤️💙🇺🇸 🍔 at Venice, California


Feeling the flower power!! 🌸🌼🌹 I’m testing out a new editing style- not sure how I feel about it yet. I’ve been craving some more pink posts!


I’m so excited to get some sunshine on vacation! Thanks again @scarlettwillowshop for my gorgeous dress! 🍄💙 at The Japanese Garden


Had so much fun supporting @antiquitiesfilm at the Chinese Theatre with @noah.brosen ! at TCL Chinese Theatres


I’m living a fairytale in my Blue Belle Storybook dress from @scarlettwillowshop! Scarlett Willow sells gorgeous vintage gems that have been carefully restored, giving one-of-a-kind pieces a new life. The store is artfully curated and filled with dreamy dresses straight out of wonderland! Please support this special shop! More pictures of this gorgeous piece to come!! 💙 🌼 🍄 #sponsored #ad at The Japanese Garden


“All the flowers would have very extra-special powers. They would sit and talk to me for hours” 🌸🌼🎶 Everywhere feels like wonderland in this psychedelic dress! 💗🍄💗 at Hollywood


“And you don't know why, but you're dying to try- You wanna kiss the girl” ❤️🛶 I had so much fun repping my favorite fish-tailed princess in a handmade skirt and bow and a vintage blouse! at Main Street, U.S.A.

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