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Go Out Local-Idaho

DM for tips on how to be a ginger at RedHeads


Why does everyone pronounce it as Zy-yawn? •• #zionnationalpark at Utah


I started to type a longer caption but I got lazy and stopped at Grand Teton National Park


I wish I had a pet Dino at Utah


Last google search = “tiniest baby lizard” at Wind River Range


Snapchat must be funded by the Kardashians at Colorado


Well that’s enough of that I guess at Wyoming


50% of what we donated to a thrift store last night was stolen by someone in a mini van. We know because we saw them do it. at Moab, Utah


Yesterday I got a flat tire. Then I got pulled over for driving slow, because of my donut tire. Then the cop told me I was responsible and let me go. Then I went home. at Stansbury Island


I hate it when store clerks ask if I’m a rewards member. Usually I don’t know if I’m a member or not. So I stand there for 10 min giving ALL of my past phone numbers. Most of the time I don’t even know how to claim my rewards points. I probably have a cyber bank account full of 20 million rewards points. at RewardsPoints


Took my sister to Baskin Robins since it’s a hot summer night at Grand Teton National Park


I’m convinced that the USPS is against me at Bryce Canyon National Park


“It will pay dividends” - My mom whenever she thinks I made a good choice at Oxbow Bend


For the last month, every time I called my mom I got a busy signal. She however, was able to place calls to me. This morning, I asked her to see if she had accidentally blocked my number. She did. My own mother blocked me. at Teton Valley, Idaho


Sunday sunrise sail at Utah


It takes about 10–15 minutes to blow dry my hair - wind chill dependent at Colorado


Oh that’s interesting, I already knew that at Utah


🤕💀😞😔💨😘😍❄️😢👽🤒👣😇😌🎉💕😉😳🙊😖🦉🤫😴😭😎🔥⛺️😂 •• These are my most recent emojis at Rocky Mountains

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