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Justin Holiday

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NBA Champion.

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Join the entire @NBA family and help us celebrate @JrNBA Week and the game of basketball! #JrNBAWeek #ThisIsWhyWePlay


Blessings from God. #🌻AndAMiracle 📷: @kellymooreclark


Wanted to thank and shout out @bodaskins for the hospitality and the jacket. They make dope leather jackets, check their page out........................📷:@kellymooreclark your skills behind the camera are a gift. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. Y'all check her page out as well.


It's a Blessing


We're Back!!!!


If you are trying to get your hair done and live in SoCal, especially the valley, hit my sister. She will get you right. Check out her page for contact info. @just_geturhairdone


Happy Anniversary Beautiful. Man how we have grown from day one to today. I will continue to say that you are an everyday reminder that God is real. I am reminded how much he loves me when I see you. Crazy to think he made you for me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and continuing to pour into me. Thank you for supporting me even before we dated. Your support has been something that has encouraged me through tough times as well as celebrated with me through the good. Thank you for being you. You are perfect for me.


"If you don't have professionally shot and edited footage proof of your TOP SECRET offseason workout you don't want people to know about... you AINT grinding hard enough." #TheSecretGrind - Abner Ramirez ( @johnnyswim ) Social Media Manager 🎥: @franceslive Skill and Performance: @swish_beatz @mrdoitmoving




Another year down. Great week at The Creek!! #CanyonCreekCamp


📷 from H&B's wedding. 1. With the newlyweds 2. Me and baby moms 3. Mr. & Mrs. Barnes #hbee2017


Was honored to be apart of this special group of guys and to experience such a beautiful wedding. Congrats H & B!! #hbee2017

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