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Facing the Universe ✨ It’s always fun to see what happens when you put your creative minds together with another artist. This time I collaborated with the fine/street artist @david_popa_art. He used natural earth pigments and water (same stuff that people used in early cave paintings) to paint this face on a frozen rock in -30°C. What a legend, check him out! @david_popa_art After that I took some photos of the masterpiece and made the final touches in Photoshop. Check out the photos and the BTS video :) at Emäsalo


Tree of Life ✶


After hunting for the northern lights with our Polar Night workshop crew on snowmobiles, we headed to this Lapp Hut behind the Saana fell to warm up. When you’re hanging around with other creative people you just want to put your minds together to invent a new composition. We told @mikkolagerstedt to stoke the fire inside the hut to make some sparkles from the chimney while we were shooting with a long exposure. There was a mild wind that moved the sparkles so I shot from an angle that emphasised the sparkles exploding into the night sky. ✨ @kilpissafarit at Kilpisjärvi


Cruising among the fells of Kilpisjärvi with a snowmobile under the dancing northern lights. What an unforgettable moment ✨ @kilpissafarit at Kilpisjärvi


Yesterday we took a day trip to Norway with our Polar Light workshop crew and witnessed these amazing auroras dancing through the sky for hours 😍 #PolarLight2019 at Norway


Cosmic Flow Have a nice weekend 😊✨ at Emäsalo


Valley of Harmony 🍂


Seeking for Truth ✨ Just kidding, this is actually @karl_shakur seeking for bioluminescent plankton from the shores of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. And he actually found some! What a night 🌛 The end of 2018 was crazy for me. I had no idea I would travel to so many wonderful places, witness so many wonderful phenomena literally all around the globe and meet so many wonderful people and everything just happening in such a short notice. I really loved and enjoyed every moment but there were also plenty of hard times and what I’ve seen, I feel like I’m not the only one going through these crazy emotional rollercoasters recently 👀 The past few weeks I’ve just been getting some rest at home, sleeping, walking in nature, meditating, recharging myself.. Let’s see what this year will bring to us :) Have a wonderful weekend 🙏🏼💎 at RajaAmpat


Solar Flash 🔥 at Kuopio, Finland


Natural Fireworks 🎆 Happy New Year :) at Tampere, Finland


Divine at Swiss Alps


Cracking Sky ✨ at Kõnnu Suursoo

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