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Photographer. Artist. Designer. Educator. //Winston//Raleigh//NC // Associate professor of design - Visual Arts UNC School of the Arts //

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This sucks so much. I miss my dad - - - - Thanks to @larissaclevelandphoto for this image. I’m so grateful to have these pictures of him at Demorest, Georgia


Our dear friend Kim wrote this for dad. - Dear colleagues, It is with a very heavy heart that I share the sad news of Arthur L. “Butch” Wilson’s passing. Butch unexpectedly crossed over last week due to recent health complications. He was surrounded by his family and close friends. Butch and his wife, Barbara, were enjoying retirement in Lexington, Virgnia, for the last few years. He was exceptionally proud of his daughter, Kaitlin Botts, Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Kaitlin and her husband, Chris, have a young daughter, Mia. Being a grandparent was one of Butch’s dearest joys. Butch’s scholarly contributions to the theory and practice of adult education has been deeply influential. Before retirement, Butch was chair and professor of adult education in the Department of Education at Cornell University. With standards held high, he was dedicated to his students and to the historical and philosophical foundations of adult education. Butch’s research on adult learning and program planning notably centered on the role of power and ethics in adult education. He and Ron Cervero produced a number of works on adult education program planning and the politics of adult education. Throughout his career, Butch also took on several editorial roles. He was honored to serve as coeditor of the Adult Education Quarterly and coeditor of the Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (2000), both with Elisabeth Hayes. These are just a few reminders of the impact Butch has had on the field. Most importantly, Butch was our colleague, teacher, and friend. I will be forever grateful for his mentorship and enduring friendship. If you knew Butch well, you would know that he would prefer these words be sincere yet brief. To that end, I will raise a glass and play a song in his honor. - In solidarity, Kim Niewolny


5.10.2018 my dad passed away last night. It was unexpected and heart wrenching. He was the best dad I could have ever asked. He was a blues musician, a photographer, an intellectual, a poet, an academic- those don’t even begin to explain what a wonderful man he was. I am so sad for Mia, for my mom. He was way too young to be gone like this. He hated having his photograph taken, in most family pictures he would always find a way to flip the photographer the bird. Now, going through my photographs I took of him I noticed he never did that to me. I miss you more than anything dad. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I love you- - My parents loved art and photography. My dad did not want a service but if you’d like to send condolences or art or a card, my mom would smile. Message me for their address at Virginia


Every day I’m so happy you walked by my desk 22 years ago. 💘 #truelove #8thweddinganniversary


Excited for Exquisite Proof to be featured in the portfolios section of @float_magazine today (check out their website for the full series) at Winston-Salem, North Carolina


A couple of pieces from Exquisite Proof are included in this. . . . #fineartphotography #stilllife #com #exhibition #macro #limitededition at University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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