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If the devil wears Red, you can call me Lucifer. But seriously, #ZE40’s are now available in special colors including this hellish Hyper Red. Contact us for more details and since I can’t help myself, who wants to indulge in a little red meat this Friday 😈 at Kami Speed


The new #WedsSport RN-55M out in the wild. This is the reincarnation of the SA-55M for those that remember. The spokes and overall design is much sharper with added strength and weight reduction. Be on the lookout for these come Summer time 😍


I don’t usually use this type of language but, Sweet baby Jesus look at this #FK8 🤤🤤 @romiata looking good on those TE37s and new Fortune Auto 510 coilovers.


“Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.” FOR SALE: $25,000 - 99’ Skyline GT-T RWD with the impressive RB25DET Neo and less than 80,000 km. HKS Silent Hi-Power Catback and Suction Reloaded Intake, GFB BOV, BC Racing BR Coilovers, and WORK VS-XX 🔥🔥


The automotive industry is quite possibly one the most male centric industries in the US. However that is quickly changing for the better. On #InternationalWomensDay we’d like to celebrate all the awesome women in the industry. Shout out to @1wrx1 @wedswheels @subaru_usa


Fortune Auto just released the first confirmed #FK8 specification coilovers. The 500 and 510 series are now available featuring their state of the art digressive technology. Super happy to be a part of this build @romiata @fortuneautousa @raysmsc at Fortune Auto North America


Special edition TE37SL are the cornerstone of every great shop. Seeker has their FD2 spec and now we are working on 18x9.5 +38 5x120 for the FK8 #TGIF at Seeker


Seibon has introduced a 13.1 pound dry Carbon hood. That’s 8.9 pounds lighter than the OEM hood 😗😗 #TypeRTuesday at Seibon


Legends never die. The legendary HKS CT230R lives on in the form of the Bi-Fuel System CT230R-NGV which can run on gasoline or Natural Gas. No longer the time Attack record holder but still innovative in its own right! #MotivationMonday at Fuji International Speedway


This is the first KamiSpeed Demo Car we built, a 2004 Impreza WRX STI with a GReddy Turbo Kit mated to a Power Enterprise V-Mount setup. The exterior is Varis and included the famed Beatrush brake ducts 😗 Suspension came from the OG Tanabe Seven Coilover with Beatrush and Cusco bits. A pair of Bride Gias and top it off with the first set of Hyper Black RGII from Yokohama... this is the stuff dreams are made of ✨ #tbt at Kami Speed


Team KamiSpeed sponsored by @raysmsc hoping to make the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 😂😂😂 #WheelWednesday at Kami Speed


#WingWednesay? The 2008 WRC STI showing off its Massive Dry Carbon wang 😏 at 東京スバル三鷹店


Guess the car? Originally mounted or engine swapped? I will tell you that this comes to you from Feel’s Honda Twincam Japan and pushing out a Naturally Aspirated 340 ps 😤 at Feel's Honda Twincam Works


Happy Lunar New Year from the KamiSpeed family! It is the year of the dog, as mans’ best-friend we can expect a good year! Best wishes for your #CarGoals and lest hope 2018 brings on the MKV #Supra 😬😬😬 at Fuji International Speedway


In honor of the HKS TRB-03 breaking the 50 second mark at Tsukuba Circuit with a 49.445 second time #TunedByHKS at Tsukuba Circuit


Happy Valentine’s Day from all the heartbreakers at KamiSpeed. Here is a picture of a Martini 964 on Volk Racing TE37RT, aka my #wcw 😍 at Fuji International Speedway


🍑 #tushytuesday at Fuji International Speedway


Last month we stopped by the J’s Racing Yokohama location. Click on our bio for the full video. at J'S Racing Yokohama

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