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she believed she could so she did 🇵🇭 x ca x 📍baylor university x zeta tau alpha @missteentxinternational

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The real world is no where near as fun as the pageant world!! I miss being #Karafied and wearing a dif @sherrihill everyday... is it time for my return yet???


one week until ya girl is back in the wack!! 254 I’m comin for ya😜


ha finding a wedding gown to top this baby is gonna be rough... Sherri Hill outdid herself!! #sherrihill #sherrihillcouture


what is meant for you will never pass you by. So grateful to have placed 1st RU to Miss Teen International. at Charleston, West Virginia


okay Texas, let’s do this!! It’s the only kind of final I look forward to, it’s FINALS DAY for Miss Teen International!! #teentx4thewin #Karafied :-))) peep the squishie ||Make sure you tune in tonight! I’ll be posting instruction on my story!!


love them more than four cheese pasta from cheesecake and maybe even Sherri Hill🤷🏽‍♀️ (MAYBE)


why did they call em the roaring 20’s? because fringe is so loud😜 #teentx4thewin #sherrihill #internationalpageants


nothing quite like a moonlit stroll through the museum with my gals :-)) at West Virginia State Museum Education


big kisses from my big sis {@graciehunt} & I from Charleston, WV! Thanks fam for the beautiful roses :-)) thxx for all the support from my two home states, send prayers! I’ll make y’all proud this week❣️ #intlpageants #missteenintl2018 #teentx4thewin #KARAFIED at Charleston, West Virginia


I may or may not have cried happy tears today... jk I totally did at Disneyland


I just want to make sure y’all know exactly what I look like


honey you make me melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July #letfreedomring #gobaylorzta at Texas


a bikini & a tan can’t solve everything.. but it’s a good start oh and #gobaylorzta at Galveston, Texas


it’s good to be home ;-) #gobaylorzta at Galveston, Texas


crack open a cold one w the gals it’s friyay (& the end of the fiscal yr tybg)!! at California State Capitol


“what could possibly go wrong?” #nationalselfieday


sooo I started my big girl job today & internationals are only 5 weeks away!! #lifeupdates #karafied at California State Capitol


idk who Larry is but I’m livin like him

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