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the one where we peaked and got super tan in cabo at Central Perk


together or apart, the bears are always in our hearts💚 #sicvandy #letsgoBOWLing at McLane Stadium at Baylor University


we’re really sorry we crammed cookies into the VCR... and Lucy & Lola pee’d on the tree #iykyk at Candy Cane Forest


a little late for Santa to check his list twice... there’s already presents under the tree with my name on ‘em at I'm on the Naughty List


some vintage R & K to celebrate one of the best days of the year, MISS UNIVERSE 🇵🇭🤩 UPDATE: CATRIONA GRAY AKA MISS PHILIPPINES IS THE NEW MISS UNIVERSE WOOHOOOOOO🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 at Catriona Gray Miss Universe


a california winter brrrr at Beverly Hills, California


Life is worth living; two years, what a feat. at Beverly Hills, California


PLEASE READ: I am one. One of ~3,400 American teens from grades 9-12 that attempted suicide on December 11, 2016. I was admitted to a nearby Psychiatric Facility for rehabilitation, treatment, and observation. As difficult as typing that sentence is, God has put this in my path so that I can use my struggle to help others who are too afraid to speak. I spent my days not receiving the treatment I was promised. I sat in a windowless room with 27 others around a large table for 13 hours each day. The coloring books were colored, puzzle pieces were missing, crayons were broken, playing card boxes were empty, and markers were dried out. We sat, unable to talk, in silence day in and day out. The experience itself put me deeper into my depression. But then, I was gifted a coloring book and new markers. My time began to pass & I began to find peace and clarity. On the two year anniversary of my release (12/16) I will be gifting atleast 100 admission packages to the psychiatric facilities in my area. I am asking you to give that gift to a teen just like me this Christmas. Please watch the video for more insight to my mission. May God guide you to your purpose this season❣️ xx, K venmo: kamryncendana paypal: [email protected] at Watch & Read


anyone got a hannah montana wig laying around? asking for a brunette w a tribe of blondes for best friends😇 at The Cage


captured between a sarcastic comment & sassy remark xx


instead of being #Karafied I spent the last 9 days #Karafying @ #namnationals18 at Anaheim, California


maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s living with a makeup artist at Anaheim, California


well Lucy, looks like it’s you & me against the world.


guess what day it is?? HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY!! so basically it’s just another thursday, go make today mediocre 🎉 at Your Mom's House


alexa, play “I’m back” by Eminem


time to get stronger & leaner in body & mind. see ya in a bit insta :-)


tailgate szn best szn!! at McLane Stadium at Baylor University


enjoy your days of freedom before you realize college life moves real SLO ;-) live it up maddawg #gostangs #byebyeLoom at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

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