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🏃🏽‍♀️ CA // Baylor University ZTA♛ Miss Teen Texas International 2018 {@missteentxinternational}

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yay yay yay it’s Miss USA day!! I’ll be sitting on my couch screaming like a fool for you NC, CA, MT, and TX! (Especially @missncusa & @missmtusa) side note to ALL y’all: embrace your flaws!! It’s what makes you, YOU! PS: NO ONE SPOIL ANYTHING BC PACIFIC TIME IS BEHIND ON THE BROADCAST!!


dis knee or dat knee?? idc but let’s gooo at Disneyland, Los Angeles, California


If ya can’t run fast, just run far!! 54 miles!! #TheUltraTwins {expand for the details} . . . After throwing out my hip in the early hours of the race, I was tasked with reevaluating my goal and chose to aim for 50 miles. 24 hours of blisters, sweat, tears, superglued toenails, and who knows how much running fuel later (and collapsing on the track)- I finished two full marathons (52.4 MILES) + a few extra miles. AND I could not be more proud of @marissa.heald for pushing me to challenge myself and running over 85 miles. Thank you for being my SOLE SISTER!! WE BELIEVED WE COULD SO WE DID💜 special thx to our amazing support system! at Del Oro Golden Eagles Stadium


meet me in California!! bc this is me very casually walking out of my freshman year of college🤑 at Dallas, Texas


I just wanna be up to my calves in snow, but for now I’m up to my ears in sociological literature research :-/ #takemehomealready at Northern California


yeah Coachella is cool, but have ya ever heard of Dia?? #gobaylorzta ( #baylortridelta & #baylortheta too)


me w/o Kayleen is like Max w/o Ruby || missin my pretty sissy extra today #nationalenemiesday at Sonora, California


it was 38 degrees last night, but if ya ask me- it didn’t effect nick bc he was lookin’ hot | #semiszn #gobaylorzta at The Phoenix


Jesus, siblings, and Molly. What more can a gal ask for this Easter Sunday? at Truckee, California


I guess you could say my hand-eye coordination has improved #ringbyspring? #GoingGraves [iso a gent to catch feels since I caught the bouquet] at Yucaipa, California


super supportive but not annoying, I love my bra...I mean FAM! Also #greekunity!! #supportivefam #gobaylorzta #insearchoflittle at Baylor Zeta Tau Alpha


God’s Plan to be a Zeta & her kid. Thanks be to God ;-) #gobaylorzta


happy 20 years to my sister & wing woman!! you rock lova ;-) #hiddenpuns #gobaylorzta at Panama City Beach, Florida


“we were on a break” -Ross Geller (@ baylor) #gobaylorzta at Laguna Beach Pcb, Fl


of all the beaches, she’s my favorite ;-) #gobaylorzta at Panama City Beach, Florida


under my umbrella ella ella hey hey at Pananma City Beach


wasn’t quite in the pageant diet, but we all know I can’t resist the color yellow #oopsiedaisy


taking over Texas one crown & one bowl of pasta at a time!! I can not believe that I have the opportunity to represent this amazing state as Miss Teen Texas International 2018!! God is so good❣️ #gobaylorzta at The Cheesecake Factory

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