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I wrap my thoughts in works of art. 🖤📍Currently creating myself in Monterrey.

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• Hello, you look gorgeous today.👋🏼🖤 _ Nature Sneaky Raccoon Series. at Hello Baby


• Grow and bloom in all the places people thought you never would. _ I am so thankful for this year, I have grown so much emotionally and spiritually. And I am so thankful for you guys who have been supporting my art all this time! 🖤 Thanks @instagram for existing and be a platform that enables us to share and be inspired and continue dreaming and creating stories. _ #wearemadeofstoriesbyk #WHPThankful at Growing Up


• No one in the world needs an elephant tusk but an elephant. 🐘🖤 I am thankful for these majestic creatures, let’s take care of them. #BeKindToElephants #GlobalAwarenessbyK #whpthankful


#BeKindToElephants 🐘🖤 Yesterday @realdonaldtrump reversed the policy of prohibiting hunters to bring "trophy" elephants into the U.S. I mean, one things is not supporting animal conservation and doing something for global warming but a very different and heartless thing to do is to basically encouraging Americans to kill elephants. Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HUMAN? (If we can even call him a human 🙄) I literally cried watching and reading the news about this 😭 Elephants they are majestic and amazing and intelligent and lovable and I can never end describing how magnificent these animals are. WHY ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO KILL THEM? My mind just can’t understand this. WHO ON EARTH wakes up one day and just thinks: OH, LET’S REVERSE THE LAW THAT STATES THAT AMERICANS CAN’T BRING “TROPHY” ELEPHANTS TO MY COUNTRY?” I am so thankful for people like @theellenshow who stood up and called on viewers to help her raise awareness for her cause using #BeKindtoElephants on social media. This is one of my favorite elephant artworks I have done and I want to dedicate it with all my heart for this cause. Hoping that one day I will be able to do more for these animals I love so much. For everyone who reposts or retweets her photo, she’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @dswt Share her photo, share my photo, share how absurd and ridiculous this reversed of law is. RAISE AWARENESS! Please. Just, please. #GlobalAwarebessbyK 🖤🐘


• ‘If I want the moon, I’ll bring it down myself.’🌙🖤 _ #wearemadeofstoriesbyk at To The Moon and Back


• Everything is magnified when you live from day to day. _ #wearemadeofstoriesbyk Nature Sneaky Raccoon Series. at Everday Life


• So excited to be part of the project with @Adobe & @CocaCola as an #AdobePartner supporting @specialolympics ❤ Download the creative brief, make your own version using @adobecreativecloud tools and share it with the hashtag #cokexadobexyou  The link is on my bio!  _ Swipe left for a little editing process gif. at Tokyo, Japan


• Please.🙂 at Hello, Stranger


• Tasting feelings.🍦 at Taste&Feel


• I fell in love with the world in you. 🖤 at Planet Earth


• Don’t go with the flow. _ #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• And I got nowhere to go. _ #GlobalAwarenessbyK

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