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i wrap my feelings in works of art and eat bagels around the world. oh also, i have an upcoming pin collection (yay!) july ‘18


• am i the only one that thinks of the perfect thing to say when it’s too late? _ this was my first raccoon edit ever btw. edit tutorial is available on youtube. 8:57, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• stop saying yes to shit you hate and no to shit you love. _ ok? 23:36, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk at Nothing More To Say


• hypothetically speaking, at what point does a fire becomes too much fire? _ we all need a hand sometimes, 22:54 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• ‘uhm, you ok?’ — ‘yeah. why?’ _ when we lie about not being hurting. 23:58, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk at Hide and Lies


• i’ve been working so much in my upcoming pin collection (whaatt? yay!) and online shop that srsly all my inspo, mind and time are focus on that and i am barely editing these days, so i am kinda sorry not sorry for new edits, but because new things and projects are coming this summer! so here’s a happy fox lost in space, which is how i’ve been feeling these days with the infinite of work this has been but with happiness overflowing every inch of me. and a little bit of anxiety, tbh lol. _ thks to all of u who are here, u keep me inspired to create and push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to new projects. 11:42, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk original fox 🦊📸: Olga Gladysheva


• baby, this is not wonderland. _ reposting this bc is exactly me rn trying to hide from the sun while being under the sun (duh) so i don’t get more red but tanned. (??) i hope someone gets this weird situation. 11:16, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• ah kindnesses, what a beautiful and simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world. _ my heart is smiling with all your comments on my last post, im truthfully thankful for u beautiful and kind people! 😭❤️✨ 10:38, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• here’s a story: the other day when i posted non related art photo (basically a photo of myself lol) i got this message asking me when was i going to upload an art post again bc that person didn’t follow me for my ‘travel pics’. and here’s the thing: i can upload whatever the f*ck i want, patricia. bc ‘this non-related’ art posts are my stories and what keeps me inspired. and also i know for a fact that every time i post something like this i loose followers, and guess who doesn’t give a sh!t about it? so here’s another non-related art post. bc i’ve been killing myself at pilates and i love this red swimsuit lol. so cheers for not giving a f*ck about what other poeple think and for being made of amazing stories. #wearemadeofstoriesbyk 🖤 ps. can u spot my elephant tattoo? good. that’s a hint for my upcoming pin collection (whaatttt?) at Cancún, Quintana Roo


• we can share these clouds that I've been walking on. _ 11:52, 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• ‘just remember, if we get caught you’re deaf and i don’t speak english’ _ there’s nothing truly more artistic and inspiring for me than to create stories traveling and even more if you’re with your best friend.🖤✈️ gracias por siempre seguirme el pedo @mdzcielo hahaha #wearemadeofstoriesbyk at Cancún, Quintana Roo


• is funny how artistic we can become when our hearts are broken. _ 21:38 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk


• i carried a watermelon.🍉 _ 2:19 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk

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