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Enji | Everyone's Dad
Yₒᵤ cₐₙ'ₜ ₛᵢₜ wᵢₜₕ ᵤₛ

Sorry Kiri I prefer blasty 😩❤️ • KrBk monthly; Kiri or Baku? #krbkmonthly Dt; @hardxning @korichzz @zazshima @mcsplodes @grimm.krbk @fandoms_z Ac; soupjinn ——Ae ——— Bnha ——— 16 shots • [This took me a day to render hhhhh]


Also decided on a new watermark ;)


Yeeee I’m doing this again to clean up my account


New theme :)


I love her • Dt; @_nagitoes @crypticanime Ac; nessenpai ——— Darling in the franxx ——— ♫; Who’s that chick • [This was kinda rushed Ignore the crappy shakes and coloring,, oh and my watermark]


Don’t attack me on this- • Dt; @helinxpage Ac; zaylamv ——Ae ——— Anime; darling in the franxx ——— ♫; ?? • [I never edited Hiro so that’s why I made this]


He’s a cutie • Dt; @hardxning cause he is too ;) Ac; I tried finding it but I don’t have it anymore welp —— Ae ———anime; DanMachi ——— ♫; Blueberry, Verzache • [Oh is this a new watermark? Maybe.]


Yo like I said here’s open collab :)) • —— Ae ——— Boku no hero Academia ——— ♫; Take you down; Chris Brown Ac; citric.keiji Cc; mine (which reminds me I made this coloring on Vs so if anyone wants it lmk :)) — Rules; -It can be of any character from any fandom -Please don’t change my part -If you’d like me to send a version that’s higher quality off insta message me :3 -Any editors can so please try Im gonna enjoy seeing those who do -Tag it under #kariopc • [Since this is for 300 followers thank you all sm!! This is the first time an editing account of mine has grown and I love all the followers I’ve gotten so far :))💙)


I kinda regret the fact I stopped trying in this edit. • Dt; @korichzz @txukix Ac; oof I forgot —— Ae ——— Noragami ——— ♫; Dance with the trumpets, Rizzle Kicks • [Yato deserves such a better edit honestly]


I spent a lot of time on this and I’m kinda proud with the outcome :) • Dt; @hardxning for our ship🌚❤️ @korichzz for how much we’ve obsessed over them 💞 and all the other kiribaku Stans @anime.hmu @kivishima @superradagawa @kacchamv @citric.might and all the others I can’t think of atm :( Ac; mine Shakes; @//imperiodylan —— Ae ——— Boku no hero Academia ———♫; Armor, Landon Austin • [This ship is by far the one I’ve loved the most. I have a lot I can say about it starting with how well their relationship together has developed. Whether as just bros or as lovers however you want to see it. Also, the parallel where in the beginning bakugou is seen walking away alone in the first season while now in the third he’s walking with Kirishima. Someone who has become something to him. Even Bakugous childhood friend midoriya sees his their relationship developed. How Bakugou sees Kirishima as an equal. And someone not only who worries and cares about him but someone he cares about as well. In the manga bakugou tells Kirishima he is strong (incredibly strong at that) when Kiri doubts himself. Since when is bakugou one to that. Also, Kirishima remembers those words from bakugou in a dire moment and used them to drive him to not give up. Kirishima didn’t give up In trying to befriend bakugou despite his personality and violent nature. He has helped and will continue to help bakugou become a good hero in the future and bakugou will do the same for him. Bakugou has let Kirishima in as a friend, as an equal, and as someone important in his life. It took me forever to find an audio I thought fit them best and I settled on this. There was probably more and even better ones, but I think this one does a somewhat of a good job.]


This was just a Twixtor practice • Dt; ?? Ac; amvley ——Ae ——— Boku no hero academia ——— ♫; Lost in the moment, NF • [ I kinda like hate this so I’ll probably delete it later. But anyway, this was just a test so yes I’m making another edit for yesterday’s episode]


So it’s my birthday today • Dt; me obviously Ac; keerishima —— Vs ——— ew it me ——— ♫; warm water • [I was lazy to make an edit of my fav characters so I just did myself]


This has no flow what so ever wth • Dt; @mikasaiiii @m.vylad @boku_.amv @jerzalet Ac; atsvshit (plus I added the beginning and end) Ib; peachyamv ——— darling in the franxx ——— ♫; ?? • [I shouldn’t have chosen such a fast audio for my second ae edit lmao]


Heccc I made an edit on ae • Dt; idk? Ac; alvriic ——— ♫; Stargazing, Kygo ——— Wolf children • [this scene hit me]


Hi, have another edit I liked better without transitions • Dt; @maddraki @mikasaiiii Ac; I can’t remember ———♫; Willow, Jasmine Thompson ——— Darling in the franxx • [I forgot to post this earlier]


Yes, I love her💕 • Dt; @mikasaiiii @_shiina.rix_ @hitokoriii @miiku.rix Ac; k9.sinnamon Ib; @marz.amvs :))) ———♫; Reaper, Sia ——— Darling in the franxx • [I tried a lot of new things on this edit]


I did the #halfeditchallenge with @marz.amvs which is where someone gives you an audio and clips for an edit and you finish it off with effects and transitions :)) • Dt; marz.amvs her of course ———♫; Breathe, Years & Years ——— Nanatsu no taizai • [i suck at coloring Ik]


Let’s go blasty🤤 • Dt; @maddraki @akiamv @ult.vibe @kacchamv @bigbootybaku @bakusaiii @hyd.kayaneki @dankass.nishinoya and any other bakugou Stans Ac; meraki.fx Ib; anime.hmu Cc; mine ——— ♫; lace and leather ——— Anime; Bnha • [I love this boy sm]

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