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🗻 Adventure Enthusiast 📐 Architect in Training 🌮 Lover of Tacos 📩 Say hi; karl@karlshakur.com 👇🏾 15% Sale on my Lightroom Presets

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• •⛰🚶🏾✨• Wave Worn • These beautifully carved cliffs are as a result of centuries of continuous wave abrasion against the coast. Whenever you’re getting beat down by the hard times, remember that you just might turn into a beautiful Instagram spot and then everyone walks all over you and posts you on their page. Happy hump day everyone. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Brookings, Oregon


• •🏄🏾‍♂️🏔✨• Land Surfer • About 30 seconds after I set up this shot, a bus load of tourists pulled up and immediately began snooping around my gear. Half a year later, My calves still hurt from kicking and pushing all the way back up the hill to prevent my SD card from falling into the wrong hands. With great sizzlers come great resbangerbilities. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Mt. Cook, New Zealand


• •❄️⛰🌲• Frozen Cascades • Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Yosemite National Park


• •🏔✨🛳• Glacier Carved • Zoom in to see the tour boat coasting underneath the waterfall. Th sense of scale helps comprehend the vast scale of a this waterfall tucked away in the fjords of Fiordland National Park • Currently driving from the Utah/Arizona border to Southern California for sunset. Stoked to be on the road again. What are you spending your Sunday afternoon doing ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Milford Sound


• •🚶🏾✨⛰• Fresh Air • I’m currently in a bit of a sticky situation out in the middle of the New Mexican desert. Check out my story for the full jist. Needing all the positive vibes I can’t get. Hope you’re having a fantastic morning Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at New Zealand


• •🚐✨🌊• Interstellar Cruises • Reminiscing about that one time I went cruising around the galaxy Happy Friday everyone. What are your weekend plans ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Bonneville Salt Flats


• •🚶🏾🌲✨• Out Bound • Only 24 more hours till I head on my 24 hour journey towards Southern California and Nevada. Currently in Kansas finishing up a bit of course work. You guys got any spring break plans ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Australia


• •⛰✨🚐• Fanning Flames • Can’t wait to make it out to this absolutely stunning place in a couple of days. I can’t seem to get enough of it. If you haven’t visited the valley of fire state park just a couple of hours outside Las Vegas Nevada, put it on your list. You won’t be disappointed. I’m also looking to flesh out my road trip plans down southwest next week. Any suggestions where I should go ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Valley of Fire State Park


• •❄️🏚⛰• Winter’s Hold • Frozen strongholds tucked away in the mountains. I’d love to spend the night here, cozied against a warm fire, sipping on hot cocoa and watching the night sky roll by 🌌. Who’d you spend the night here with ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Dolomiti


• •✨🏚🌴• Woodland Getaways • One of my life goals is to eventually build a cabin like this, somewhere up in the Pacific Northwest. A place where I can go to clear my mind. Only puppies and kittens will be allowed on the premises (and maybe the occasional human). A true haven of awesomeness, free from toxic reality. Who’s down to spend the weekend ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Pacific Northwest


• •🚶🏾🌳✨• Day Break • Dreaming of cotton candied sunrises in one of my favorite countries in the world. Can’t wait to visit this place again. Who’s coming ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Wanaka, New Zealand


• •🏔☁️❄️• Wisps of Frost • Mother Nature pulling out all the stops on the dope vape tricks. What’s everyone got planned for the weekend ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Yosemite National Park

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