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ocean blues and sunset hues explore, and bring the kids. 📍Oahu, Hawai'i

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motherhood is all about multitasking. like playing lifeguard and lunch wagon at the same time. #luckywelivehawaii #igmotherhood #playoutside at Hawaii


underwater paradise found. how was this just a week ago and today the waves are massive? #luckywelivehawaii #underwater at Hawaii


a kid and his kalo Why try to explain miracles to children when you can just have them plant a garden. -Robert Brault at Rise and Shine Cafe Hawaii


jumped in the water for one last swim with @jinnnnn14 before she moves to good ol’ Texas. so glad the adult ICU loaned you out to us and gave us the opportunity to make all these wonderful memories with you. Korea 2020 #luckywelivehawaii Love you Aunty Jinnnja! at Hawaii


ready for you 2019 🐚 can’t wait to see what you have in store at Hawaii


this is winter in Hawai’i. except for yesterday; on my day off, when it rained all day. #luckywelivehawaii #gooutsideandplay #hawaii at Hawaii


Happy Holidays from these little wild boys #luckywelivehawaii #masonmichael #maddoxhayes at Hawaii


it’s the little things 😊 #luckywelivehawaii at Hawaii


sometimes the kids don’t make it in the photo 😉 #luckywelivehawaii #mosttimestheydo:) at Hawaii


beyond blessed by this beautiful life #luckywelivehawaii #housefullofboys #hawaii


golden hour during our weekend getaway #luckywelivehawaii 🧡📷:@stephanieandtheboys at Turtle Bay Resort


the only good thing about somebody pooping in the pool is this perfect view at sunset #luckywelivehawaii #turtlebayresort #hawaii at Turtle Bay Resort


we like it when you’re home uncle SP. but we also really like all the goodies you bring back for us from Japan 😜 #luckywelivehawaii #travel at Hawaii


I can’t think of very many places better than this to watch the sun go down 🌞 #luckywelivehawaii at Hawaii


this little guy seriously makes me want to have like 5 more babies. he’s so happy and content, and puts up with all of his big brothers craziness. can’t believe you’re already half a year old. 4-20-18 love you & all your rolls maddox hayes. #gerberbaby at Alligators


gathering everywhere she goes #hawaii let’s hope the water is this clear this weekend 🐟 at Hawaii


the best evenings usually happen with a drive down the hill, Jerry’s pizza 🍕 (extra crispy), a swim, and the sunset #luckywelivehawaii at Jerry's Pizza


worth the risk...driving out to Waimānalo solo with a 5 month old who hates his car seat could’ve been a very bad idea, but Maddox actually cooperated and slept most of the way there and back. so Mason got to swim and play with his friends and we got to marvel at the beautiful backdrop and pretend we were in Tahiti 🌴 #luckywelivehawaii #gerberphotosearch2018 #maddoxhayes at French Polynesia

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