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ocean blues and sunset hues 📍21.4513° N, 158.0153° W

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gathering everywhere she goes #hawaii let’s hope the water is this clear this weekend 🐟 at Hawaii


the best evenings usually happen with a drive down the hill, Jerry’s pizza 🍕 (extra crispy), a swim, and the sunset #luckywelivehawaii at Jerry's Pizza


worth the risk...driving out to Waimānalo solo with a 5 month old who hates his car seat could’ve been a very bad idea, but Maddox actually cooperated and slept most of the way there and back. so Mason got to swim and play with his friends and we got to marvel at the beautiful backdrop and pretend we were in Tahiti 🌴 #luckywelivehawaii at French Polynesia


I knew I’d be carrying one baby round trip on this hike, but I didn’t expect it to be my 3 year old, almost 40 pound baby, who cried and insisted he be carried by his mama for nearly half the hike out of the mountain...the “heart attack hill” part of the mountain 😫 I would do it again though to see him having the time of his life at the waterfall. #hawaii at Hawaii


who says boys can’t wear flowers? #hawaii


my favorite family portrait #underwaterkids thank you uncle SP 📷 at Hawaii


my house is eerily quiet since this big boy and his dad have been up in California visiting family. is it crazy to want the chaos back 😂 @brandonsj2hi #luckywelivehawaii #luckywevacationtahoe


never stop exploring 😊 #luckywelivehawaii a Sunday morning drive to @7elevenhi turned into quite the adventure. mahalo @leipooslaybykuhi at Rise and Shine Cafe Hawaii


mermaiding way out west #hawaii at Hawaii


whatever you have to do to keep your baby fed & yourself happy, do that. boobs just so happen to be convenient and free, so that’s what we do. all you mamas are awesome!! #WBW2018 #luckywelivehawaii 📷:@stephanieandtheboys at Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail


tide pools are our favorite 🐠 the weather didn’t look too promising yesterday but we ventured down to makapuu anyway and ended up having a blast #luckywelivehawaii at Tidepools at Makapu'u


I’m still finding sand on my bed from this day at the beach 🏝 #luckywelivehawaii #hawaii at Lanikai Beach,Kailua


I haven’t done anything strenuous in over a year so I may not be able to feel my arms and legs tomorrow but I’m so glad I answered my phone at 4am when the birthday girl called. It’s been years since we’ve hiked up here and the view is still unmatched. happiest of birthdays to my friend and partner in mountain adventures @leipooslaybykuhi at Hawaii


a boy, a beach, and a stick 💙💕 our impromptu drive down to the beach turned into one of the nicest sunset skies I’ve seen in a while. #luckywelivehawaii @leipooslaybykuhi at Kaena Point


this happy guy on his first hike in the mountain. can’t believe I have to go back to work at the end of this week 😔. the past 12 weeks have flown by but I have a feeling the fun has only just begun. #luckywelivehawaii #runwildmychild at Manoa Falls


although very entertaining, trying to take a nice photo of three 3 year olds is next to impossible 😂 but the backdrop for your wedding was damn near perfect so it could make anything look picture perfect. congrats again you two beautiful humans! @thestayatbeachmom @markdashark808 #luckywelivehawaii 📷:@kaylaluke__ at Jurassic Park


7:22pm on a summer night in June. saw the moon rise from behind the mountains and the sun set into the ocean. and got to swim with my boys and the two wahine making the most of this summer break @leipooslaybykuhi @getsaltygurl_808 at Hawaii


when you’re the second child you don’t get any fancy new mobiles or toys. you get to sit in a hand me down rocker and look at the plants 😘👶🏻 #maddoxhayes #twomonthsold #luckywelivehawaii at Hawaii

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