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Entrepreneur. Traveler. Aesthetic Pro. Writer. Motivator. Wife. Big dog lover. Real Estate Investor. Maine raised-Los Angeles/Chicago/Miami modified.

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Feeling honored, humbled, and grateful today! Support from friends like @sarahmgellar who is a fellow start up entrepreneur @foodstirs and has a packed schedule with upcoming filming projects took the time out of her power packed day to send me a shout out on her IG story today! And earlier this week my Dermatology PA colleagues showed me the love and mentioned me and @airelleskin in a national newsletter! Entrepreneurship can sometimes be lonely and thankless road but today I am feeling the love and feeling empowered by the support of people who I truly respect! I plan to channel this energy to step up my game to the next level! I can only hope that my sincere gratitude and reciprocal support to others helps them feel the same way! #grateful #support #community #energy #journey #empower #ladyboss #celeb #womenentrepreneurs


Yup-Winter has officially arrived in Chicago. I am taking the opportunity to get a jump start on New Years resolutions! Taking a moment to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the snow falling to clear my mind so that I can fill it back up one by one with what it most important to me personally and what are my most important next steps to reach my goals and keeping top of mind that the most important thing is to enjoy the ride along the way! Double tap if you like snow days too! #snow #winter #reflection #mindset #peace #joy #fun #focus #family #goals #travel #friends #sun #fitness #businessgoals #givingback #gratitude at Chicago, Illinois


Had to share again-it’s just too cool that the American Academy of PAs expert panel mentioned me and my start up company as a 2018 “Skin Care Secret”! So honored and humbled! 🙏🏼 check out the link in my bio for more info about @airelleskin Airelle skin! #dermpa #dermatology #skincare #naturalskincare #preventativeskincare #innovation #science #research #antioxidants #antiaging #medical


Don’t you love it when things just “click”?! I sure do! If you are an entrepreneur (or want to become an entrepreneur) or if you need some tips on how to advance your career if you work for someone else... I am here for you! I am committing to sharing tips and pearls from my experience as a successful Dermatology PA, a nationally recognized speaker, a start up entrepreneur, and a medical business consultant and salary negotiation expert. If you want to advance your career working for yourself or someone else be sure to like this post and comment below on the area you feel “stuck”. I am happy to share resources or pearls that I have picked up over the years! #givingback #entrepreneur #startup #womenempowerment #negotiation #goals #success #mindset #dermpa #womeninbusiness #growthmindset #growyourbusiness #dontsettle at Chicago, Illinois


Celebrating 20 years since the day I met @Steve damatodga in Miami. 2 New England Natives. 2 goal driven people. 2 animal lovers. 2 travel lovers. 2 boat lovers. 2 water lovers. 2 warm weather lovers. 2 people with family focused values. 2 adventure seekers. 2 food and wine lovers. 2 devoted best friends. #truelove #bestfriends #keepsgettingbetter #togetherforever #lucky #love #soulmate #powercouple


Sending prayers for the safety of my neighbors and community in Westlake Village and Malibu. @stevedamatodga and my L.A. house in smack in the middle of the red circle where is says N Westlake Blvd on this tweet from the local Sheriff this AM. Steve and I, and our pets (and our tenant), are all safe and out of the harm of the fire. We are praying for the safety of our neighbors, friends, firefighters, pets, and wildlife. #tragic #wildfire #losangeles #malibu #westlakevillage #firefighter #climatechangeisreal


Are you learning something new everyday? Because of my experience as a business consultant today I get the honor to be an expert in a contractual litigation law suit. It is my first time as an expert witness and I have learned a lot throughout this entire process over the past few months (for good and for not as good). I embrace learning new things/skills all the time; for me the journey never ends. I don’t know if I will be needed in the future to testify as an expert witness but either way this has been an interesting and enlightening experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to develop a new skill to support the future of the Dermatology PA profession. #dermpa #dermatology #physicianassistant #expert #learning #contracts #business #negotiation #mediation #employmentlaw at Sacramento, California


Follow up to my last post on Time Management-I love this graphic-it says it all! #timemanagement #skills #businesslife #personallife #gettingshitdone #organized #alwayslearning


Some weeks are more power packed than others. Balancing patient care, a start up company, a consulting company, real estate investments and tenants, friends, family, and trying to learn new skills (like Instagram), while traveling across the country each week is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Time management skills have been top of mind for me this year and I have made some positive changes for the better. For example, all business related phone conversations have to be scheduled-no more “on the fly” phone calls that distract me from the present moment meetings or activity, compartmentalizing each business and focusing on “one” business in multiple “3 hour chunks” of time rather than trying to balance simultaneously all business at once, scheduling 20 min phone calls with team members to touch base 1-2 times a week rather than multiple never ending email chains that go round and round and eat up way too much time, scheduling a 4 hour “work meeting” every Sunday afternoon/eve with my hubby @stevedamatodga who is my partner on almost all of my projects, and lastly finding more mentors everyday of people who balance much more than I do and learning from them! Do you have a time management tip that helps you juggle your life? Do you have a mentor who juggles a lot that inspires you? I would love to hear from you and learn what you do to manage your life! #startuplife #entrepreneurlife #entreprenuertips #time #timemanagement #leadership #workingwoman #girlboss #founder #ceolife #womeninbusiness #getitdone #noexcuses #onlysolutions


Tonight is about giving back to the patients and the community...the most fulfilling part of what we do is making people feel good from the inside out. For me it’s all about the look in a patients eye and “extra skip in their step” when they leave the office compared to when they arrive...that’s what it’s all about. @rejuvamedicalaesthetics @airelleskin #youthfulskin #beauty #aesthetic #skincare


Attn Los Angeles: the hottest aesthetic event of the year is tomorrow @Rejuva medicalaesthetics in Brentwood! Already 350 people RSVPd who want to be first to the door for amazing raffle items, amazing discounts on spectacular non invasive services that keep you looking amazing in a natural way, great deals on anti-aging skin care like @airelleskin and great food, drinks and company! Message me for more information! #losangeles #aestheticmedicine #beauty #naturalbeauty #youthfulskin #naturalbeautyproducts #laser #photofacial #microneedling #hairremoval #botox #fillers #eventoftheyear


In case you missed it @newbeauty Magazine rated @airelleskin Age Defying Serum “does it all” anti-aging secret weapon in 2017! Woot woot! #proud #founder #skincare #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #antioxidants #wrinkles #wrinklesbegone #antiaging #antiagingskincare #newbeauty #bestofthebest


I had to share! I am so proud of this photo as it truly shows the benefits of @airelleskin! Fine lines and wrinkles on the cheek are improved, pore size is diminished, and overall texture is much brighter! Comment below on the area that stands out to you the most and you will be entered to win a free sample of @airelleskin! #antioxidants #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #skincare #wrinkles #wrinklesbegone #skincareroutine #skincaretips #founder


Why commit a year (or more) of your life to non traditional education? I did it. And wish I did it sooner. 💃🏻👩🏻‍💻🙋🏻‍♀️ I honestly learned more in one year of non traditional education than I learned in 7 years of undergrad and PA medical school. I have met the most interesting people, I have learned new skills I didn’t know I needed (but I do), I have been inspired countless times to take life by the horns, I have learned psychology skills that are more helpful in real life than my Psych minor degree ever would be, I have built a new network of colleagues who I trust and respect, I have discovered new leaders in different professions than me but who have become my role models, and I have had a blast going through the entire process.🕺🏻😃 What many people don’t realize about being an entrepreneur is that there isn’t one handbook, or a “Harvard” course that can prepare you. 👩🏻‍🎓It can be a lonely path with insurmountable obstacles and stress like no human being should ever endure alone. Most days you wake up with a full inbox of problems, limited experience, and have to figure out how to “save the world” (aka your company) every day. This is why 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs won’t get their idea off the ground or won’t survive the first year of obstacles. 😳 🛠The tools I have in my back pocket from skills I have learned this year allow me to stay focused and take one day at a time, take one one obstacle at a time, come at it with fierce intensity, lean on my support system of new colleague contacts, recognize where I need to hire an expert vs figure it out myself, and elevate my entire outlook on life with a new psychology mindset. 😎 👦🏻My husband @stevedamatodga was skeptical of my “non traditional education” year but he is a believer now and we are about to embark on a new year of “non traditional education together”! 💑 I can’t wait to see what the next 14 months will unfold! 😃


Happy Halloween!! #halloween #gypsy #halloween2018


If my experience can help others and I can help open up the mind of someone else who has self doubt or internal frustrations than my purpose on this planet has been fulfilled. I never knew that growing up in small town Maine and being encouraged to make my own decisions at an early age, even in 1st grade(yup-my school was student governed and we “chose” the classes we wanted to take each month), would have had such an impact on my life as an adult. I am continuously surprised by the amount of adults who I meet who feel “stuck” and don’t know the next step in a specific project or in their overall life. Obstacles seem overwhelming to me at times too, but I will obsess and lay awake at night until I can figure out an answer (or at least an option worth trying). For the past 10 years I have had the privilege and honor to coach others in my profession and while this is a small portion of my time compared to other time obligations I acknowledge that it is by far one of the most rewarding things that I do. If you feel stuck on a project, career, or negotiation process, take a step back for a couple of days and come back fresh. Read biographies of others, listen to pod casts, reach out to a mentor. Comment below or send me a DM if you are stuck and need some help-I will be launching more videos soon! #inspire #motivate #goals #happiness #fullfillment #noexcuses #mentor #leader #dermpa #businesscoachforwomen #businesscoach #startupcoach #strongwomen #icanhelp #lovewhatyoudo #loveyourlife #knowyourworth #knowyourpath #determined #determineyourowndestiny #determineyourworth


What’s your favorite dog breed? Why is it that certain pets are more therapeutic than others? And why is it that you can connect more with one particular dog over another one? I am so lucky that my current American Bulldog, Bugsy Siegel, checks all the boxes! He’s a great listener, loves to “talk” out my work challenges and always gives me the best advice! He calms me down when I get stressed or upset and provides endless kisses(and drool). He guards me with his life and is like having a full time body guard when we are walking around the streets of Chicago. He sleeps next to me and his rhythmic snoring lulls me to sleep every night. I always appreciate him so much more after I come back from my weeks in LA! I hope you have found a furry companion who is as special as mine! If not, please visit your local shelter-we rescued Bugsy after he was passed around to 3 different shelters because people were too afraid of him since he weighs over 100 lbs. There is nothing better than the feeling of rescuing a dog that has no options in life! Please comment below and share your favorite dog breed!! #bulldogsofinstagram #dogsrule #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #bulldog #bigdog #therapydogs #mansbestfriend #womensbestfriend #adoptdontshop #shelter #shelterdog #stopanimalabuse #workingdogs #bigdogsofinstagram #dogstagram at Chicago, Illinois


Are you making magic happen? My partner Katherine Wilkens PA-C and I spent the day working in the lab on new and exciting formulations for @airelleskin 2019-2020 launches today! Product development is a long and intense process and has multiple steps along the way but when the end result is completed, the feeling of creating something amazing from what was once an “idea” feels like we made magic! Are you bringing “your ideas to life?” If not, what are you waiting for? Just go do it-you won’t be sorry! #makingmagic #skincare #skincarelaunch #beauty #antiaging #health #natural #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #dermpa #womenpreneur #startuplife #friendsinbusiness #cosmeticchemistry

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