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Its okay to stand out from the crowd✌🏻 at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


Let's be anything we want to be✨


Timeless moments above the Treasury...🏜✨ at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


Morning walks through the amazing Jordan landscapes🏜✨ @visitjordan #shareyourjordan at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


Wandering through the canyon dawn of Petra🚶🏼 @visitjordan #shareyourjordan at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


The Temple of Hercules↟ Morning wanders through the hills of Amman🏛🍃 #shareyourjordan at Amman, Jordan


Evening glows in the Jordan desert✨🏜 #shareyourjordan at Wadi Rum


A man from Switzerland stumbled upon the treasury one day leaving a canyon. Can't imagine the face he put on discovering this randomly🤔 at Petra Jordan


Canyon walks among the Jordan giants✨🗝 Sad to leave the country. #shareyourjordan at Petra Jordan


Experiences ➺➻ Do you know those moments, when everything is exactly the way it was meant to be. Jordan has felt like this every second. From playing cards with arabic families, dancing with bedouin camp members to moments like these where everything aligns. Some moments are just worth writing about. at Dead Sea Of Jordan


Mars landscapes in Jordan✨🏜 #shareyourjordan @visitjordan at Wadi Rum


Starry Swiss nights✨✨ So I met this boy camping at the riffelsee, as soon as I noticed that the Milky Way was in this direction I asked him to pose for this picture. It's so great to meet people who wake up in the middle of the night just for a picture and some warm coffee☕️✨ at Matterhorn


So if you camp here, you have to pay the alpsmaster some money. In return you can get some pretty awesome milkshakes tho🤤 at Lago Seealpsee


- I honestly believe anything is possible with the right mindset, passion and no fear. How about you? at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


I haven't lived quite enough to find out all the mistakes but I may have found out a few things at Middle O' Nowhere


Hikes with my brother, could not ask for better days🍃 -What country would you associate this scenery with?😯 at Switzerland


My brother, the dragon searcher🐉 How many of you read captions? If you read this, Ask me anything, comment anything, tell me anything! (Even your favourite fish species) Lets see What you come up with😌 And Lets see If you actually read them! at Swiss Alps


It's sometimes hard to imagine that you are the only one witnessing this mystical moment. Even wondering If this might be the most beautiful scene on earth at the exact moment. This is how me and my brother felt right here🍃✨ at Switzerland

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