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New Zealand

Sometimes we just need to escape our urban density to have a fresh breath... Don’t you agree?💧 Shot on the Canon EOS 5d Mark IV @canonnederland #liveforthestory at Lapland (Finland)


Where do you feel most home?🏡 Lapland has made me feel home right away! See I am that person that doesn’t need your typical “home”. As long as I am in great company in a beautiful place, I feel home. Thanks for this beautiful experience! @levilapland Shot on the Canon EOS 5d Mark IV @canonnederland #liveforthestory at Levi, Finland


Stargazing under Lapland’s most beautiful Cabin...✨ Who would you take here? Thanks to @levilapland for having us! #levilapland 🙏 Shot on the Canon EOS 5d Mark IV+ 24-70 @canonnederland #liveforthestory at Levi, Finland


Magical huski rides through Lapland...💫 What an experience! Our trip to Lapland has been surreal so far. After getting a warm welcome from the huskies, we adventured into the white landscapes of Lapland. Sometimes life really feels like a fairytale... Thanks to @heliostour Shot on the Canon EOS 5d mark iv + 24-70 #canonnederland #liveforthestory at Levi, Finland


Why do I take photos? After visiting Bali I was completely blown away by what the world has to offer but at the same time I was sad. My photos didn’t do justice to the beauty and incredible moments I experienced. Therefore those memories slowly faded away. (and I am not going to lie. It might have been because of all the Bintang I drank there) But for me it’s about doing justice to those memories the best I can. This image reminds me of an incredible four hour hike with my brother in complete silence, just us and our thoughts until we reached the top. We sit down enjoy the view, talk, shout into the distance and listen to some chill music. For me those are some of the best moments in my life and I don’t want to have those fading away again. Beside that. Who doesn’t want to have a digital library of memories of what we called “nature” back in the day, to show our grandchildren? W/ @sebe_van_huisseling . #roamearth #artofvisuals #liveauthentic #stayandwander #lifeofadventure #keepitwild #theoutdoorpassion #visualscollective #ourplanetdaily #mountainstones #folkscenery #theglobewanderer #bealpine #thegreatoutdoors #ourmoodydays #canon_photos #canon #lensbible #ig_europe #natgeo #folkscenery #bewild #takemoreadventure #depthsofearth #roam #earth_shotz #canon_photos #myswitzerland #roamtheplanet #depthsofearth #folksouls #ig_color at Swiss Alps, Switzerland


Magical views in the snowy mountains of Switzerland...✨🌨 at Fälensee


I remember seeing the shepherd and thinking. “I think I would be fine with walking this trail every day”. at Zermatt Matterhorn


Fueling up for a new adventure at the moment!✨ . Myself, @ramongilbertklomp and @care4art will be heading to Lapland & Estland for a project. Have you ever been so far up north?


Running into the new year...🏃🏼 What are your travel plans for 2018? at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Canada the land of the lakes💧 Canada has always been so high on my Bucket list. Thanks to @kuhrmarvin for letting us edit his pictures. Can’t wait to roam Canada next year! #kuhrmarvinffa at Moraine Lake


Blissful snowy day in the alps...🌨 at Switzerland


Christmas twilight wanders into the New Year...🌙 . Collab with my buddy @visualsofjulius starring @ramongilbertklomp. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring! Let’s hope for great people, travels and experiences!💫 at Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay


Wishing that every day could end on a mountain top...🏔 at Saxer Lücke


High above the clouds you will come to realize what life is all about...🌙 at Saxer Lücke


After a long hike there is lake hidden in the heart of Narnia...🌨 at Fälensee


First snowfall mornings reflections in the Alps🌨🌨 . This image was edited with one of my presets (link in bio) Send me your before/after for a feature on my story! at Seealpsee


On our way back...🍃 . We decided to walk through the clouds and see if it was visible on the top. Decisions that make or break you. In this case, make the trip👌 at Appenzell, Switzerland

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