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Anyone ever see a Porsche GT3 spoiler on a GTR? either πŸ€”. If anyone can make it happen it's the guys at @vaddesigns #sema #gtrgt3 #ichibangtr #kekoazilla #vad2k17


Love this little guy, won't me little for long haha only 9 weeks old and already 15lbs haha gunna be a big pup! πŸ“·:


Ok, so things didn't go as planned for the #ballparkbanger car was no where near 100%, was driven there with clear coat still drying, and then the trans decided it was done for the day. However, we walked away with some great family shots thanks to . Thankyou again brother for chilling for a bit to take these πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌ. #ballparkbanger #gtr #transfail #cleanculture #suka #hakosuka


Super stoked to see this build come together at @auto_ink . She is going to be beautiful when she is done!


Love this pup, such a good dog. #hakosuka #suka #wolfwalk


I'm glad Suka loves this woman as much as I do. #wifeislifeπŸ’


So the show was great, unfortunately I baby this car and she is completely bone stock and she threw a trans "engine system malfunction" code today. Have to get her towed back to Columbus. Idk what's wrong 😭😩


Posted up at the ball park banger


Cutting it close or nah? Hahaha if you're not livening life on the edge , you taking up to much space. Thank God for . I have NO Idea what I would have done without him.


SWING THROUGH TO SUPPORT US THIS SATURDAY I can't thank everyone enough that has helped this vision get where it is now. @auto_ink did a fantastic job with the bodywork, @vaddesigns did a great job with the molds, and now is about to put in some paint work! Follow the team: @vaddesigns @clean_culture @almotorsports @mishimoto @fourtyfourwheelcompany @air_lift_performance @sykesautomotive @agwheels


Ok so who is going and who's going to be a square...


Late night prep @auto_ink . Thank God for quality shops like this that will stay open to get a job done by deadline. Diffuser fitted and mounted. Now rear bumper and finishing touches! Follow the team: @vaddesigns @clean_culture @almotorsports @mishimoto @fourtyfourwheelcompany @air_lift_performance @sykesautomotive @agwheels


Alright well as of today, it's official, we WILL be showing at the ball park banger. Without the guys @auto_ink there is NO WAY I could have gotten the body work done in time. Jon (the owner) will be coming down for the show so if you have any questions or inquires, would be a great time to talk build stuff πŸ€™πŸΌ Follow the team: @vaddesigns @clean_culture @almotorsports @mishimoto @fourtyfourwheelcompany @air_lift_performance @sykesautomotive @agwheels @auto_ink




PUPPY POWER NAP! Wish I could be sleeping like this dude and not be at work. Shiiiiiiit, this dude sleeps more in a day than I get to sleep all week haha. #hakosuka #suka #notrussiansodontgiveonesfucks


Perfection takes time... this is something that I always struggle with because I'm a person that thrives on instant gratification, but if your going to do it right, it might as well be the first time. So happy @auto_ink made time for me and this build. Follow their page for anything build related on this car from here on out. I'll post a lot more when it's done!!! Follow the team: @vaddesigns @clean_culture @almotorsports @mishimoto @fourtyfourwheelcompany @air_lift_performance @sykesautomotive @agwheels @auto_ink

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