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Build it to put a smile on your face. Toyo, Airlift, Mishimoto, Sykes Performance, Avant Garde, Xero Graphics, AL Motorsports, VAD Designs Similar users

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Brian McCann

Once the R35 is done, this will be going in the garage next to it. I wonder if @gogo180sx could hook it up 🤔 #hakosuka #art #crowningjewel


These bitches need to go on. If we get into the house with no issues it might be happening soon too 😙. Super stoked!!


Thanks @tayloorrlynne for driving me and my guy to the park. at Bear Creek Dog Park


In his element. #hakosuka #suka #wolfpack #snowdog #husky #siberianhusky #siberian


Very soon this wolf pup will have a friend to play in the snow with. I need to move into this damn house already! Lol at Colorado Springs, Colorado


So anxious to move in already. Doesn't seem like it could come soon enough. Before I know it I'm gonna have 2 crazy husky pups running all over too. Suka is going to fall in love with that new back yard too I'm sure.


Building my own sled team. #mishi #mishimoto #siberian #siberianhusky


I miss my best friend..


Stoked to work with @jcfabworks on some crazy shit. Gonna go one-off again!


Alright the pup has his own IG lol seems rather ridiculous but it will actually give me a place to put the massive pile of pictures I take of my son lol. FOLLOW IT @hakosukathehusky


Looking forward to getting back and spending some quality ti.e with the family before heading out. CANT WAIT to see the new house!!!


I KNOW you guys remember the Z, well the swell gentleman that wrapped her in the beautiful black rose was @xerowraps .


One day my gtr will be finished, and be cool enough to be on @gtr.34 ....One day #r35 #ichiban #gt3gtr


@vaddesigns has done it AGAIN , I can't get over this spoiler! Absolute art! What do you guys think? #vad2k18 #rollingart


Last fucking rotation I will do before deployment, thank God. For the price that don't understand, it's like training for the Superbowl consistently going to JRTC and NTC And going...nowhere. #seeyouontheflipside #ntc


Couldn't have said it better myself. At least some are doing the right thing.


Kinda crazy how life creeps up on you somtimes.....Well if anyone was wondering why the GTR build was creeping along so slow hahaha now you know. Still can't believe it's real.


Breakfast and brews...if you don't know, know ya know

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