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Amazing sunset in central Nebraska earlier this spring. Unreal light and color. #stormchasing #teamcanon #tenbatough at Gering, Nebraska


Early in a chase in June, the base of this supercell was getting its act together. This storm produced a tornado and baseball sized hail. Love the Northern Plains of South Dakota! at Philip, South Dakota


I have seen my fair share of storms over the years. This scene outside of Douglass, Kansas earlier this summer had to be one of the most amazing I have ever seen. Mothership supercell at sunset featuring crepuscular rays (sun rays) and lightning strike all in one wide 16mm frame. I exposed for the sunlight, hoping to get a lightning strike. It is almost out of frame, but Ill take it! Hope you enjoy! at Douglass, Kansas


*SWIPE LEFT* please! What a storm last month in Colorado. This tornado warned supercell was so big in front of us, I set up my Pano / Gimbal Head, took 15 images from right to left - 180 degree view! One of my favorite Panoramics! I hope you enjoy :) P.S. Used @adobe @lightroom to stitch panoramic and @photoshop for slight adjustments. h/t @tenbabags and @benrousa @elisabethontheroad at Hugo, Colorado


Looked like the upside-down world (from @strangerthingstv) walking out of my house last night in Frisco, Texas! Quite the summer storm 😁cc @colleenwx @milliebobbybrown at Frisco, Texas


This storm near Agate, Colorado was intense. It was tornado warned, had a 85kts TVS marker (tornado vortex signature)and baseball sized hail was being reported. The air was thick, hot and humid. Every time we got close, the air was cooler, the pressure dropped. Outflow winds hit us 60mph+ when we stopped to take images. By this point your heart is beating fast, your senses definitely heightened. I have to calm myself, deep breaths to think of where to go to get away from this. The storm started to move faster, pea sized hail and rain from the outer core start to fall. I drive against the wind for 10 miles, get away from the rain. Can’t see at times it’s raining so hard. Then just like that it’s over. The wind has stopped, the air is hot and heavy again. We waited there and watch the storm come at us again, and again. This is bliss I am thinking. #stormchaser #weather #teamcanon #tenbatough at Agate, Colorado


Can you spot the prize? There is a tornado there! (I like seeing the big picture) Supercell captured outside of Strasburg, Colorado last month. #tornado #teamcanon #tenbatough #cowx *note - we were about 5 miles away from this storm! at Strasburg, Colorado


Amazing striated tornado warned supercell in Douglass, Kansas this week. One of my favorites ever! #teamcanon #tenbatough #stormchaser #kswx at Douglass, Kansas


I love the Colorado Plains! What a storm east of Limon, CO yesterday. The colors were amazing and the structure! This storm was tornado warned and dropped baseball sized hail. A beast we were thrilled to get! #teamcanon #tenbatough #cowx #colorado #stormchasing at Hugo, Colorado


Chased an amazing supercell in South Dakota last weekend with friends. The storm had huge hail, an impressive lowering feature and was putting out smooth channel lightning faster than I could blink. The last flash (on the left) struck close. You can see it coming more toward the frame! This was my last shot standing out there. Wow! #teamcanon #tenbatough at Norris, South Dakota


What a sight!! I chased storms most of the day last Friday afternoon. Ended up outside Scottsbluff, NE. All alone in a field that required my 4x4 to get to, I was treated to an AMAZING sunset. Over the years, I have come to accept that what I get when storm chasing might be not what I was looking for. Most of the time I get what I was not expecting! Most important, don’t give up too early! #teamcanon #tenbatough at Scottsbluff, Nebraska


Tornado! Captured this afternoon, 5 miles north of Vernon, Texas just before 6pm CT. Lucky day! You called it @chrisburkard! #txwx #tornado #weather #teambenro #teamcanon at Vernon, Texas

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