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Kelsey Flynn

Navy wife. Mom to 2 incredible girls. Christ-lover. Health, happiness + hope dealer. Artistic. Animal lover. Nerd. Tattooed + pierced. A little weird.

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Sumio Tsukasaki

What a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate Earth Day!!! Take this day to appreciate all the Lord has made + do your part to show respect for it. (Hopefully you’ll continue to do that everyday) #earthday #creation #ourplanet #takecare #bekind #nature #sunshine #sunday #spring


MYTHBUSTERS!!!! 🤜💥💣📢🔊❇️✳️ MYTH.......PLEXUS is a weight-loss drug. TRUTH: SLIM, known as the "Pink Drink" was originally created to become a prescription medication for type II Diabetics. During their studies doctors found that not only were their diabetic participants lowering their A1C levels, they also lowered their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The participants were also safely losing weight...not water weight or lean muscle mass, but actual FAT! Most of the fat loss was abdominal fat, which is the most unhealthy and life-threatening. The amazing thing though, was that it wasn't just the diabetic participants losing weight...ALL of the participants were losing! In addition, they ALL noticed better overall health and energy levels! WOW!! Another HUGE plus is SLIM is made with natural and proven ingredients with NO harmful side effects! So my Friends, this MYTH is BUSTED...Plexus is NOT a weight-loss drug! It is also NOT: --- a stimulant --- a meal replacement --- a fad --- a gimmick --- a quick-fix --- a magic pill SLIM IS: --- a tool to help balance blood sugar levels --- a tool to help lower cholesterol --- a tool to help lower blood pressure --- a tool to help reduce abdominal fat --- a tool to help increase energy NATURALLY..NO stimulants! --- a tool to help you regain control over portion and cravings! ALSO, since it’s original launch, they launched a new Slim that has a prebiotic in it to give us even more health benefits and get our guts even healthier!!! AND They recently discontinued the original to make way for yet another NEWER SLIM that will have a new flavor and, though it won’t have prebiotics in it, it has even more of the benefits that the original gave us!!!! (More info on that later) #myths #mythsbusted #thefacts #pinkdrink #health #bloodsugar #weightloss #cholesterol #guthealth #healthylifestyle


Isla put a dvd in and a preview for Box Trolls (I movie I hated and thought was grotesque) came on that used the song “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands” changed to “They’ve Got......” showing the creation of the movie. Am I the only one who finds that somewhat upsetting???


I Can Only Imagine, the #movie based on the song, is showing for #FREE @ the #BlueFoxDriveIn. I haven’t seen it yet but this would be a cool opportunity to...... and so cool that they are making it free to everyone! (Link in comments)


BE the change, BE the light, BE the encourager, the friend, the warrior, the comforter, the warmth, the hope dealer, the passion, the joy, the smile, the love, the listening ear, the shoulder, the arms, the faith, the knowledge, the calm AND the storm at the same time.


I might not look happy here 😂but, I promise, I’m one happy girl right now! Having to squint, esp 1st thing in the morning, is a good sign!! ☀️ #sunshine #springishere #sunnymorning #pinkdrink #feelingood


The bottom 2 pics show the difference in our personalities perfectly. 😂 👭👩🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🏫 We’ve both kinda leveled out somewhat over the years and meet closer to the middle now, but we definitely still have our own personalities. #nationalsiblingday #takemebacktuesday #sisters #bffs #itwasntalwayslikethis #imgladitisnow


When your friend who wears your size and always has cute stuff brings a bag of clothes to Bible study for the ladies to pick through and you take home a bunch of stuff that ALL fits and looks GREAT!!! #blessed #shoppingforfree #cutestuff #dressingmynewbody #weightloss #thanksfriend #generosity


Went back for more so Isla could see them and we saw even more of them there!! One actually came up SUPER close but I missed it with the video. #lalabean #seals #sealsighting #pnw #whidbeyisland #naswi #oakharborwa #critters #nature #fun #cute


Whales, seals.... I’ll take whatever. #pnw #whidbeyisland #naswi #oakharborwa #seals #sealsighting #nature #critters #cute

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