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A few days ago I opened a Vero account. So if your on there go give me a shout. If your not on there then why not? Its a bit buggy at the moment and sometimes I can't even log in bit when I can I really like it. Its a nice mix of Facebook and Instagram. Give it a few weeks to get the servers up to handling the huge upsurge in traffic and I think this could be a winner.


Lying in bed sick with the flu and just realised I never posted this shot from last week. Shot with a Firecrest 10 stop nd filter and a 5 stop graduated filter. 10% off with discount code HAYES10 via the Formatt Hitech website at checkout. Some good news on the way!!!!! Package being delivered tomorrowπŸ‘


Long Strand beach, West Cork, Ireland. Its not always light and bright but the important thing is to look for the light in life. I shot this with my new Firecrest Ultra filters from @formatthitech . For 10% off their products via their website use the discount code HAYES10 Nikon D810 with a 16-35mm F4 lens.


NEW BLOG POST UP. Click the link in my bio to give it a read πŸ‘. This shot was taken at Owenahincha beach, West Cork, Ireland. I used @formatthitech Firecrest filters to slow down the water via their 6 stop nd filter and balanced the exposure with a 5 stop nd graduated filter. 10% discount via their website with code HAYES10 at checkout. Shot on a @nikoneurope D810 with a Nikkor 16-35mm F4 lens. I used a @manfrottoireland 055 pro 3 tripod with a ball head to keep the camera perfectly still. I haven't been active on ig due to work loads, something I really hope to balance out shortly.


Happy Sunday from West Cork, Ireland. Shot with @formatthitech firecrest filters. 10%discount via their website with the code HAYES10. On a @nikoneurope D810 with a @nikonireland 16-35mm F4 lens On a @manfrottoimaginemore tripod.


The results of that amazing light last Tuesday night. What a view, what a moment and it just looked unreal. See my last post for the live video which was originally a Instagram story that I saved as a post πŸ˜‰ Long Strand Beach, West Cork, Ireland.


So I posted this on my Instagram stories and judging by the amounts of comments and dm's I got on it I said I would post it all together 😊. Listen out for the thick Irish accent on that fella πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


What a day... I took this shot today after getting some really good news. No it wasn't an award or a big contract or something new and shiny it was the knowledge that I was healthy. After an incredibly long and stressful weekend I got the all clear today and I can tell you everything else is just rubbish in comparison to having your health. I took some time for myself and went to the sea to pet it all sink in and captured this shot tonight. I just took a few and went home again. Did very little to it and here it is... when the mind is clear we can accomplish so very much. Mind yourselves and take care there are no trial runs in life this is it...


At times I am caught for words to describe not just an image but also the experience of capturing the shot. This is truly one of those instances. Captured with @formatthitech Firecrest filters. 10% duscount via their website with the code HAYES10. Very powerful waves on Long Strand Beach as I stood nearly waist deep in water at times with the surges pulling me back and forth. Amazing how peaceful this looks in comparison to the raging water and undercurrents I felt while taking the shot.


When you are asked for a profile pic and Bio and you think "damn I hate having my photograph taken and then having to talk about myself in the third person also" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Luckily my wonderful daughter stepped in and took this shot of me. Love you Emma ❀❀❀ The Bio is coming along nicely also "A long long time ago....."


As an official Firecrest ambassador I am happy to say I can offer a 10% discount with the code HAYES10 via their website. Absolutely stunning range of filters which are completely colour neutral. Check out their ig page @formatthitech


Sometimes I just want to be that log. Nature truly is a powerful mistress she can strip all your cares away and make you seem as though you are the only person in the world and your problems don't exist. Then a wave smacks you around for a few seconds and the real world returns. There is no getting away from modern day life or pressures but we need to find ways to really enjoy our moments in between. Be it family, friends or a stroll in mother nature it all just makes the heart lighter and the soul shine. Oh this was shot with a six stop @formatthitech firecrest filter and a 5 stop nd grad on a @nikoneurope D810 with a Nikkor 16-35mm F4 lens F4 on a @manfrottoireland tripod 😊 As an official brand ambassador for @formatthitech filters I can give you a 10% discount via their website with the discount code HAYES10.


When nature strikes, West Cork during some serious weather. Captured with @formatthitech firecrest filters. As a Firecrest ambassador I can offer a 10% discount via their website with the code HAYES10 at checkout. I am absolutely delighted to be more active again on social media and I am really looking forward to posting shots more regularly.


The second shot from my shoot at Owenahincha last Tuesday night. Shot with @formatthitech firecrest filters, as an ambassador for their filters I can give you a 10% discount with the discount code HAYES10 on any of their products via their website. Gear @nikoneurope D810 with a 16-35mm F4 Nikkor lens, absolutely Iove that lens. Mounted on a @manfrottoireland tripod Located in Owenahincha Beach, West Cork. For this shot I was in a bit of a corner as the waves thrashed in along the beach and had to seek shelter back on the rocks due to some of the huge waves after storm #ophelia


Owenahincha Beach last night. This is the final shot from the video I just posted in stories. You can probably see the quality difference between the two and why I complained about the mobile phones quality displaying the image. Shot with @formatthitech Filters and a nice few waves. This particular spot was a bit tricky as the waves were rolling in fairly heavy and it was a dead end. I got a few nice surprises over the course of the shoot. Met a few local hobbyist photographers while there and my fellow pro photographer friend @grahamdalyphotography . Gorgeous sunset and great night out.


LIVE photography editing from last night's shoot. From start to finish. @formatthitech filters used to capture these images so the exposures are generally about right and the colour is nearly spot on also. Any questions also answered. Starting in 45 mins so stay tuned πŸ˜‰ (19:30 Irish and UK time) Never done this before so if anything the fail could be really worth watching πŸ˜‰. I process images very quickly and while they may not be great they certainly keep me happy. I prefer to spend the time taking photographs rather than spending hours editing them. I spend enough time every day editing commercial and portrait shoots so for me the aim is to spend as little time as possible editing the shots afterwards.


I never ever share my commercial or product photography on here but I Just came across @ekekocrafts on Instagram. A wonderful company with some truly great products, I have been lucky enough to work for them a number of times and it's always great fun. Go on give them a like πŸ˜‰ at Kieran Hayes Photography


I took this shot during a beautiful evening sunset at the Baltimore Beacon located just outside Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland. This is one of my favourite West Cork locations. The view from here is utterly breath taking in every way.

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