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Vegan Quinoa energy bites 😋 Swipe right for more yumminess👀 — Nutritious, high in protein & a perfect steady state energy releasing snack 💪🏻 — Quinoa is one of the only plant based food that contains all 9 essential amino acid. It’s nutrients like iron, fiber, magnesium & riboflavin (B2 which helps promote energy production in cells), makes it an amazing super food to add into your diet. — Recipe: 1️⃣ cup cooked quinoa 1️⃣ cup rolled oats 1️⃣/4️⃣ cup nut butter 1️⃣/4️⃣ cup syrup of choice, I used agave 2️⃣ tsp protein powder of choice I used @fitonomy protein,DC link in bio 🌱 1️⃣/2️⃣ tsp vanilla extract 1️⃣/4️⃣ tsp cinnamon 1️⃣/4️⃣ tsp salt ⏺ Mix all dry and we ingredients separately then combine them forming a thick dough ⏺ Roll into balls & Enjoy 😊 —


Booty growing cardio 🍑 — Grow them glutes while burning calories! I add these into my HIIT leg days. Put that shit on incline band your legs up and feel the burnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥 — This beautiful @doyoueven set is restocking tomorrow in black & lavender 🖤💜 I’m wearing size small, Use my discount code : ERIN10 to save money. — ⏺Side squat walks + deep pulse squats ⏺Deep Lunges ⏺Alternating Donkey kicks 1 min each! — 🎶: we the funk, Dillon Francis #doyoueven #dye #teamdye


✨ Doubtful VS Determined ✨ — It amazes me looking back and thinking how hard this fitness journey used to be. When I would get anxious/have panic attacks my only solution was to ball up, binge eat & hate on myself. I felt like I was doing everything wrong, that I could never be the type of person to achieve progress. — The moment I decided to convert all that hate & anger into energy towards dedication & motivation everything changed! — Fitness is now my anti depression, my anxiety release, the reason i wake up in the morning excited to conquer new goals. — 💪🏻Let your inspiration to be stronger than your excuses. 💪🏻Make it a priority If it’s actually important to you. 💪🏻Take the power to change that one thought process from “ I can’t do this” to “ I will do this”. 💪🏻Get up play some lit music and JUST DO ITTT!


Blueberry muffin smoothie 💜 Taste like yummy dessert, filled with nutrition & slow releasing energy for your day 💪🏻 — Comment below 👇🏻 the next ingredient or specific treat you guys would like to see with next weeks recipe! — Recipe: 1️⃣frozen banana 1️⃣/2️⃣ cup blueberries 1️⃣tbsp nut butter/ powdered pb 1️⃣/2️⃣ cup oats 1️⃣tsp vanilla extract 1️⃣scoop vanilla protein powder I use @fitonomy’s lean whey, DC in link 🌱 ⏺Blend all ingredients except protein powder & nut butter! ⏺Pro tip: Add them in last and blend for 2 more seconds. This will help emphasize their yummy taste 🙌🏻 Enjoy! —


Scapular activation exercises 💪🏻 — Here’s some upper body drills to ensure shoulder blades are retracting & protracting properly throughout your exercises. Stable scapular strength creates a safe, linear path for your primary back muscles to travel. Having fun with my rebuilding & repairing @fitonomy amino acids 🍍 Use my DC link in bio to save money 🌱 — ⏺Face pull external rotation ⏺Straight arm lat pull downs ⏺Arm circles ⏺Extension Flyes 10reps of each 🔥 — Make sure that your shoulders are down & packed through these drills and that the chest is high, no slouching 🙃


Current report: Ate an entire dark chocolate bar last night & have noooo regrets 🙊 It’s okay to cheat, to indulge at times. How you react to it matters more than the act itself. Instead of dwelling I liked to think of it as extra fuel for the next workout 😄 I swore to myself that during this journey to shreds I wouldn’t compromise my mental health by creating too many restrictions. There are no shortcuts to health. if you want long term results you’ll need to put in consistent long term work. It will inedibly involve slip ups but how you get back up from it is what will determinate & create your success 💜


Fluffy Avocado pancakes 🥑 Swipe right for more yumminess👀 — Bare with me guys, I know I’ve been experimenting with odd ingredients lately but this mix brings out a sweet side of the avocado when paired with a nice vanilla protein powder like @fitonomy’s lean whey. Making it an extremely nutritious way to start the day 💪🏻 Don’t forget about my DC Iink in bio to save money 🌱 ➖ 1️⃣ Ripe avocado 1️⃣ Banana 1️⃣ Egg 1️⃣/4️⃣ tsp vanilla extract 4️⃣ tbsp oats 1️⃣/2️⃣ scoop vanilla protein powder ⏺ Blend all ingredients together and PANCAKE IT UPPPP 🎊 ➖ ☝🏻 Piece of advice try to make a lot of smaller pancakes since the liquid is dense they’ll come out better!


Strength Stability challenges 💪🏻 What’s up loves, hope you’re all having a lovely start to your week 💜 — Sipping on my fave repairing & rebuilding beverage, @fitonomy bcaa’s 🌱 Here are some balance strength training drills. After seeing significant results In my overall core activation & stability from adding these to my regular muscle building program, its also helped me get out of plateaus & feel motivated to conquer some new goals 😅 Use my DC in my bio to save moula 💸 — ⏺Stability ball bicep curls ⏺Stability ball push ups on weights ⏺Stability ball chest press — For the chest press make sure your hips are high and that the glutes & core are activated! Dont hesitate to dm me with any questions 😊


✨ Posed Flexed - Slouched Bloaty ✨ — Hi loves, just a quick reminder that we all have bad angles, unflattering positions & bloatedness 🙋🏼‍♀️ You mostly get to see the best of the best versions of peoples self in their posts. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in social media these days & start to compare yourself to others but remember healthy looks different on every body. Simply thrive to be the best healthiest version of yourself 💕 #selflove #bodypositivity


Brownie Batter Overnight oats 🍫 Swipe right for more yumminess👀 — All my fellow chocoholics put your hands uppppp 🙋🏼‍♀️ This delicious yet guilt free brownie batter literally tastes like you’re eating desert for breakfast! Taking only a few minutes to whip up before bed let’s you wake up to a Easy energizing satisfying start to your day 🙌🏻 — Recipe: 1️⃣/2️⃣cup rolled oats 1️⃣ scoop choco protein powder I use @Fitonomy lean whey use link in bio for special discount 🌱 2️⃣ tbsp cocoa powder 3️⃣/4️⃣ cup almond milk 1️⃣ tsp vanilla extract *️⃣ Optional for extra taste: Liquid sweetener, peanut butter, fruits, nuts, sea salt. ⏺ Separately mix dry & wet ingredients then combine well together, leave in fridge for 8 hours & Enjoy 😊


Killer Tread leg warmups 🔥 — First things first, the beautiful lavender & black @doyoueven sets are releasing TODAY 🙌🏻 I’m wearing size small, get em before they sell out loves & use my code “ERIN10” for a discount 💜 — Back to the warm ups 🙃 Now a days spending most of our time sitting, the glutes being the body’s main stabilizing muscles involved in everyday movements becomes less activated. It’s therefor important to “wake up” those buns before getting a good leg day in to ensure proper activation 🍑 ✅The walking movements in the squat position requires hip stabilization working the glutes & stabilizers while pulses further activate the posterior fibers. ✅Placing a small load over the head adds extra core & stability challenges it also works shoulder mobility warming up the scapulaes packing them down before hitting the squat bar. Fair warning the backwards walks are a complete QUAD KILLER 😅 — 🍑Overhead squats 🍑Overhead deep pulse & walk squats 🍑Overhead backwards walk squats 🍑Overhead backwards deep pulse & walk squats 🍑Overhead side walking squats 🍑Overhead front deep front walks Each of these for 1min each 🔥 — #doyoueven #teamdoyoueven #teamdye


New activewear makes me feel some type of way, especially when it’s a matching set 🙊 These seamless beauties from @doyoueven are releasing in 48 hours 💜😍 I’m wearing a size small, they’ll be launching this lavender set as well as a black set! They sold out extremely quickly last time so if you want to get your hands on these be sure to enter it in your calendar loves & use my code ERIN10 for a special discount ☺️ 📷: @kaylesleee


Fit Chickpea blondies 🤤 Swipe right for more yumminess👀 — ✅High protein ✅High fiber ✅Gluten free ✅Vitamin packed — These wonderful bars came out with THE perfect fluffy texture 👌🏻 Chickpeas being high in protein & fiber helps curb food cravings by keeping you feeling full & satisfied 💪🏻 Recipe: — 1️⃣can chickpeas (540ml) 1️⃣/4️⃣cup nut butter 1️⃣/4️⃣cup syrup of choice (I used agave) 1️⃣tsp vanilla extract 1️⃣egg 1️⃣cup rolled oats 1️⃣/2️⃣tsp baking soda pinch of sea salt 1️⃣/2️⃣cup choco chips 1️⃣/2️⃣scoop vanilla protein powder *optional for extra protein & flavor* I use @fitonomy lean whey, use my DC link in bio to save money 🌱 ⏺Preheat oven to 350F ⏺In processor combine chickpeas, nut butter, vanilla & syrup. ⏺Add remaining ingredients ⏺Process until smooth ⏺Stir in chocolate ⏺Pop batter into pan & bake for 20-25 mins & Enjoy 😊


HIIT ABS 💦 — Boost metabolism, burn fat & build a strong core with these movements 💪🏻 Made the entire center of my body so so sore 😅 Sore today strong tomorrow right? Also got some upper/lower body strength challenges going here making it perfect high intensity exercises. — ⏺Wall hops ⏺Plank knee tucks ⏺Wall handstand slides ⏺Side to side wall hops 3x 1min 🔥 — As per usual sipping on em @Fitonomy bcaa’s, rebuilding & repairing the muscles before the workout is even done 🙃 My DC link is in my bio to save some moula 🌱


No matter what unpredictable changes may happen in life the passion & dedication you cary stays under your control. Find what lights your fire, make it burn & never let it go 💕


Quinoa Breakfast Bowl 🍓 Swipe right for more yumminess👀 — Light & Fluffy, Quinoa absorbs flavor perfectly. You can really customize it to the flavor of your choice, I chose fruity but you can also add cocoa to make it chocolatey or peanut butter to make it creamier 😋 As well as being one of the only plant foods that contains all nine essential amino acids superfood quinoa is high in various nutrients like magnesium, potassium & iron. — Recipe: 1️⃣ cup almond or coconut milk 1️⃣/2️⃣ cup quinoa 1️⃣/2️⃣ tsp vanilla extract Optional for flavor: 2️⃣ tsp protein powder of choice I used @fitonomy lean whey DC code in bio 🌱 1️⃣tsp coconut oil 1️⃣tbsp nut butter 1️⃣tbsp cocoa powder 1️⃣tbsp sweetener of choice ⏺ Cook the Quinoa with almond milk and vanilla extract Usually 1/2 cup quinoa should be cooked in 1 cup liquid. ⏺ Scoop into Bowl, add rest of ingredients of choice & Enjoy 😊


Scapular Mobility 🤸🏼‍♂️ Happy Saturday loves 💕 Sorry my post workout sweatiness in the video 🙈 — I’ve been posting a lot of body building workouts lately but we must not forget the importance of mobility. — The human body can be pushed to perform amazing things but it’s important to take time to make sure everythings moving efficiently to avoid/prevent injuries. — I like to think as the tendons & ligaments as noodles.. if the noodle is stiff it’s more likely to crack or break. But if it’s all loosened up it’s much more flexible & mobile. — I’m using my light @fitonomy resistant band for these mobility drills, I perform them before any workout to ensure the scapulae’s are packed down and activated throughout the exercises. Good scapular health will result in more efficient lifts, thus seee more results 💪🏻 — -Band pull apparts -Band over head scapular packing -Band full rotations 1min each drill x 3🔥 —


✨ BEFORE VS AFTER ✨ — I’m sorry i dont have any better before pictures for you guys. Truth is I never thought I would succeed at loosing weight, always making sure I was the photographer so no unflattering pictures of me existed. I remember when the picture of me on the right was posted I was soooo happy my stomach wasn’t so apparent. I had stressed about it all week thinking “why didn’t I hide my stomach with my arms “ 🤦🏼‍♀️ That following year I proceeded to gain an extra 20 pounds, the doctor told me I was beginning to be overweight and that maybe it was time to change something. — Looking back on this brought up all the feelings I’ve forgotten about. The putting my arms over my stomach when sitting so no one could see my flub. The anxiety of summer approaching not wanting to expose skin. The wearing my jacket to parties so no one could see my shape. — I’m not trying to put weight or appearance in a certain spectrum of happiness but what I want to emphasize is the importance on being comfortable in your own skin, being able to live everyday with all the happiness & energy you deserve 💕 If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it 💪🏻

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